| Meds 4 Sure Reviews & Coupons is the domain address of the internet pharmacy that will undergo my pharmacy review trying to determine if it’s worth purchasing medications here or not so people could easily read this review and make a conclusion. According to meds4sure information I managed to find on their site, their main goal it is to ensure that everybody is able to get the best medicine which the science has provided and therefore they try to improve the quality of your life. According to the information on their site, they are a reliable online pharmacy and they are offering only some high quality drugs at affordable prices and they also claim to offer fast delivery without annoying runaround with prescriptions. The problem is, the site information on the site high many grammatical errors. Like for example there’s the message *We offer only hign-quality drugs at afordable prices and fast delivery without annoying runaround with presriptions*. And to be honest, this doesn’t look really good as it is a sign that nobody reviews these things, so what’s the guarantee that someone’s going to carefully check my order? Anyway, the site is good looking, user friendly interface and people can register an account here and login. Plus, you can change the currency on the site. They claim that the site is being secured by McAfee. I was not able to find information suggesting where this online pharmacy is located and I also couldn’t find information suggesting for how long this pharmacy has been operating. They claim that meds4sure is a solid team of professionals who are not only selling a pill, but they are trying to make people’s lives better. There’s also information suggesting they are offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed, they offer free shipping and they also have high products quality as well as availability to pay with Bitcoins. All sounds good so far, but as we can see, there are few problems going around. Selection of medications and prices

People are able to search for their needed drugs by using the search box function available on the site or you can see the list of products as they are categorized by health condition. For example there are: antibiotics, meds for cancer, meds for ED, Prostate Gland, alcohol and smoking treatment, bronchodilators, weight control and many other types of medications. With this being said, as much as it seems, this online pharmacy is having quite a wide selection of medications as people can choose from a lot of different drugs. Talking about the prices for medications I checked the ED drugs where I found a long list of medications but they are only providing generics as much as it seems, so if you’re searching for branded names then this is not the suitable online pharmacy for you. I’ve checked the price for generic Viagra where I saw that for 100 tablets of 50 mg you would only need to pay 33.10 USD. That’s the absolutely lowest price that I have ever seen in my life and to be honest, it is so low I have doubts in the authenticity of the price. The pharmacy claimed that not all drugs require a valid prescription, however there are some that does require one. Shipping and payment methods

There is information on the site suggesting that they are providing worldwide shipping so people all around the world can order here, however there’s a list of around 20+ countries to which they do not ship medications (Canada, Germany and many others being among them). They claim that shipping times depend on where you order, most of Europe and the USA delivery within 5 to 7 days while the rest of the world delivery from 10 to 20 days. They claim that shipping is free for orders above 100 USD but on the checkout cart, my shipping had a shipping fee of 30 USD when order was less than 100 USD. People can pay here with e-checks, bitcoins, visa and master card. Customer Support Service

It is very important that the only pharmacy has a good customer support service and it is very important when they are offering multiple ways to get in touch with them. Unfortunately, does not seem to be among those pharmacies as the only single way that’s available is to use the email that is listed on their site. Coupon Codes

As much as I have noticed, there are some products that are being on a *sale* as the pharmacy claims. Plus to this, the pharmacy offers free shipping on orders that are more than 100 USD. In addition to that, there are promotion codes which offers you discounts. Since I couldn’t find any on their site I can assume that they are given to people who already ordered from them. But there’s a problem: I clicked on the *checkout* and instead of being redirected to billing page, I’m redirected to their main page. This means that, so far, people can’t order drugs here. Reviews

The reviews are essential because they can give a much better image whether or not is the pharmacy worth using. I’ve been searching for customer reviews online and I got disappointed seeing that there are no reviews anywhere online and that’s a sign that the pharmacy is not popular among customers. Therefore, I can assume that there’s simply something wrong when the pharmacy is not having customers. Luckily, there are scam warning sites that can help determine more valuable information and there I found out that the site has been created less than a year ago which is another problem. offers it a trust rate of 81 % and they say that this is a new site without feedback.


As much as we can see, this is indeed a new site without feedback but not having feedback is quite a big problem. Plus the prices here are so low that I even doubt in its authenticity. In addition to that, you cannot even go on the billing page and there are grammatical errors on the site. all of this makes me think that the risk this is a scam site is quite high and that’s why my score is 2 out of 5 stars for

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