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The online pharmacies are easy to find, but it seems to be super hard to find a reliable online pharmacy and that’s why it is so important to carefully check each online pharmacy in particular checking every single little detail. After checking it all, we can conclude if the pharmacy is worth using and is trustworthy or not. The pharmacy that I am going to talk about is, an online pharmacy which claims to be a Discount Online Pharmacy which suggests that people can save money by purchasing medications here and that’s very good if true. I have noticed that people can change the currency on the site and the language which is very good, including for myself and that’s since, although the language was pre selected English, the currency was in EUR so I had to change it to USD. The site is user friendly with a good design of the site and that’s very important as everything is clear and easily accessible on the site. Also I noticed that people are able to register an account on their website and login to their accounts. There’s information that people should do this before placing an order on their site. There’s information that they have some *fantastic offers that are valid until the end of June*, they claim that they have new products coming and I was searching for pharmacy’s accreditations but I couldn’t find any. Then I was searching for information where this pharmacy is located but I couldn’t find such information. As in terms for how long this pharmacy has been operating there’s information on copyright suggesting *2010* which means that the pharmacy has been around for the last 8 years. All in all, the pharmacy looks quite good, but there are more things to check first. Selection of medications

I was searching for what kind of medications this online pharmacy is offering and I noticed that there are medications for erectile dysfunction, weight loss, premature ejaculation, anti depressants, for indigestion, antibiotics, hair care, cholesterol, skin care, allergy and many other types of medications. However, this online pharmacy seems to be mostly oriented in selling ED medications as they are having a lot much more drugs for this condition and in addition to that, all their ads suggests they offer such types of medications. So this is an online pharmacy with, seemingly, very wide selection of medications but they are oriented in selling mostly ED drugs. I’ve then tried to find information about the prices for medications and so I checked the information about generic Viagra where I noticed that 50 mg of it can be obtained for 1.80 USD, 1.60 USD, 1.40 USD or 1.17 USD depending on the quantity you buy = 40 pills, 60, 100 or 120 pills, accordingly. To be honest, compared to other online pharmacies, I have seen prices that were much better as you could get 50 mg x 90 pills for less than 1 USD per pill. That’s a moderately good price anyway. Due to the fact that there’s not a single mention about prescription requirements I can assume that this online pharmacy is not requiring a valid prescription to order medications here. Shipping and payment methods

There’s information on their website suggesting that they are offering shipping worldwide, however they made it clear that they do not ship to USA. For whatever the case, this pharmacy can sell medications anywhere only except for USA. And there is also information that they are shipping through Registered Air Mail and through EMS courier for shipments outside the EU. They claim that a tracking number is going to be provided but there’s no information about the shipping times or shipping fees for each shipping option. I can assume that’s because it depends on each country. As in terms of payment methods, this pharmacy is accepting: Payment by credit card: VISA and its derivates; Bank transfer; WU. Customer Support Service

The customer support service is very important as people might have a lot of questions to ask before actually ordering or they might have a lot of them after ordering. Whatever the case, I was searching for what methods are available on this pharmacy to get in touch with them and I noticed that you can either get a live assist by using their live chat function or you could fill up the contact form to talk with them. These seems to be all the methods available on the site.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is claiming that they are having a fantastic offers until the end of June. I checked it and there is a list of medications which, as the pharmacy claims, they are having a special price so if they indeed offer discounts that’s very good. In addition to that, they claim that those who would order more than 300 pills could get a discount as well. Lastly, payments done through bank transfer (with order sum more than 150 EUR) you would get additional bonus pills. Reviews

The customer reviews, unfortunately, seem to be unavailable for, or at least I personally couldn’t find any and that’s really sad as lack of customer review doesn’t make the pharmacy look promising at all suggesting that it is not popular among customers. According to the pharmacy has been around for 8 years and yet, there are no customer reviews and it got no trust from suggesting that the site is not safe to use. That’s because it may be from high risk countries and plus to that, a malware report has been detected for this website.


In the end, this online pharmacy might find some good prices for medications and some pretty good deals however that’s not the only thing that should be taken in consideration. The pharmacy has no accreditation, it might have illegal activity meaning we’re not sure if their drugs are being approved by FDA but the worst is that they have no customer reviews with no trust from scam warning engines which means that the site may be a scam. I’m giving this pharmacy a rate of 2 stars due to all the reasons I previously mentioned.

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