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I found another online pharmacy where you can purchase different types of generic drugs for different health conditions and most importantly (at least for me) including ED medications. The domain address where you can find this online pharmacy is and analyzing the front page of this website it does seem to be a pretty well made website with user friendly features and good website speed. This pharmacy claims to have a team of professionals and their aim is to provide customers with safe, quality and cheap medications. They are offering a wide range of top quality generic medications that are approved by FDA world wide and those generic drugs are sold at cheap rates. promises each of their customers to receive the full value of their money and on time delivery of those drugs. These are all big and very good claims which I really hope that they are going to be accomplished. I tried to find out when they have started their business (as it is important to know how much time an online pharmacy is in the show) however I couldn’t find any info here. Pretty much as I couldn’t find any info on where they are located.

What is selection of drugs?

You can find the drugs that you need either by entering the item name if you know exactly what you’re looking for or by category of health issues. They seem to have a moderate drug variety as they have drugs in the following health categories: men’s health, women’s health, quit smoking, hair loss, weight loss, antibiotics, allergy, pain relief and muscle relaxant. They don’t have any other health category of drugs meaning that you need to search for drugs only in these categories. Anyhow, to be honest, that pretty enough IMO. I’ve done my research on men’s health and I found out that they do not have branded versions of medications: no brand Cialis, Viagra or Levitra. In fact, there’s no Cialis at all. searching for Cialis you’re only given Forzest. They do, however, have generic Viagra and Levitra. They also have other ED treating medications like Silagra, Penegra and others. Plus, this pharmacy has medications treating PE (premature ejaculation).

What are the Med Store RX prices?

A quick research on Viagra showed that generic Viagra, per pill, costs 0.72 USD. It comes in a single strength form so the price can get higher if you’re a new customer or if you purchase less pills. Forzest costs 1.93 USD per pill and then again, the price per pill can get higher if you’re a new customer or by purchasing less pills. Exactly the same goes for generic Levitra (and I assume for any other drugs found on their drugstore, not only for those treating ED) and it costs 1.26 USD as the cheapest price per tablet. These are some competitive prices, I have come along online pharmacies with much bigger prices, however there are some with have cheaper prices either. requires their customers to show a valid prescription?

Yes they do but only for a few drugs that are sold on, or at least that’s the information I found. They said that there are a few drugs on their stores which customers need to present a valid prescription for. The valid prescriptions should be sent either via email or fax. If you don’t know what are the meds that require a prescription I suggest you to contact their customer support service. Well, since I am talking about this: Customer Support Service

There’s one single number that is shown on their website: +1 806 576 3579. This is a toll free number. You can also contact them by filling the form and submitting the details. They promise to contact you soon. They also seem to have a live chat function, however they were offline at the moment I wrote this review and so I was only able to leave a message. For old fashioned people there is mail address which they posted: Medstorerx Ltd, 18, Lord Byron Street, Office 7, Larnaca, Cyprus, 6023, but to be honest I doubt someone still uses it. depending on what you exactly need there are 5 different email listed: info, customersupport, agency, affiliate, purchase  and add at each. I didn’t wanted just to write them an email or to leave a message so I haven’t contacted them. Hopefully I will find customer reviews who did.

Med Store RX Shipping details

There’s nothing new on shipping, as usual 2 shipping methods, regular and express with the usual delivery times, usual fees for these services and as usual – regular doesn’t have tracking with express shipping does have tracking. They are offering free regular shipping for every order above 100 USD and free express shipping for every order above 250 USD. They have an world wide shipping to every countries, however usually EMS is only available in a few countries so I doubt that EMS is available world wide as well but I can’t say with certitude.

Med Store RX Payment details

There are 2 payment methods available with and they are echeck (for which they offer an additional 10% discount for those who decide to pay via echeck, but this service is only available for USA customers) and Visa. No discount for Visa payments and customers that do not live in USA do not have any other payment methods to choose from except Visa credit card.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Med Store RX has some bonuses, discount or coupon codes?

Yes they do have bonuses and discounts but unfortunately they do not have coupon codes. Seemingly the pharmacy owners thought that there is no need in coupon codes as long as they give some bonuses and discounts, but to be honest I think otherwise. Anyway, as mentioned earlier: 10 % additional discount for payments via echeck. Free regular shipping for orders that are above 100 USD and free express shipping for orders that are above 250 USD. Another bonus they offer is 20 sildenafil citrate tablets on every purchase. As I said, the discounts are given to those people who want to purchase more pills because the price per pill is getting lower the more pills you want to purchase, and also one last thing is another discount – 10% off for returning customers. Good stuff for those who decide to be permanent customers of this online pharmacy. Reviews doesn’t have too much customer reviews, however it still does have some and that’s already very good. What’s even more important is that those customer reviews are positive. On Joe said that he is 48 years old and suffers from impotence. He said that medication that he has got from his doctor wasn’t helpful and so, I guess he used this website’s medications (I guess because he didn’t mention this) and it worked. That’s because he said that this pharmacy has *best service*. 2 other reviews about I found on and they both rated it 5/5 saying that they had *overall good experience*. I checked what do scam warning websites think about it and had a high trust of 88 % and so far everything seemed to be super good. However there are other scam analyzing websites like Scamner and Legit Script with a trust of 10% only and calling it ROGUE website saying * Browsing and buying in this website is not recommended.*


The fact that it has good prices and good deals is attractive as much as the fact that there are positive customer reviews on independent websites. However there are some minuses like for example the low trust on scam warning websites. Plus to that, there are a total of only 3 customer reviews on the whole internet and that’s not quite enough to be honest. And lastly, they have only a single payment method for customers that are outside USA. I therefore rate it with 4 out of 5 saying that it might be safe purchasing here, however I am not all sure in this and that’s why I still cannot recommend doing it.

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