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As much as it seems from the name of the pharmacy that I’m going to review now, we’re going to deal with a Turkish pharmacy, or at least this is what it seems from the pharmacy’s domain address name: either is this true or not I am going to find it out later. As soon as I have entered the website I have noticed a well done site, with information well arranged on the site and a user friendly design of site which, to my opinion, is very important and it is a very good thing when you’re trying to purchase something from the site. There is information on their site that it is 100% safe to shop on their site. They claim that with the help of their site people can have a significant save of time, money and energy spent while purchasing drugs. They are also claiming to have a very wide selection of top quality branded and generic drugs on the site. In addition to that, they are claiming to have world wide shipping of medications and as they claim, it is always on time all over the globe which as they claim: meets and exceeds their customers’ expectations. I continued doing my research and indeed, this is a Turkish pharmacy which is located in Istanbul, or at least the information on site suggests that they are having the headquarters located in Istanbul. They claim to be specialized in the Parallel trade of Pharmaceutical and Medical products. They claim to be a young company that has been recently established, however they claim that the directors have years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. So far, all of this sounds amazing but there are many other things to check first. Selection of medications and prices

I mentioned earlier that this online pharmacy is claiming to have a very wide selection of medications and while I was searching for more information on the site I managed the pharmacy’s claim that they are having more than 3000 of different branded and generic drugs that are available in stock. If that’s true then it is indeed very good as you seem to have a lot of drugs to choose from. This pharmacy does not offer a category list of medications, you can only search for the medications that you need either by using the search box function with the keyword or by the first letter of the drug that’s why it is advisable that you know the drug’s name you’re searching for. I have used the search function for ED medications as Viagra etc. and I did found them problem is that I only found Viagra by Pfizer only and there does not seem to be any Viagra generic and the same thing goes for Levitra and Cialis – only brands. Not able to comment on the prices, unfortunately, that’s because there’s information suggesting that they are not able to maintain a standard price list and that’s why you need to contact them to get more information about prices. no information about prescriptions so I am not sure if they do require any. Shipping and payment methods

As much as it seems, people can only order medications here only by contacting the customer support service since there’s not a way to *checkout*. For finding out more details about shipping options they also recommend to talk with their customer support service. They claim that the delivery times and delivery fees depends on the shipment destination and on the choice of the shipping service but how much and what are the shipping services is undisclosed. They only claim that usually, people receive their orders in 4 to 21 days after placing an order, but for more details you need to contact them. they claim to have a lot of payment methods: wire transfer, western union, moneygram, credit card, paypal and for returning customers only: bitcoin or COD. Customer Support Service

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy has shared their exact address located in Istanbul, with this being said people are able to use it as a mailing address or maybe even to pay them a visit if they want to. Except for this, there is a phone number available, an email available or via the contact form on their website. Since there are so many things to ask this pharmacy about, the live chat function would be welcome. Coupon Codes

Usually, online pharmacies are offering to their customers different special offers and deals so people could use them and save money while using the pharmacy’s service. unfortunately, does not seem to be among those online pharmacies. Either because they are not having a price list on their website, or I am not sure, but they do not offer any coupon codes, discounts or special offers, at least none of them were listed on their site. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews but I couldn’t find any and that’s a very big problem to my opinion as no customer reviews is a sign that the pharmacy doesn’t have any customers at all. I have then checked the information on the to find out more information and the information I found there makes me recommend everyone to stay away from it. that’s because there’s just one single alarming thing and that’s enough: this website may have been hacked. I definitely do not want to purchase from a pharmacy which may have been hacked. And I don’t know what this means but indeed, on the pharmacy’s front page there’s this message which is hardly observed: * Hacked by Kurdish St0rm*.


This is an online pharmacy which offers no price list, no coupon codes, no discounts, no information about shipping etc. and in the end it seems that it has even got hacked. I definitely do not have trust in such an online pharmacy, especially after being hacked. I will rate with 1 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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