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The strangest online pharmacy that I have ever come along is surely and this is the online pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing today. As the name of this website suggests, the online pharmacy is selling medications for Bitcoin so everyone who has Bitcoins and needs medications they can, supposedly, order their medications here. However, the reason why I said this online pharmacy is the strangest that I have ever seen is because of its design and non user friendly interface of the website. The whole website of this pharmacy consists of a single page where you can find all the information and absolutely everything else as there are no other pages like *contact us*, *about us*, *categories*, *FAQ* or anything in this matter. Anyhow, I tried to find out more about the pharmacy. As soon as I entered the website I saw the claim: we have moved from to due to domain issues. However I haven’t been able to find out for how long this pharmacy is on the market and where they are located. But to be honest, I doubt that this is a pharmacy at all and that *they* are located. The reason I say this is because analyzing the website’s information, I have the impression that there’s a single person behind this as he (or she) uses *I*. Like for example, a question on FAQ: *I’m not from USA, UK, or Australia. Will you be able to ship to me?* and the answer: *Possibly. Ask me and I can find out.* As you can see: ask ME and I can find out.

Selection of medications and prices on

As soon as I entered the website you’re given a list of just 2 medications: Modafinil (Modalert 200) and Armodafinil (Waklert 150). A little bit you can see: *how to buy your meds* so you’ve got click on a link. While there you can indeed choose only between Modafinil and Armodafinil meaning that this pharmacy, if it’s indeed a pharmacy, has just 2 medications. you’re only able to choose between different quantities of pills. So Sodafinil goes for: 40 tablets: 60 USD (0.006 BTC), 100 tablets = 105 USD (0.011 BTC), 200 tablets = 185 USD (0.019 BTC). Armodafinil 40 tablets = 65 USD (0.007 BTC), 100 tablets = 115 USD (0.012 BTC) and 200 tablets = 205 USD (0.021 BTC). They claim that bitcoin prices are updated every minute with rates from Obviously, no prescription required. Only 2 medications… definitely the strangest online pharmacy I’ve ever visited.

Shipping methods and payment methods on

On their *quick FAQ* there are a number of questions. Like for example there’s a question: do you accept credit cards or paypal and the answer is not. Obviously the method you can pay for medications here is via Bitcoin. As for the shipping methods: there are 2 of them: EMS speed post which seemingly is free of charge regardless of your country and order sum. This shipping option takes 10 to 17 days depending on the country and signature is required on delivery. It has tracking. The second option is *super rush* which you would need to pay 35 USD for it, however how fast this delivery method is unknown as there’s no information listed. They seem to accept orders world wide, however there are some countries which need *special care* because, as they implied, of strict customs. But they claim that in USA, UK and Australia the success rate is 99%.

Customer Support on

The only single method that you can get in touch with these people is using their live chat function. There’s no other way that you could get in touch with them as there are no phone numbers, no mailing addresses, no emails or anything in this matter. you can chat with them but make sure that you contact them in their working hours (from Sun 5 PM to Fri 5 PM US EST.) also on their live chat box there’s the question: *want to pay by card or paypal? Let us know*. That’s super strange taking in consideration they mentioned in FAQ they don’t accept these payment methods. Coupon codes

This online pharmacy is, as I said, super strange, so strange that I doubt it is online pharmacy at all. Anyhow it seems to sell medications and offering discounts and facilities would be nice. Well, they do not offer any kind of discounts, free bonuses and they definitely do not have coupon codes. They just seem to offer free shipping with all orders to USA, UK and Australia and they offer 100% refund if customs seize the meds! Nothing else. Reviews

Even though this is such a strange online pharmacy, it seems to have some customer reviews and the only website where I found customer reviews is While reading through the reviews I could conclude the fact that there are indeed customers who have got their medications and plus to that there are people who said that they are extremely happy with this online pharmacy’s services. Many of customer reviews were positive and people indeed seem to get their drugs. BUT, I have noticed a number of negative reviews either. People said that they have placed orders and never got their medications or that they have had a bad experience with the pharmacy. Since there are mixed reviews I went to scam warning websites and I found out that gives it 0% trust, doesn’t even have it in its database and suggests that *the owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity* and that’s definitely not very good.


This website’s mysteriousness leads me to one thought: the owners can disappear any given minute as there’s nothing that can make anyone follow them. There are people who got their medications and that’s very good, but there’s still too little information shared about the pharmacy, plus it has only 2 drugs. What I want to say is that the risks of you paying your Bitcoins and never getting anything in return is too much and that’s why I rate it with 1 out of 5.

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