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There is an online pharmacy that claims to send medicines to you in three easy steps and this pharmacy even has such a name suggesting this: I have accessed their main page where I have noticed a very good website, to my opinion, very good in terms of its design that is user friendly, it seems that people can easily navigate through the site as the information is also very well arranged on the site. There’s information on the site suggesting as why *to choose them* and according to the information there it is because of their: low pricing, huge selection of medications that would suit everybody’s needs; quick delivery as they try to ship them as soon as possible and lastly; everyone who has a question can ask their experts to get professional help. According to the information on their main page, they are a registered pharmacy with the general Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) of Great Britain so that’s very good if they are a licensed pharmacy and I found an exact address of the pharmacy suggesting they are in Leicester, United Kingdom. They claim to provide simple prescription treatment service where one of their UK registered prescribers are going to review the consultation form that needs to be filled during the checkout process. They claim to work only with the most reputable manufactuers so their customers can be sure in their medications safeness and high quality. They claim that is an online pharmacy aiming to pvide world class service and satisfaction to all customers, they have well established experience and they are a part of a pharmacy called Yakub Chemist Limited who has been running for more than 20 years now. Yakust Chemist Ltd as they claim is fully regulated by UK Government Bodies, GPhC and MHRA. They also can get social with this pharmacy if they wish as the pharmacy seems to have social media pages as well. So far all of this looks fairly good to my opinion. Selection of medications and prices

As I have said it a bit earlier, I found information on their website suggesting that they are offering a huge selection of medications available on their site which means that people can get help almost regardless of what is their health need. I have seen they are offering over the counter products but it is obvious they also have prescription drugs. Seemingly they offer drugs for a lot of conditions some of them including: sexual health, high blood pressure, psoriasis, thrush, stop smoking, weight loss, hair loss, diabetes, ED, acne treatment and many others. So after choosing the condition of your health condition that you need you can choose the medication needed. I have noticed this pharmacy is offering both generic and brand medications that people can choose from. But as much as I noticed, the big problem is the price. That’s because in order to get generic Viagra 50 mg, 28 tablets (biggest quantity) you would need to pay 78 GBP! Compared to other online pharmacies, that’s one extremely big price to my opinion. As said, they do not require a prescription as they would review your questionnaire and if approved they would write you one prescription themselves. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their *deliveries* page – they are currently unable to deliver medications to regions outside of Europe. Plus it seems that shipping in Europe and shipping in UK differ. For Europe their delivery charge is 12.50 GBP and is usually 5 to 7 days. Plus, this pharmacy does not ship to all countries in Europe (you can see the list on their page). for delivery in UK – orders under 40 GBP have delivery fee of 3 GBP and it takes up to like 4 working days to receive your door. But there’s also next day delivery that costs 7 GBP, however for deliveries in Weekdays – 8 GBP. As much as I noticed, they are accepting payment via credit cards and via paypal only. Customer Support Service

There are several ways available, as much as I noticed, to get in touch with this pharmacy. this include: live chat function that seems to be available on their site, the phone number listed on the site, the exact address which you can use to write them a mail or maybe paying them a visit, writing them on social media pages or lastly: the email or contact form which are both basically the same.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I could not find any coupon codes being offered by this pharmacy, however I have seen the pharmacy offers free shipping in UK on orders over 40 GBP. Except for free shipping it seems that the pharmacy offers a bit of discounts by ordering more pills at once. One last thing is the fact that there are some products which they claim to have some discounts. They claim that you can save from anywhere like 5% up to like 40 % or so depending on the products chosen. Reviews

I have seen there’s a good number of customer reviews on and I got really interested in checking them. I have noticed that most reviews are positive with people being happy with the services they have got but there’s one observation I’ve noticed: lately there are more and more negative customer reviews as much as it seems and that’s pretty strange. I have decided to check its legitimate on where I noticed this is not an approved internet pharmacy and then I have noticed that doesn’t have trust in this pharmacy and it suggests there’s a high risk if trying to order anything from this site. They claim there’s a 20 % risk chance of not getting a good customer service and generally risking with your money.


This online pharmacy seems to be reliable according to customer reviews but still having too much trust can end pretty bad and that’s according to the negative customer reviews and to scam warning engines. Except for low trust rate by scam warning engines and for the negative customer reviews, this pharmacy offers medications at prices much higher compared to other online pharmacies with no coupon codes or discounts. Due to all these reasons I am going to rate with a score of 2 out of 5.

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