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Lately I have been mostly reviewing big US companies and since I’ve started doing that I decided to continue it and that’s by writing a review about Meijer company which is a regional American supercenter chain and it has its headquarters located in Walker, Michigan and has been founded in 1934. I’ve decided to write a review about it due to the fact that besides being a grocery store company, it also has pharmacy department and with the help of this review, I am going to try finding out if it’s worth ordering here or not. Total number of locations is 235 stores but the company also has other locations such as gas stations, c stops, car washes, manufacturing facilities and others. I went on website and I could conclude, as it was expected, that the website is well done with user friendly interface. The customers are able to create an account to their website and sign in to it. On their main age you can see pharmacy page. While on that page you’re able to: manage your prescriptions, find a pharmacy, check newsletter and articles, you can check pharmacy services, pharmacy rewards, pet prescriptions etc. The Meijer pharmacy has mobile application and they, of course, can be found on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. On their website you can see a seal suggesting that the pharmacy is VIPPS accredited.

Selection of medications and prices Meijer Pharmacy

Unfortunately details about none of these can be found on their website. For finding out about pharmacy prescription pricing or availability, according to their FAQ page, you need to visit your Meijer Pharmacy o call for specific details about prescription pricing and availability. For doing that you need to pick up a Meijer Pharmacy location and call to the according number. But what I can assume is that selection of medications should be very big with drugs for nearly all needs and types since this is a big company. As in regards to the prices for prescription meds – they should be pretty much the same as they are anywhere else on local pharmacies. Usually such stores do not offer prices for medications not even in half as those offered by online pharmacies. Being a fully legal pharmacy in USA, it is obvious that they are requiring prescriptions for getting such medications.

Meijer Company shipping and payment options

Unfortunately there is no information about these ones on their site either. With this being said, I am not sure what kind of shipping options do they have but I can only assume that they do not ship outside the USA. Payment options aren’t available either but I just know that you can pay cash if you decide to go to one of their stores yourself or you could pay with credit/ debit cards online or at their local stores.

Meijer Pharmacy Customer Support Department

As usual, since it is a big company, it should be very easy to get in touch with their customer support department and that’s since they are offering a lot of different methods to get in touch with their staff. You can call them by the phone number listed on the website, you can go to one of their stores yourself and ask questions or you could also talk with them via one of their social media pages as well. There is no live chat function available, unfortunately, they only have contact form which you need to fill up with your details on their contact page. Methods of getting in touch with customer care department is good, but what’s more important is if they actually help or not.

Is Meijer Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Meijer Pharmacy Coupon Codes

There are coupon codes but unfortunately not in regards to their pharmaceutical products. I suggest that you need to call them and ask if they are offering any discounts or offers in regards to pharmaceutical products, but on their website I couldn’t find anything which would save you money.

Meijer Pharmacy Reviews

As it has been expected, searching for customer reviews about Meijer company I would find a lot of them and again as it was expected, a lot of those reviews were written by people who actually works for Meijer company and not from customer of Meijer company. Since I’m not actually very interested in finding out what it is like to work for this company but I’m mostly interested in what customers says about this company I skipped the part with employee reviews and I have also skipped another part where customers were writing reviews about Meijer grocery/ food stores as I was mostly interested in checking only customer reviews and only those in regards to Meijer pharmacy. Since I had to exclude so many reviews, there weren’t so many left, but they were enough to make a conclusion. The sad news is that on all reviewing websites this company had a low rate and plus to that it has even got its way to pissedconsumer website with 383 total complains and 0 issues resolved. People claimed to lose money by using Meijer company and regardless how legitimate this company is considered this is simply not acceptable. People were complaining on money loses, on the fact that pharmacists were doing mistakes, rude customer care department and ignorant employees with maximum rate of 3 out of 5 on yelp.


There are people saying that this pharmacy is good and worth using, but its easily noticed that most people aren’t so happy with their services and there are lots of people saying that they have lost money so that’s a very big problem, except for the fact that the prices for medications here are high. Because of all of this I am going to rate Meijer Pharmacy with 2 out of 5!

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