/ Mega Discount Pills Reviews & Coupons / Mega Discount Pills Reviews & CouponsAnother online pharmacy that I have found and I am going to review it can be found at the domain address and judging from this name, I can assume that I should find medications at cheap/ discounted prices and since this is what I am looking for, I hope to find some good products at good prices and most of all, I hope this online pharmacy is reliable. The website is well done, user friendly interface and features options for foreign customers as you can change currency from USD to others and site supports different languages other than English. The website has a page *who we are* but accessing it won’t give you information about where the pharmacy is established or for how long it has been online, therefore I can’t mention these things, but usually scam warning websites can help us with these points. The website has few seals suggesting that it is all secured to purchase here (your data isn’t going to be hacked) and pharmacy also claims to be BBB accredited business. The website suggests that there are some benefits if you’re going to use their services and they include: high quality medications, free discreet shipping, secure online transactions, money back guarantee and fast world wide delivery. Hopefully these aren’t lies but indeed some benefits we could use. You can also create an account and login to it. With all of this said, I went further finding out more info about the pharmacy’s services.

Selection of medications and prices for them

As much as I could see, this online pharmacy seems to have a lot of medications in their drugstores. You can search for medications by the keyword (if you know the exact name of the medications that you are searching) or by health condition where the medications are being categorized by. According to the list of categories they are having medications capable of treating: cancer symptoms relief, anti inflammatory, ADHD, asthma relief, blood pressure, both women’s and men’s health and men’s and women’s sexual health including many other medications that I won’t say them all here but you can check on their website to see a wide variety of meds. Checked men’s sexual health medications and I also found lots of different meds with the most famous ones like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra all being there in both generic and brand. This online pharmacy doesn’t seem to require prescriptions, or at least there’s no where mentioned this fact on their website. in terms of prices, the cheapest price for generic Viagra here is 0.88 USD per pill, cheapest price for generic Cialis is 1.46 USD per pill and cheapest price of generic Levitra is 1.57 USD per pill but these are prices for lowest dosage per pill and highest quantity of pills.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims to offer free world wide shipping to all customers regardless of their orders and that’s very good. The medications are shipped via registered mail which doesn’t have online tracking and has a 17 to 22 business days delivery time. However, there’s a payable option as well: EMS (express) shipping which costs 25 USD but it does have online tracking and delivery time is anywhere between 7 to 17 business days in case someone needs their medications faster. In terms of payment options I can mention that echeck is available, however echeck is only available for US customers. both US customers and the rest of the world can pay via usual payment method: credit cards (VISA and master card only).

Customer Support Service

People having questions about the pharmacy’s services or anything else are able to dial the phone number that is listed on the website and talk with their customer support team asking questions and hoping to get the best answers. However for those who are not really talkative then you can use the contact form for your enquiries but this would require a bit more time for getting answers. Online live chat function or direct email or old fashioned way – mailing are not available by using

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

While searching for coupon codes I did have found out that you can write the discount code MERRYXMAS upon checking out and this code would give you 10% discount on your order. Another 10% discount would give you if you pay via master card instead of visa and even 20% is given to US customers paying with echeck. Having an account on the site would offer you another 10% discount. Plus to all of this, the pharmacy offers free shipping, they are offering free bonus pills and lastly, purchasing medications in bulk would result in cheaper prices per pill. Honestly, these are a lot and very good offers in my opinion. Reviews

In order to find out about the pharmacy’s authenticity I have to check the customer reviews and I have to look up for customer reviews other than the testimonials written on their own website which are 99% fake especially since these customers reviews are very familiar to me, but I check for the first time meaning that those reviews are copied from somewhere else. As in regards for reviews on other websites I have managed to find a forum discussion about this pharmacy and 2 reviews. on the forum people were saying that ordering here is not worth it. in regards to those 2 reviews, there’s a person saying that ordered phentermine and got fake phentermine while the other one says that got good ED medications but didn’t liked delivery time. suggests the website is from Russia a high risk involving country and the website operates for only a year.


I personally cannot have trust in an online pharmacy that is operating for only a year since usually these pharmacies can disappear over night. But it also operates from high risk country. What’s even more alarming than what suggests are the forum discussions I found where people said that ordering here can be risky and a person got fake products.  I personally don’t want to order from an pharmacy selling fake products so I rate it with 2 out of 5 (and it is 2 only because of the positive review).

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