| Meds All The World Reviews & Coupons | Meds All The World Reviews & CouponsWhen talking about an online drugstore I’m talking about a store which is 100% reliable and having good prices for the medications. That’s why I just keep on writing these pharmacy reviews that I do for a good while now and I’m trying my best to find such pharmacies. On the other hand, I’m also trying to make people stay away from those online pharmacies that are risky to purchase from as this could save you both your money and your health. is the online pharmacy which is going to be the *subject* today, the online pharmacy which I am going to write a review today and would try to make a conclusion about it. As soon as you enter this online pharmacy you can see a user friendly interface of the website as well as good feature such as changing the country where you’re and this would change the language and currency of the website according to your country. Or you could do it manually. in attempt of finding out more information about the pharmacy I found that this pharmacy claims to be in business for the last 12 years and it is a leading pharmacy on the internet. I found no information where they are located though. Here’s the list of reasons why this pharmacy claims to be so good and worth using: free shipping; easy payments; 100% privacy; 24/7 support; free pills. Plus they claim to have only FDA approved meds. These are all very and very good claims to my opinion.

Selection of medications and prices

It is important, to my opinion, that an online pharmacy to have a wide selection of medications and that’s because most people can find most of their needed medications there. And talking about this online pharmacy I can say that they do have a very wide selection of drugs or at least that’s what it seems by checking the categories of medications available on their drugstore. There are medications treating a lot of different conditions such as: HIV, obesity, surgery, osteoporosis, women’s health, cholesterol, cancer, diuretics and a lot of other types of medications for different needs. With this being said, the selection of drugs is wide and that’s very good. In terms of prices I went on erectile dysfunction categories and I can say that the cheapest price for most famous generic meds are: generic Viagra : 0.69 USD per pill, generic Levitra : 1.50 USD per pill and generic Cialis: 1.30 USD per pill. Fairly good price to my opinion. This online pharmacy won’t be sending prescription medications without you sending them a valid prescription for that medication so before ordering, make sure you do have one.

Shipping and payment methods claimed to offer world wide shipping so everyone is free to order here. But before ordering you are able to choose between 2 shipping options: standard airmail service and trackable service. The standard airmail service doesn’t have online tracking and has a delivery time of up to 3 weeks however it only costs 10 USD. The trackable service does have the online tracking system and has a faster delivery time of up to 9 days but this service would cost you more: 30 USD. As in regards to the payments, you can use your credit card to pay for the medications here (visa, master card or JCB) or you can also use Bitcoin as a payment method in case you know how to operate with it.

Customer Support department

There are 3 different methods to get in touch with the pharmacy that are available to all customers if the customers are having some questions to ask. The first method which is available to 99% of all online pharmacies: contact form. This would send them an email and you would need to wait for a response in your email. Except for email talk you’re able to call them by a phone number: either US toll free number or UK number. If you don’t like talking by phone and don’t want to wait for a response in your email then there’s the third method: online live chat support function. This is my favorite method. Coupon Codes

By searching for coupon codes I have not been able to find any, however I did have managed to find other offers. They include: 5% discount for second order and they are also offering 7% discount for third and further orders. In addition to this, they are offering free standard airmail service for all orders with a sum more than 150 USD and they offer free Viagra soft pills if ordering ED pills and the more pills ordered – the more free pills. Reviews

The testimonials on the website itself are extremely familiar to me, that’s a clear sign that I have read them somewhere else on some other online pharmacy and this means that the reviews are copied here. When the reviews are copied that would be a big mistake to have trust in them and so I checked the customer reviews on independent sources and yet, I haven’t found a single review anywhere online and that’s already a big problem because this might be a sign of the fact that the online pharmacy simply doesn’t have customers at all and when there are no customers – that’s a big problem. I went on to find out more information and this is the first time when has no information about Or at least, that’s the message I’ve got – * Website not active (404-)*. No customer reviews/ fake testimonials and no information from scam warning website. That’s all a very big problem to my opinion.


Although the selection of drugs and prices here are good, with their offers and seem to have some customer support I still won’t purchase here. That’s because there are no customer reviews and plus to that, there’s nothing online to make me have trust in this pharmacy. I am going to rate it with 2 out of 5 and say that the risks are simply too high.

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