/ Med Express RX Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which seems to be having a very user friendly design of the website and that’s really attractive. However I suggest people not to fall into *attractive* design of the website and to check other things as well. Nevertheless, I still think that an online pharmacy should be featuring an attractive design which makes it easy to understand for everyone and navigate through the website. Everyone can create an account and login on this website and whether is this mandatory to do before going to the checkout page or not, we’re going to find out a bit later. As for now I tried to find out more information about the pharmacy and so I went on about us page where I found this claim: *safe guarding your health since 2003, MedExpressRx is reputed for delivering superior quality drugs at best pries*. Well that’s an indeed very good claim. They also claimed a few other things as well like best services along safety and confidentiality of our customer’s information, efficient delivery, 100% refunds, and all their medications all 100% FDA approved and they provide medications all over the world. Lastly, the pharmacy claims to be based in United States since 2003. All of these are some very good claims in my opinion.

Selection of medications and prices on

As soon as you enter the website you can see a page *shop* and by accessing it you’re going to be redirected to a page where you see many health conditions which their medications should treat. Like for example there are such medications as: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, allergy, hair loss, quit smoking, pain relief, antibiotics, muscle relaxant, women’s health and weight loss. In fact, these are all the health categories their medications can treat. It is easily noticeable that the biggest amount of medications is found in erectile dysfunction medications. I would say that that there are around a total of 50 medications in their drugstores with 20 of them being in erectile dysfunction. Not sure if this online pharmacy has only generic medications but that what it seems by checking erectile dysfunction medications. They do not have branded medications and the only famous medication out there is Viagra (generic) there is no Levitra or Cialis. Instead there are others like tadalis, kamagra, penegra, zenegra and others. In regards to the prices it depends on either are you a new customer or old customer and how many pills you order. Generic Viagra of 100 mg would cost anywhere between 0.72 USD per pill (the cheapest price) and 1.90 USD per pill (the highest price). To be honest these are not the best prices but they aren’t the worst either. The pharmacy requires their customers to show a valid prescription before ordering from this online pharmacy.

Shipping and payment methods on

This online pharmacy is shipping all over the world to all countries. They are offering 2 shipping options: registered post which costs 18 USD and express shipping which cost 25 USD. They mentioned that tracking is available but not sure if for Express only or for both shipping methods. As I said earlier, you need to create an account for going to checkout page. 8 to 18 working days is delivery time for express shipping and 12 to 21 working days is delivery time for regular shipping. They are offering 2 payment methods for US customers: echeck payments and using visa credit card. All the rest of the world has only one payment method: visa credit card.

Customer support

This online pharmacy offers *help desk* where you can get in touch with the pharmacy’s customer service personnel. In case you need help because you have trouble or simply have some questions then you’re able to contact them by the following methods: live help chat, which, unfortunately, they were not available at the moment I tried to contact them: *There are no agents available right now to take your call. Please leave a message and we will reply by email.* But you can also submit a ticket from *my account* in addition to that, you can give them a call by their toll free number, one of which is US, other is UK and third is AUS phone number. They also listed 5 different emails for 5 different needs.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? coupon codes

This is an online pharmacy which claims to care about their returning customers and therefore they offer 20% discount for returning customers. Ordering in bunk is also going to make you save money. Free world wide Express shipping is offered to people who order more than 250 USD and regular shipping on orders over 100 USD. They also have money back guarantee policy. Another limited time offer is 20 sildenafil citrate pills with every order. In addition to all of that, US customers who want to pay via echeck will get a 10% discount more! This is all very good but coupon codes would be welcome as well, something they do not offer. Reviews

Even though there were not very much of customer reviews, there were still a few which helped me to understand more about this online pharmacy. And although there were few customer reviews, they were mixed: some where positive and some where negative. Like for example there were people saying that they are super happy with the services offered by this pharmacy and with the medications that they got because they worked like wonders for them. However there were negative reviews as well. like for example a person said that has placed his order 23 days ago, sent 5 emails and still no response and no package. In addition to that, this online pharmacy got its way to with a person who said that has ordered meds worth 274 USD but his card got charged of 1283 USD! He said that has started a complaint with the FDA as well as his local police, card company has closed his account and he recommends everyone NOT to order from this online pharmacy.


Even though the prices are pretty good and they have pretty good deals and special offers (although there were no coupon codes) recommending this online pharmacy would be a big mistake, and that’s although, there were people who had positive experience with them. According to the customer reviews, ordering from this online pharmacy is like playing Russian roulette – you might end up with good experience, but you might also get scammed. Ordering from online pharmacies definitely shouldn’t be like playing Russian roulette and that’s why I rate it with 2 out of 5!

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