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You are now able to buy drugs at best price from Canadian drug store online, or at least that’s what the pharmacy claims and they claim that medsforless is your online Canada discount pharmacies that is offering Canadian pharmacy Rx online. It is indeed amazing to get medications for less as this is the main reason of why I’m searching for reliable online pharmacies. The pharmacy looks fairly good, that’s what I’ve seen as soon as I have accessed their main page, information well arranged on the site and good looking, however it seems that the site is displayed only on the half of the page which is strange. Anyway, according to the information on the site, is an established fully licensed online Canadian pharmacy that has been conducting business in White Rock, B.C. for over 9 years and indeed, I found an exact address located there on their website. The pharmacy is claiming to work only with the most reputable drug suppliers in Canada and they are offering highest quality RX products and online services in the pharmaceutical industry. They claim to be a leading Canadian drug store and Internet pharmacy online and their goal is to provide drug prescription and non prescription medications at a substantial savings. They claim that they are having over a million trusted customers right now and that’s amazing in case it is true. Generally, so far, the pharmacy is having good claims, but the problem is that lots of pharmacies are lying and hopefully, this is not such a pharmacy. in the end, Medsforless is the foremost discount online pharmacy in Canada, as they claim, which makes ordering Rx, drugs online to be safe, handy and absolutely classified. Let’s check it all in details and see if we can indeed save up to 80% on prescriptions as they claim. Selection of medications and prices

As much as I have seen from checking the information on their website, there are only 2 methods to search for drugs on their website which is by the first letter of the drug or by using the search function to search for keywords brand or generic. With this being said, I am not able to talk about what kind of selection of medications they are offering, that’s why all we have to do is to rely on their words claiming that the selection of medications is wide here and that they are offering both brands and generics. Using the keywords search I searched for Viagra where I noticed they are only offering brand Viagra 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg and 4 tablets or whatever strength you choose would cost you 68.51 USD. To be honest, even for brand Viagra, compared to other online pharmacies’ prices, they are offering fairly big prices as I’ve seen other which much better prices than these ones. According to the information on the site, people are not able to purchase prescription drugs without showing a valid prescription first. Shipping and payment methods

There is no information suggesting that they are shipping internationally which means there’s a good chance this online pharmacy does not sell medications outside the Canada meaning that only people living in Canada can order drugs here. According to the information on their site there’s only one shipping option which is Canada Express post and the parcel is fully insured. They claim that there’s only one shipping fee per package but what’s that fee is not disclosed. There’s no information about tracking online so there’s a chance they do not offer online tracking. There are the following payment methods accepted by this online pharmacy: Visa and Master Card as credit cards and International Money Order (no other payment methods). Customer Support Service

There is a contact page on their website which is very handy in determining what are the methods available to get in touch with this online pharmacy. They include: a mail address or you can pay a visit to that address as well, as much as I can guess. You could use the toll free phone number or toll free fax number. Or lastly, you could use their email to write them. Seemingly, there is no live chat function.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I’ve been searching for coupon codes or anything else that could make you save some money if you live in Canada and decide to use this pharmacy. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any coupon codes but the biggest problem here is that I couldn’t find any coupon codes and I also couldn’t find any discounts, any free pills, anything for free or anything else. There are no forms of discounts like purchasing in bulk, returning customer or anything at all. Seemingly, all the prices you see are the actual prices you would need to pay. Reviews

Although I was searching for customer reviews a lot on the internet, I was not able to find a single customer review about this online pharmacy meaning that there are doubly any customers at all and even if there were some (but I doubt), they decided not to write anything. Judging the pharmacy without any customer reviews is quite difficult, nevertheless, there is which can help us more. According to the information there, the site could be unsafe since it has a trust of only 60% which is not enough and the scam warning engine suggests there’s a risk. They suggest there are very few visitors. Plus to that, they claim that a malware report has been detected for this site and the site also has been listed as a Unapproved pharmacy on as well.


This is an online pharmacy that has pretty high prices for medications, no deals or special offers alongside with no customer review and scam adviser suggests this is a site that might be unsafe to use. As much as we can see, there are good reasons to avoid this online pharmacy and therefore I am going to rate it with 2 stars.

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