| Medica Depot Reviews & Coupons is the domain address name of the company that I will be reviewing today. As soon as I have entered the main page of this company, I have seen a well done site, user friendly and good options and features making it easier to understand and navigate through the site. People who are willing to do business with this company can create an account and sign in to them. I have seen the *about us* page so that’s what I have accessed. According to the information there is an established international medical company offering a wide variety of professional cosmetic and orthopedic solutions for health care professionals around the world. They claim to ensure the highest quality products and competitive discount prices from Europe. This is all very good. unfortunately, I was not able to find for how long this online pharmacy has been around or where this pharmacy/ company is located and although that’s not a big problem, I personally would appreciate if such information would be shared. According to the seal on the website, the site is McAfee secured and plus to that, the company can be found on some social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition to this, people are able to choose their preferred language or currency that the site can support and facilitate the understanding of this site. Generally, it looks good so I went further searching for answers. Selection of medications and prices

There is a *products* link which you can click on and then search for the needed health items. As I said earlier, this is not a regular online pharmacy with lots of health products for different health needs, but it is a company which sells items for cosmetic and orthopedic solution. Therefore, people can choose among the following items: anesthetics, threads, peels and masks, mesotherapy, fat removal, dermal fillers and other items of this type. With this being said, the selection of medications is wide only for such products, but you cannot get other types of products like ED drugs, pain relievers, anxiety drugs or something in this matter. Anyway, simply to give an example of price for some items, I’ve taken a random item which is an anesthetic named Coolense pain numbing applicator. The price for one item is 129 USD and either is that a good price or not I am not sure. in terms of prescription requirements – this company seems to accept orders only from professionals and they claim that they will not sell items to unlicensed individuals under any circumstances. Shipping and payment methods

This company claims to sell all over the world, or at least to many other territories around the world except for Europe and Canada. The shipping would be minimum 50 USD shipping charge for any order under 250 USD, not sure what shipping fee would be for orders above 250 USD. The shipping takes up to 7 days as soon as they have been shipped and people are getting a tracking number within 24 hours after they have been shipped. There does not seem to be multiple shipping options available on the website. In regards to any other questions that you might have about shipping you might access their FAQ page or contact their customer support service. In terms of payment methods accepted at this online pharmacy they claim that Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay are accepted. Customer Service

This company seems to have a lot of phone numbers which you can call and get in touch with them. the phone numbers are in different countries, there is international phone numbers, toll free phone, Russian phone, south Africa phone, Austria phone and others. Plus to that, there is an email listed, a fax number as well. There are customer service hours so make sure you get in touch with them during those hours. One last method to talk with them is contact form on their website which is pretty much the same as the email function as you would get a response back in your email.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? coupon codes

This company does seem to offer the coupon codes policy to their customers and that’s something I could conclude after I have tried to go on checkout page (which I failed because you need to have an account on the website) but I did found out that they are having the coupon codes as you could apply one if you have it. however I am not sure how to get a coupon code. One more thing to mention here is orders above 250 USD are getting a lower price for shipping (but not sure how low). The last thing to mention here is the fact that they are offering discounts for people ordering more items at once. (but this is not applicable for all items because for example, the random item I’ve chosen didn’t had a lower price regardless of how many items I could buy). Reviews

I have been trying to find customer/ user reviews about this company in order to determine whether would it be worth ordering any products here or not. Unfortunately, I have found only one customer review and while this is not enough to make a conclusion – the only customer review was short but negative – * spammed websites hitting traps*. Checked its legitimacy on and this is an unapproved internet pharmacy website. Then I went on and I found out that a malware report has been detected for this website, it is rarely visited and it doesn’t have a high trust. Lack of customer reviews (only one and negative) with such info from scam adviser isn’t a good thing to my opinion.


This company has refused to share their headquarters location and that was a bit alarming. But I found more alarming things which I mentioned earlier and those makes me think that this company might not be worth using. So due to its low credibility and trustworthiness I rate with 2!

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