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An online pharmacy which claims to care for you (that’s according to the pharmacy’s logo when I have checked its website) is I have entered the main page of this site and I can say that it has an extremely good and well done website, it is very user friendly where everything is easily accessible which, to my opinion, is very important. Besides this website being very user friendly interfaced, people are also able to create an account here and login to their accounts, that’s something that might be obligatory to do for ordering drugs here. this pharmacy claims that at, they care for customer’s satisfaction which is a very big reward for them and their aim is to cater best quality drugs along with excellent customer service to customers. They claim that all their drugs are WHO and FDA approved and all the personal information sent to this website is not stored and is highly protected by security systems such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In addition to this, the pharmacy is claiming that they are offering medications at some incredibly low prices and I truly hope that this is true as the reason for searching for online pharmacies is to save money while purchasing drugs so incredibly low prices mean that they can help me save money, I guess. They claim to be shipping world wide and they claim to have both brand and generic drugs. So far this all sounds extremely good but we would check it all later. I have tried to find out info where this pharmacy is located and for how long it has been online. Unfortunately, I failed to find such information being mentioned anywhere on their website. Selection of medications and prices

This online pharmacy promised to have a very wide selection of medications including both brand and generic medications and they have drugs for different health conditions and ailments. There is drugs catalogue which you can access and see what kind of drugs they are selling there. as much as it seems, there are some main types of drugs they sell such as: smart drugs, men’s health, eye/ ear care, antibiotics and women’s health, but there are other categories such as; asthma, migraine, nootropics and others. As much as it seems, there are not very much categories and in each category of medications there are not very much drugs (the most in men’s health around 10 drugs – all the rest less drugs) so I wouldn’t call it a very wide selection of medications. I have checked the prices for ED drugs to make a conclusion about all drugs on this website and I can say that they are moderate compared to other online pharmacies. Like for example, generic Viagra 100 mg (the only strength they have) would cost you 1.40 USD per pill for 100 pills. There are better prices online, but I’ve also seen much worse prices either. There’s not a single mention about prescription requirements therefore, I can assume this pharmacy doesn’t require one for getting medications here. Shipping and payment methods

As it was previously mentioned, this online pharmacy claims to offer medications (fast) across the globe. There are 2 shipping methods which people can choose from. There is regular shipping with a delivery timeframe of 15 to 17 days and the other shipping method is express shipment which has a delivery timeframe of 7 to 10 working days. Unfortunately, there is not a single mention about shipping fee of any of these shipping methods but I can assume that’s because it depends on where you want your shipment to be sent (but upon checking out I saw that express shipping costs 23 USD). They claim that both shipping methods comes with a tracking ID. Seemingly the pharmacy only accepts credit cards VISA, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Customer Support Service

I got seriously disappointed when I have checked what are the methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy and that’s because, checking those methods it seems near to impossible to get in touch with them. the pharmacy only has a contact form available on the site and an email address (both of which are basically the same) and both require quite some good time to get an answer (if you ever would).

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Everything that I can mention here is: the pharmacy claims to have free shipping option (but I am not very sure under which circumstances they offer it for free) and the second one: the more pills you’re purchasing the cheaper the prices per pills gets. The problem is that except for these the pharmacy doesn’t seem to be offering anything else, such as free pills, discounts or coupon codes or anything in this matter. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy I have found only very few reviews which is not enough, to my opinion, but that’s still better than nothing. The problem is that there is a reviewer who said that has not used this website for getting the medication (who rated it high) so I am not sure why he rated but there’s a person who rated it all horrible (1 out of 5) who said that ordered here and got nothing. He said that they are not responding to emails and they do not send you anything. Therefore the person recommends not to give your credit card number because they may be taking all your money! this has been confirmed by that had no trust in this pharmacy. the website has been listed as a rogue internet pharmacy by either.


Since there is a customer review recommending not to order from this pharmacy because he got scammed and the information on only confirms this I doubt that I can expect anything good to happen if I order here. that’s why I will not do this and I recommend everyone else to do the same – stay away from I rate it on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1.

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