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Another Canadian online pharmacy that I will be reviewing can be found at the domain address: and obviously, I concluded this is a Canadian pharmacy by its name. According to the logo on this website purchasing here is: safe, easy and they have affordable prescriptions. This is all very good and hopefully it is true as well. I have also noticed that customers of this online pharmacy can create an account and login to their account but I’m having a feeling that this is something mandatory to do in order to purchase drugs here, will check it further in my review. As for now I can say that the pharmacy is offering customers to *discover huge cost savings at this licensed Canadian pharmacy* with savings up to 90%, something I obviously hope is true. They are having the seal on their front page meaning that this is a verified and approved pharmacy. They are claiming that their headquarters is located in Surrey, BC, Canada and claims that Medications Canada has been launched in early 2002 in order to offer pharmacy care to American clients who want to combat the high costs of their prescription medications. This is all very good and sounds great, but so far these are only the pharmacy’s claims and later will try to rule out if they are true or not.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

I am not able to talk about which kind of drugs this online pharmacy is offering or what is the exact number of drugs you can find in their drugstore as they are not offering as most other online pharmacies a list of drugs’ categories or something in this matter. You can only search for drugs by the search box function and that’s pretty much the only method available to search for them. Nevertheless I still can say that the selection of medications here is really wide and that’s because according to the there are over 500 drugs and there are products like: OTC, V&S, Dx and for pets. So I can assume the medications here are a lot and for many health needs. As in terms of prices I have searched for the most popular ED drugs such as Levitra Cialis and Viagra but just to give example of prices I will mention the generic Viagra 50 mg where 88 tablets are priced with 69 USD. The price per pill is getting higher if you purchase less of a quantity for this product or if you’re purchasing a higher dose per pill. won’t send you any prescription medications without you sending them either via email, mail or fax your prescription.

Shipping and payment methods at

As I expected, you cannot go on the checkout page without creating an account and logging to it. But there are other pages including FAQ which help me find out the answers to what are shipping and payment methods? According to the information I was able to find on this online pharmacy only ships to Canada and to USA customers. There’s only a single shipping option and it has a fee of 10 USD and the pharmacy asks customers to have an estimated delivery time of 2 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, no information suggesting if they are offering online tracking. This pharmacy is not accepting all insurances but they do seem to accept some, but the payments can be done by: personal checks, money order or certified check. They do not seem to accept credit cards or any other form of payment.

Customer Care Service

Except for the fact that they are reachable by the contact form or the email addresses (both of which are basically the same), this online pharmacy is also having a toll free pharmacy tech help line phone number and another number for all other inquiries. Except for phone, mail and email there’s the fax number and there’s their mailing address available as well, but there is no online live chat function available to the customers.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I was trying to search for something which makes you save some money but unfortunately I haven’t found anything except for the fact that this online pharmacy is offering to pay them the shipping fee of 10 USD if you would order above 300 USD so you get the delivery for free. The problem is that except for this offer I couldn’t find anything which could make you save some money. There doesn’t seem to be any coupon codes, any free pills or something in this matter. Seemingly just ordering in bulk pills will make you save a bit of money as well. Reviews

I have encountered a very big problem when I was searching for and the problem is the fact that I couldn’t find any customer reviews about anywhere online although I was expecting to find at least some. I found a single review on which seemingly was positive. With no customer reviews elsewhere online or more than just one review that’s already a very big problem because this makes me wonder if the pharmacy has ever had any customers and this, therefore, makes me wonder why nobody orders here? To get the answers to at least some questions I have went on to find some answers and although I saw that the website is online for a long time (14 years) and it is indeed from Canada there are still problems – a malware report has been detected for this website, and an even bigger problem – the owner uses a service to hide their location. Plus, says that this is an unapproved internet pharmacy website.


A single customer review isn’t enough but in the end, the review is positive. Although there are problems noticed by the, the website still seems to be trusted by other sites. In the end the website seems to be good by some points, but not good by others. So that’s why I think that the risk of ordering here is simply too high so I do not recommend doing it. I will rate with 3 out of 5.

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