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Medstore Online it is an online pharmacy which is being developed by the top drug companies from Europe and they are claiming to have a very good reputation because they are selling exclusively only top class medications with very low prices for them, at least much lower than those you would find on other sites. This site is acting as a broker on behalf of several pharmacies. The customer is purchasing the medications and this site is taking the drugs from some pharmacies (as claimed, best pharmacies in Europe) and send them to the customer. They are claiming that their pharmacies are being absolutely fully licensed and they are 100% adhering with the FDA regulations as well.

Medstore Online Selection

I wasn’t able to find an exact number of the medications that a customer can find on their store. However you can find their Full Catalog of drugs they have and a quick glance in there makes me think that they are having anywhere like 40 – 50 drugs, no more. I’ve been searching for Men’s Health (Erectile Dysfunction) and all I found was Generic Cialis and Generic Viagra only. This pharmacy doesn’t seem to be focused only on one type of drug for treating just one health issue, although they do have one condition for which they have the biggest number of drugs weight loss – 6 drugs, including: Acomplia Meridia Phentermine Reductil Regenon and Xenical. They are also having lots of other controlled medications such as Xanax, Valium, Codeine, tramadol and many others. Be sure you’re not going to break the law by order some of those in your country.

Medstore Online Drug prices on the site

To be honest I had the impression that the prices are a little bit too high. They are selling medications that I am not aware of their prices since I’m not in need for them, however I do know the normal prices for generic Viagra and Cialis and checking their prices I had the idea that they are selling them too expensive. I checked another random medication prices: Phentermine, and it seemed that there are other sites with much lower prices for Phentermine either. I am not actually familiar with Phentermine I only wanted to get a comparison in prices and medstore-online seem to have quite big prices.

Does Medstore Online require a prescription?

Well, it is not that they are accepting orders without a prescription, but it is claimed that they are going to send you a real prescription from the store itself! Or at least that’s the information that I found online saying that a customer has got a prescription for a medication that was not even legal in his (or her) country. Not sure how this is possible, but they are claiming that because they are providing prescriptions themselves, the online store is avoiding a lot of problems for both the store and their customers. Either you have to go through an online doctor consultation with them or not I am not sure.

Medstore Online Shipping

One very strange thing is that they claim to ship worldwide in all countries, however the site is not reachable by ever y country. Or at least that’s the information found online: * The website is not accessible from all countries.* Been interested in whether is this true or not and when I tried to place my order, the only countries that I could ship to were United States, Canada, Australia, UK as well as a number of like 5 more countries IN EUROPE! Therefore they do not have World Wide shipping. I guess they used to have World Wide shipping, or maybe they’re planning to have it, I am not sure, but so far there’s a total number of like 10 countries in which they are shipping. They don’t have EMS (express mail) only standard airmail service and it costs you 33.90 dollars. Regardless of your order. One super strange thing is that you cannot order more medications: this is the message that I got: Sorry. *You can not put into your cart more than one medication. Please, remove the previous item before adding the next one.* I don’t find this to be a good thing. anyway, the shipping period, as they claim is anywhere between 17 to 28 business days.

Medstore Online Payment methods

You can pay with Visa Card only (no Master Card), with American Express, with eCheck (for USA Customers only) and if you choose this payment option you get a 15% off discount and with Bitcoin and you’re getting a 20% off discount if you go with Bitcoin. Payments seem to go smoothly with no problems, or at least based on the reviews I read.

Other people reviews about Medstore Online

They have ‘testimonials’ which are people reviews about their site, found on their site. It is no wonder that they have there only good ‘testimonials’ and that’s why I spent little time reading those reviews. However I got interested in what people are saying outside of that site. Here the situation was a bit different. Although I did read a lot of good reviews either, there were some bad reviews with people saying that they got scammed. Some saying that they never got their medications and others saying that the meds they got were fake. I guess this very much depends on what type of medications you order, or I am not sure. People’s reviews were different, from people saying that this site is *THE BEST* to others saying that this site is *TOTAL RIPOFF*.

Is Medstore Online a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to Medstore Online is a rogue pharmacy:

Medstore Online Legit or scam?

Not sure how to answer this question. I think that most likely it is legit because still lots of people said that they got good products from them. Few of those who said that never received their order maybe never tried to contact them?! I am not sure. I would put my vote that they are not actual scammers, however ordering might be pose a bit of a risk.

What’s the conclusion?

I would say that ordering from that site isn’t a big risk, but you’re still risking a little bit and plus the high prices that I have found there aren’t funny either. So a site which might never send you your parcel and charges you big money for that can’t have more than 3 stars rate out of 5, or at least that’s in my opinion about it.

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