/ Meds Market Reviews & Coupons is another online pharmacy that I will write a review about and I will try to find out whether it is worth purchasing medications here or not. I have checked their main page for a little while and I already found out a lot of information about the pharmacy’s services. Like for example they claim that all of the medications that you might purchase here are all approved by FDA and if that’s true then this is very good because products approved by FDA are 100% safe to take. The also claim to have secure worldwide shipping available, in addition to that, they claim to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. The website, to my opinion, seems to be well done, it is user friendly and it is very easy to navigate through it as everything seems to be understandable. Trying to find out more information about the pharmacy itself I clicked on *about us* hoping to be redirected to this page but something was wrong with that page so I couldn’t access it. In fact, all of their pages like: about us; delivery information; privacy policy; prescription policy; contact us and affiliate program are all under their *information* and the problem is that none of these pages work so there’s something wrong with the website. I had to search for information whenever else I could and on the bottom of their page, at copyright there is information: 2012- 2016 and so I can assume that the pharmacy has been working since 2012.

Selection of medications and prices for them

Seemingly there are a lot of medications on this website and this means that selection of medications is very big and this, therefore, means that you have high chances of finding whatever medications that you need here, or at least alternatives for it. Medications, as usually, are categorized by health condition and they claim to have medications for: blood pressure, bone disease, diabetes, diuretics, steroids, epilepsy, weight loss, epilepsy, pain relief and many other types of medications including medications for pets as well. after finding out that their selection of medication is so big I’ve searched for Viagra to compare the prices of this medication here with other online pharmacies. So there are 2 different forms of Viagra: generic and brand and each of them come in 2 different dosage: 50 mg. Viagra generic 50 mg 90 pills would cost you 108 USD and that means 1.20 USD per pill. That’s a fairly good price. Viagra by Pfizer 50 mg is priced 2.20 USD per pill if you buy 96 pills and to be honest that’s a very good price. According to the information on their website, they claim not to require their customers to order any types of information or at least, they do not require prescriptions for ordering Viagra so I can assume that they don’t require prescriptions for anything.

Shipping and Payment methods

I have already mentioned the fact that this online pharmacy claims to offer world wide shipping. They claim that delivery time is 5 to 16 business days but unfortunately I couldn’t go on checkout page since they require you to register and that’s why I was not able to find any more information about shipping methods and details since their other pages, as I have said, on information, are not working (there’s a delivery information page which is not working). I could, however, find information on what are payment methods because there’s information suggesting: *we accept*: Visa, Visa Electron, eCheck (which I can assume is only available for USA customers) and Money Gram. No other payment methods available, seemingly.

Customer Support Team

As soon as you enter their website you can see the claim: call now! toll free: and a phone number listed (with their hours of operation). That’s the only single method that I can see available to get in touch with them since their contact us page isn’t working either. If you do call them, make sure to call them in the hours of operation.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

By searching for coupon codes I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to find anything at all. It is not the fact that they, seemingly, do not offer coupon codes, it is the fact that I couldn’t find absolutely anything at all. Not even free shipping regardless of how much you order. The only thing which I could mention as *saving you money* is if you’re going to order bigger quantities of pills since the prices per pill seem to become lower. reviews

This online pharmacy seem to have some problems with their website as it doesn’t work properly and at very least it doesn’t load the pages and I am not sure if this is a big problem or not a problem at all for potential customers and to find this out I was searching for customer reviews online where I did have found some and the problem is that those customer reviews aren’t positive at all. Most of the reviews I found (but I found only a few ones) were written on website where I found people saying that are criminals who steal. And that’s not a single person saying that. there are at least 3 different people saying that is a rip off with a person saying that he has lost 500 USD and another one 304 USD with the third person not mentioning the amount he lost. With such reviews, I don’t even need to see what does scam warning websites say about this website since I have enough evidence to say that this online pharmacy is a scam.


As I just mentioned earlier, there’s just enough evidence to say with certitude that this online pharmacy is a scam looking to steal your money, therefore I recommend everyone else to say away from it. It does have good prices for medications, but except for that nothing and I’m almost all sure that those are such good prices just to tempt you to order here, but I would recommend against doing so I and I rate with 1 out of 5!

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