/ Meds Drugstore Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which seems to be selling lots of medications but still seems to be mostly oriented on selling erectile dysfunction medications. I’ve checked this online pharmacy front page a bit more and I’ve seen that it has quite a user friendly interface of the website which is facilitating its users understanding and navigation. In addition to that, customers of this online pharmacy are also able to choose different currencies and different languages which is also helping them to better understand and navigate through the website. This is all very good but I’ve also tried to search more information about the pharmacy itself and I did found according to the copyright information that this online pharmacy has been opened back in 2010. Unfortunately there isn’t an about us page so there’s no information about this pharmacy at all, or at least I couldn’t find anything about it like where it is located or anything in this matter. The banners on this online pharmacy claims to have the lowest prices for medications with incredible offers. Another interesting thing is that this online pharmacy is all in Euros which makes me think that this is a European online pharmacy. I’ve manually changed currencies in USD.

Selection of medications and prices for them on

The categories of this online pharmacy seem to be a lot which means that they are having a lot of medications. The first categories of medications are Hepatitis C, weight loss, ED and premature ejaculation medications. But there are secondary categories of medications like: hair care, cholesterol, asthma, skin care etc. Plus to that there are Herbal Meds as well. So selection of meds seems to be quite big and enough in my opinion. The lowest price for brand Viagra is 13.25 USD while the generic Viagra is 1.30 USD per pill. Honestly talking these are some really big prices as I’ve seen prices for same medications much lower than those I found here. There is not a single word about prescriptions which makes me think that this online pharmacy is not requiring their customers to show a valid prescription and while some people might think that this is convenient, this is a sign that the online pharmacy is not a legal online pharmacy which is alarming.

Shipping and payment methods on

This online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping to all countries only except for USA and Canada. What’s the reason that this online pharmacy isn’t offering shipping to those countries is not known. There are 2 shipping options: registered air mail and EMS courier. The registered air mail doesn’t have a tracking option while EMS has a tracking option online. The delivery time for registered air mail is up to 30 days while for EMS is up to 14 days. The EMS is more expensive, however the shipping fees depends on country, products ordered as well as shipping method. As in regards to the payment methods there are the following methods accepted by this online pharmacy: payment by credit card: VISA and its derivatives, bank transfer as well as WU. I personally like when the online pharmacy is accepting multiple payment methods.

Customer Support Team on

The only and the single way of getting in touch with this online pharmacy is by using the contact form on their online pharmacy contact page. That’s super strange and I absolutely do not like this. There is not even an email listed, there’s nothing. No phone number of anything. If you want to talk with them you need to fill up the contact form and wait for their response but when I see such things I often think that I won’t be getting any responses back. I never contacted them and you can’t talk with them real time.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

The online pharmacies are worth using because they have cheap prices and they offer coupon codes/ discounts so what’s the point of using them if they are not offering anything? The same question can be asked about since they are not offering any kind of discounts, coupon codes or anything. There is nothing at all that can make you save money like free shipping or anything. The only thing that I found is that you need to email a special email address mentioned on their website if you’re going to order above 300 pills so you would get discounts. But who orders 300 pills at once? Reviews

I’ve found some customer reviews on independent websites like but the sad news is that the customer reviews were all different and mixed. Like for example Bernd Glaab was very happy because as he said, this online pharmacy has super fast fine delivery. Less happy was Henry Jacobs which said that they are very expensive (which I do agree by the way). there are other people who do recommend this online pharmacy because they have got good experience by using this online pharmacy and some of them are highly recommending but other people aren’t recommending being they haven’t been satisfied. So the customer reviews are very different form each other. People have said that they have got very good experience but others were less happy and that’s mostly because of high prices, some other complained on the fact that they have received *torn* package. On the other hand, such people as Monika said that has been using this vendor for the last 5 years (which is a lot) and each time has got only positive experience – that’s very good to be honest.


I would say that this online pharmacy has a lot to work on since there are unhappy customers, they are most likely not legit (according to and since they do not require prescriptions) and they are having some big prices for medications with no discounts or coupon codes – that’s obviously a big problem. With all of this being said, to my opinion this online pharmacy deserves 2 out of 5.

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