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The website I will review today is, an online pharmacy which claims that you can get your medications online, faster, simpler and cheaper, according to the information that I could read as soon as I have entered their main page. The pharmacy seems to have a user friendly interfaced design and well arranged information on their website which means that it is easy to navigate through this website which is very good to my opinion. According to the information on their website, people, by using this pharmacy, are able to get free consultation and prescription so, by ordering their medicines from they would have a free consultation and prescription all along with the medications delivered to your door. People can register an account on their website and login to their accounts. There’s information suggesting that this pharmacy is America’s premier mail order facilitator for medications. They claim that as soon as your request is being approved by their physician, they would dispense quality, affordable and non controlled drugs from their store. They claim that by using the pharmacy’s services you can benefit from: informed pharmacist counselling for any pharmaceutical queries; HIPPA compliant process; free shipping; the security and accountability of a US owned and operated business; no hidden fees. They do not surprise customers with additional shipping and handling costs; refilling the prescription up to 5 times by ordering online or by their toll free phone number. The pharmacy claimed to be an USA pharmacy and they shared an exact address on their site suggesting they’re located in Colorado Springs, CO and they claim that the pharmacy name is Candover Pharmacy. Sadly, no information is listed on their website suggesting for how long the pharmacy has been operating and serving their customers. All in all, the pharmacy looks pretty good and seem to have good offers, but there are many other things to check first. Selection of Medications and Prices

In order to determine what kind of medications this pharmacy is offering in I had to search and see if the pharmacy offers categories of medications and I did found those categories and according to that list, it seems the pharmacy is offering a really wide selection of drugs. That’s because they seem to have medications for asthma, anxiety, COPD, dematia, birth control, allergies, OCD, pain relief, prostate, hypertension, gout, hair loss, migraine and many many other types of medications as well. you can search for the needed medications by using the categories of medications or you could also use the search function on their website. I have searched for the prices of medications and there I noticed that for getting sildenafil (generic Viagra) 84 tabs you would need to pay 159 USD. The prices are a bit higher compared to other online pharmacies but they are still not exaggerated compared to the prices that I’ve noticed to other online pharmacies. The prices are good if they indeed offer free consultation, prescription and free shipping included in this price. As I said, they offer free prescription if their doctor approves so there’s no need to have a valid prescription prior to order here. Shipping and payment methods

On the checkout page there’s the list of countries you can choose from to indicate where you need your medications shipped to. According to that list of countries, they seem to offer shipping worldwide as there’s a big list of countries and if there are some countries that are not included, I guess they do not ship to those countries. They claim that the shipping is free of charge and they are using either USPS priority mail, royal mail or Vanuatu post with a tracking number and a signature required on the delivery depending on where you ship the medications. No information about shipping times is given. As much as it seems, this online pharmacy is accepting payments only via credit cards. Customer Support Service

There seem to be several ways available to get in touch with this pharmacy’s customer support service in case there are people who are having questions to ask. Like for example, people can ask their questions using the customer service phone number or the pharmacy phone number. In addition to that, they can use the address to write a mail if they wish to. One last method is the live chat support function but at the moment I reviewed this site, they were offline.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I have noticed that, seemingly, regardless what medications you’re purchasing or how much you are getting rewards *2*. I’m not sure what this stands for and if you can use those rewards points for anything as there’s no information about this, as much as I could see on their website. People can save money using this pharmacy because the pharmacy claims they are offering free shipping, free consultations and free prescriptions. Also you can save money by purchasing in bulk as the prices are better. There does not seem to be anything else. Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important in determining the authenticity of the pharmacy and yet, the pharmacy has no customer reviews anywhere online meaning that the pharmacy is not popular among buyers. Lack of customer reviews indicates the pharmacy is not widely used and that means there’s something wrong, as much as I think, since people tend to use those pharmacies that have good offers and are reliable. Although this website has been around for 15 years, according to, the site is not trustworthy and that’s because: it has been reported as being untrustworthy, has been given a low reliability rating by other websites and in the end, this is rogue internet pharmacy as of 2013 by That’s all pretty alarming to my opinion.


Due to the fact that there are no customer reviews which could indicate that ordering at this online pharmacy is safe and according to the information on multiple scam warning websites (scamvoid, scamadviser, scamner, legitscript, WOT and others) the website is not safe to use, I am not able to rate this pharmacy for more than 2 out of 5 stars. I might change my mind if there would appear some customer reviews or the scam adviser sites would change their low trustworthiness given to this pharmacy.

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