| Meds All Over The World Reviews & Coupons is the name of the online pharmacy that I will be reviewing and as much as we can understand from their domain address name – they seem to be offering world wide shipping to everyone *all over the world* and that’s very good. But I will try to find out much more about this pharmacy like how trustworthy it is and generally if it’s worth purchasing your medications here or not. After I have checked the website’s design and functions, I have tried to find out more about the pharmacy. If talking about the design and functions I would say that everything is very well done as the design is user friendly where everything is understandable and easy to navigate while there are good functions like changing your country which therefore would set the site’s language and currency according to your country. There are some other functions like search and others. The pharmacy claims to be selling only FDA approved drugs and they have been in the business for 12 years but unfortunately I was not able to find out where they are being located as they haven’t shared such information. I have only found that they are offering to their customers the following: free shipping, easy payments, 100% privacy, 24/7 support and lastly – free pills. These are all good claims but hopefully they are more than claims.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

The medications can be found via, as I said, search function, but also through the first letter of the medications or an easier way to search for the needed medications – through the categories as the medications are categorized by health condition. So there are drugs treating conditions as: cancer, birth control, alcoholism, asthma, arthritis and many other types of drugs are found there either. With a good selection of medications that a really good thing, however what’s more important – the prices for medications. In order to check them I have searched for erectile dysfunction drugs where I found lots of different forms and types of drugs like kamagra, suhagra, tadacip and many other drugs including of course Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in both generic and brand form. In order to give example of prices I can say that generic Cialis 20 mg 90 pills would cost you 2.20 USD per pill and that would be 198 USD in total. To be honest these are not the best prices for such medications at online pharmacies that I have ever seen. This online pharmacy claims that there are some products available in their drugstore which requires a valid prescription so without showing this pharmacy a valid prescription they won’t be sending you such medications.

Shipping and payment methods at

So, simply from this pharmacy’s name we can understand that they are offering world wide shipping to everyone around the globe. There are 2 shipping options available, it includes standard airmail service which costs you 10 USD and has a delivery time of 10 to 21 days, however it doesn’t have online tracking. There’s a second shipping option which is Express International Mail which costs a bit more – 30 USD, however has a faster delivery time of 5 to 9 business days and does have a tracking option. There are several payment methods such as: bank card as visa, master card or jcb or via bitcoin. However there are no other ways of paying with this online pharmacy.

Customer Support Department

As soon as you enter the main page of this online pharmacy you can see that they are offering 2 phone numbers: one is a toll free US phone number while the other one is UK phone number. You can choose which one to call and given them a phone call in case you have questions. Near those phone numbers you can also see *live support* where you can click and therefore you’re going to be redirected to a page where you can get in touch with them via online live chat support. That’s very good. One last method to talk with them is via contact form on the contact page.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy is offering discounts to their customers in case they are purchasing more pills so the more pills you are ordering the more the discounts you’re getting at this online pharmacy. In addition to that they seem to have a coupon code policy either, but not very sure where to get the codes. Except for these, all the rest bonuses are mentioned upon check out page: 5% discount for second order, 7% discount for third and further orders, free bonus 4, 10 or 20 Viagra pills for ordering 20, 60 or 100 erectile dysfunction pills, respectively. And one last thing, all orders with a sum more than 150 USD get a free standard airmail service. Reviews

Although there are testimonials on their own website I do not have trust in them and I often explained why it is a mistake having trust in testimonials. To make it short – there’s a too high probability that those testimonials are fake. Searching for customer reviews on independent sites is another story so that’s what I have done but unfortunately I have encountered a very big problem – there are no customer reviews anywhere else. This is already a big problem but I continued search for information about this pharmacy on There I found out the website is created less than a year ago, the website may be related to a number of high risk sites, high number of suspicious websites on the server and they are using free email addresses.


In the end I simply cannot recommend anyone ordering here. The website is too new (and it is hard having trust in newly opened online pharmacies), and as suggested there are some suspicious things around it with no customer reviews to confirm the fact that this pharmacy is legit. I would say that the risks of ordering here are pretty high and for this reason I recommend to stay away from it rating with 2 out of 5.

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