/ Medi Save Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which seems to be situated in Canada, or that’s the information that I have found by entering this online pharmacy’s domain address and analyzing the page for a few minutes. Something that has got my attention is the fact that they have even shared the pharmacy manager’s name: Mohammed Hassan and the reason I mentioned this is because online pharmacies usually do not do it often. According to the copyright information which is: 2003 – 2017 MediSave means that the pharmacy has been on the market for the last 14 years and that’s very good in case that’s true because older online pharmacies are much more easier to have trust in. one more thing to mention here is the fact that claimed to have such accreditations as: CIPA member and IPABC member as well. In order to see if this is true or not (because I have found online pharmacies lying about their accreditations) I went on where I searched for and indeed, confirmed the fact that is an accredited member of CIPA. And although that doesn’t mean that we should go straight forward buying our meds here – that’s still good. Went forward searching for more information about this pharmacy.

What’s the selection of medications and what are the prices for those meds on

For finding the medication that you need you can do it by entering the drug’s name in the search box and this way you’re going to be given the information about that drug. But you can also search for the medications that you need for by clicking on either Rx Drug Search or OTC Drug Search. Since their drugs are being categorized this way we can clearly understand that all those medications found on Rx Drug Search can be obtained only if the customers would show a valid prescription for getting those medications. I’ve went on Rx Drug Search and the drugs are being categorized by their first letter. By clicking on the first letter (from A to Z) you’re being given a number implying how many drugs are found there. Like for example A has 153 drugs, P 121 results, M 67 and so on and so forth. I assume that this online pharmacy has LOTS of medications by analyzing this. I’ve searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and the pharmacy had all 3 of them being categorized by: brand of generic, dosage, quantity and country of manufacturer. Lowest price for getting generic Viagra (sildenafil) is 125 USD for 88 pills of 50 mg (Indian manufacturer) and to be hones this is a price that’s higher than average compared to other online pharmacies.

Shipping and Payment Options on

The only single shipping method is regular ground shipping and they are offering world wide shipping delivering meds to most of the countries world wide. However international shipping has a fee of 25 USD while the Canadian and US shipping has a fee of 14 USD flat rate regardless of how many meds you’re ordering. The delivery time is anywhere between 10 to 18 business days. as in regards to the payments, this online pharmacy accepts a single credit card: Master Card, but besides credit cards, this online pharmacy is also accepting personal checks as well as international money orders.

Contacting customer support of

This online pharmacy, as I said, has a mailing address, however I doubt that lately there are still many people using it and there’s a faster/ newer method of getting in touch with the pharmacy: via email they have on the contact page. But in case you have an urgent inquiry that shouldn’t be waited then you can contact them by their toll free phone number. There’s also a toll free fax number but I guess that’s for sending the prescriptions. If you decide to call them then make sure you do it in their working hours that are also listed on the contact page. No other methods of talking with customer care department as there’s no online live chat.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy is offering free shipping to its customers, however it offers free shipping only to its customers that refer a friend. The free shipping is offered only if the referred friends are being successfully ordering from this online pharmacy. unfortunately, the only pharmacy doesn’t offer anything as there are no coupon codes, there are no discounts or anything that would make their customers save some money. It is hard for me to understand such kind of marketing strategy: high prices with no deals. Reviews

Surprisingly for me but even though the pharmacy has quite big prices and it doesn’t offer any discount or anything that might make you save some money, the pharmacy does have some customer reviews and what was actually surprisingly for me was the fact that most of those customers reviews were actually positive. I have found forum pages with people talking about that they have been ordering from this pharmacy. in addition to that, on there are customer reviews with people saying that they have had positive experience by using this pharmacy with most of them saying they have trust and they recommend it with a person saying that has been ordering from here for more than 5 years. However a person said that this website shouldn’t be trusted. I was curious to find out what scam warning engines would show and according to the only bad thing is the fact that has rated it as an rogue internet pharmacy. Except for that, suggests that everything is fine with 83 % trust rate and domain aged more than 15 years.


Although says that this is a rogue internet pharmacy, generally it looks safe. The owners of the pharmacy haven’t hide their identity and probably website origin is either United States or Canada and whichever the case that’s good. The domain age is 15 years and suggests that it is safe plus it is CIPA and IPABC member. What’s more important is that although there aren’t A LOT of customer reviews, most of them are positive and that’s obviously a good thing for this pharmacy. What’s not very good is that the pharmacy is still rarely visited, it is still called rogue internet pharmacy and the biggest problem and the biggest problem – high prices with no special offers or discounts. For all these reasons I think this pharmacy deserves 3 out of 5!

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