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Trustworthy online pharmacies are very hard to find so please, before ordering from any online pharmacy, do your research first and investigate as much as you can about it and only after that, and only in case you think that it is worth it (after analyzing) you might buy. However keep in mind that there is a really high number of scam online pharmacies which you need to avoid. Today I have found another online pharmacy which I will write a review about and will say whether it I worth ordering here or not. So well, the name of the pharmacy I am talking about is, a Canadian online pharmacy as they claim which ships world wide and is also offering free bonus. This is all very good because pharmacies with good offers are worth using as searching for online pharmacies means saving money on purchasing prescription medications. The website of this pharmacy is well done, user friendly interface and has different features such as searching for a product, changing the site’s language and changing the currency as well. They also seem to have products that are limited period offer until the stocks last. By searching for more information about the pharmacy I found out that it has been founded back in 2002 by a family and it operates since then. It has its headquarters located in Montreal, BC, Canada. According to some more information that I could find on their website (some seals) they claim to be CIPA approved pharmacy, approved by Department of Health and Human Service, accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well as it is a site verified by VISA and secured by Verisign and lastly, they also claim to be top rated by To check if this is true or not I went on CIPA official website and unfortunately I found out that these are only lies as does not appear in the CIPA member database.

Selection of medications and prices

There are a lot of different medications which you can find on their drugstores or at least that’s what I could conclude by checking their categories of medications where I found a lot of them, meant to treat a lot of health conditions such as: mental health/ epilepsy, anxiety, sleep aid, antibiotics, stop smoking, pain relief, weight loss and even medications for pets as well. Although I don’t know the exact number of meds they have here – it should be pretty high I assume. Talking about the prices for these medications I searched for ED meds where I found that Viagra 50 mg 90 pills is priced with 1.18 USD per pill and that’s to be honest quite a good price. I assume that prices are all the same for all other types of drugs (at least they are for all other ED meds). there is not a single word anywhere on the website about a prescription and that’s why I assume they do not require customers to show one.

Shipping and payment methods

There are 2 shipping options available and as I said in the beginning of my review, this online pharmacy is accepting orders world wide to all countries. The shipping options include: regular airmail which costs 15 USD and has a delivery timeframe of 10 to 21 days. The express courier shipping option is available only for US customers and it has a delivery time of 8 to 14 days, however it costs 25 USD. The regular airmail usually doesn’t have tracking while EMS (express) does have online tracking. In terms of payment methods this online pharmacy seems to accept 3 credit cards: VISA, Master Card and American Express but besides credit cards they also accept echeck (but this is only available for US customers) and Bitcoin as well.

Customer Support Department

Those people who want to get in touch with this online pharmacy might write them a mail at their local address (headquarters) or if you live nearby you can also even visit them. However if you don’t use the old fashioned way of mailing or you don’t live anywhere nearby then you’re only capable to write them by contact form on their website and that’s it. Unfortunately no live chat function and no phone numbers listed.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

By searching for coupon codes about this online pharmacy I found out that if you decide to pay with Bitcoin you get -10% off your sum. In addition to this they seem to offer free ED bonus pills. Except for these, they are offering discounts by ordering medications in bulk and that’s fairly good as well. Lastly, orders that have a sum more than 150 USD get free regular airmail, orders with a sum more than 200 USD get free insurance and orders more than 300 USD get free express courier shipping option. But they also claim to have discount coupons as well. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews online I haven’t found many customer reviews on third party websites but they are not encouraging to order here but vice versa – to stay away from this pharmacy. A person said that has been scammed by and now recommends everyone else to stay away from it. In addition to that, I have found out that their exact address which they claimed to be located their headquarters – doesn’t even exists. Went on to find more information and I found out that the website has been around for only 2 years (and not 16 as it was claimed) and what’s an even bigger problem is that the owner of the website is using some kind of a service to hide their identity. I definitely won’t trust such a pharmacy.


The customer reviews, although only a few of them, suggest that ordering here would rip you off money and that’s not a shock to see when the data provided by the pharmacy isn’t correct. As much as we can see, this is a lying online pharmacy with the owner trying to hide identity. For all these reasons I rate this scam pharmacy with 1 out of 5.

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