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When I have come along I had a great feeling that this must be an reliable online pharmacy. Or at very least I was truly hoping so since I’ve forgot the last time when I have added a pharmacy to my *reliable pharmacies list*. I have had the feeling that this must be a reliable pharmacy due to its website, which was very well done, I mean in terms of user friendly interface and good design of the website. However, I do realize that a good design of site and user friendly interface is by far not enough so I continued searching more about the pharmacy. I have noticed that people are able to register an account here and login to it, not sure if that’s something people must do before ordering medicines here. This pharmacy claims that since 2002, they have already served nearly 500,000 satisfied customers in the US and all around the world. That’s a big number in case it is true. This pharmacy claims to have a very wide selection of health items, they claim to save people’s money and others. According to the information there, they have served people *HERE* in the USA and this means, I can assume, they are located in USA, nevertheless, there’s no exact address offered. Site is operated by Physician Laboratories Inc.. selection of drugs and prices

According to the selection of medications on their website there are: medicine shop, bath and body, skin care, baby and child, first aid, home health care, vitamins and more, diet and health and lastly sexual health. These are all the categories and I thought that in the medicine shop I would get a sub category with health conditions but no. I have then realized that this is a pharmacy selling exclusively only OTC medications. According to the information on their website, there are over 37,000 items in dozens of healthy living categories. But this is an pharmacy that does not sell prescription medications as much as it seems. Like for example there is no Viagra or such items, however there are some antibiotiocs (and as much as I know they are obtainable only via prescription). This is strange but since there seems to be only OTC meds, no customer need a prescription for purchasing here. except for meds there are all sorts of items as well, like condoms, pads, deodorants, nasal strips and many others items. With all of this I am not sure if I can give example of prices others than saying that Vicks NyQuil Cold and Flu Liquid Cherry 12 OZ would cost here 10.29 USD. This is just an example of price for an items, either this is a good or not so good price, I am not sure. shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their website, this pharmacy is selling meds world wide or that’s what the pharmacy claims. The shipping flat rate is 8 USD for orders under 75 within USA no matter how many items are purchased. Orders within USA that get higher than 75 USD will have a free shipping. Most domestic items arrive in 2 to 3 business days. But they also have guaranteed next day delivery for additional fee. For international shipping there are 2 shipping options: international economy and international express. International economy delivery time is between 3 to 12 weeks, costs depends on how heavy your parcel is. For international express the order is insured up to 100% and guaranteed to arrive within 4 to 5 business days with the rate being calculated depending on your address. Unfortunately I couldn’t find what are the payment methods accepted here. customer support

The only way to get in touch with this online pharmacy is to write them an email, there are no other method of getting in touch with this online pharmacy, unfortunately. So everyone who has questions either write this pharmacy an email and wait for the response, or you cannot get in touch with them in any other ways. That’s really sad because I really appreciate multiple ways of getting in touch with them, especially live chat function. coupon codes

This online pharmacy does not seem to offer coupon codes to their customers as much as it seems, plus to that there are no discounts even if you buy lots of things here. however, by entering your email (subscribing to their newsletter) you would get 10% off. Plus they offer 5% discount as loyalty credit. Except for these discounts, people living in USA, as I said earlier, can get a free shipping for orders that exceed 75 USD. Except for those discounts and free shipping offer to USA people, there doesn’t seem to be any other offer or discount. Reviews

Although there are reviews that are being recommended to be read by this online pharmacy, I do not recommend to have trust in them as they might be fake, or at least there’s a high probability that those reviews are fake. The customer reviews on independent websites are having a much higher chance of not being fake and that’s what I was searching myself. Unfortunately, I have found a single customer review on independent website (trustpilot) and the review is negative. The person said that there is no customer service as they only have email (which is true) so he couldn’t find any way to contact them. he said that they have charged him 100 USD for a small pack, now he recommends to beware and not to buy anything from them at all. Although there’s one single customer review, it is not an encouraging review at all, to purchase at


This is an online pharmacy that you cannot find your needed prescription medications although they have a lot of items in their stores, but they include shampoos and toothpaste etc. this is not what I am searching for when I search for online pharmacies. Even so, the single customer review is not recommending to purchase here. Because of these things I mentioned I rate with 2 out of 5.

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