/ Med Express Reviews & Coupons is an UK based online doctor service and pharmacy that is being run by MedExpress Enterprise Limited. It is not known for how much time they are being operating this online doctor service and pharmacy however I have found out that it is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK. Among their team you can find registered doctors, pharmacists as well as pharmacy assistance and that’s why this is an online pharmacy that is able to write prescription for those who needs one by online consultations. What’s interesting is that they do not accept private prescription from the customer. For getting the prescription medications the certified doctors are going to review your medical needs and therefore they will or they will not write your prescription. If they do write you a prescription then you’re able to make your purchase and choose from a variety of drugs. The prescription is claimable free of charge. They claim that all of the meds are being approved by Care Quality Commission which means that all the products offered by this pharmacy are safe to take. All of the information that is provided by the customers is promised to be confidential.

Drug selection on

They seem to work with big pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Lilly, BAYER, Roche, GSK and others. The pharmacy claims that all the drugs are of the best quality and they are sold at affordable prices. On the website you can find a wide variety of meds and treatments. There are some of the most popular medications and the drugs are categorized by the health issues: Acid reflux, migraine, Nail infection, weight loss, flu, erectile dysfunction and others. It seems that the only generic medications they have are Cialis generic and generic Viagra. All the rest medications seem to be branded. But they also have brand Viagra and Cialis, of course.

MedExpress Drug prices

The prices are indeed very good in my opinion. They are not the best prices that I have ever seen on online pharmacies, but taking in consideration the fact that they are also giving you a prescription you free of charge (I assume the price for each prescription is within the price of the medication) is a very good thing. like for example, Viagra (by Pfizer) 50 mg 4 tablets would be 20 British pounds. That’s 5 British pounds per pill (and they have listed that 20 British pounds for 4 tablets includes free private prescription). I’ve also checked the price for Cialis (by Lilly) 20 mg 4 tablets would be 40 British pounds and that’s 10 British pounds per pill. For reference, they also have a table where you can compare the prices to competitors (like Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy, Online Clinic and others). However for generic Viagra you would need to pay the exact same prices for the exact same dosages and same quantity. That’s super strange to see the generic and brand at the same price.

MedExpress Customer support team

There are many ways in getting in contact with them. Like for example you’re able to chat with them online as soon as you enter their website. Also you can email them, you’re able to message them on facebook, to write a mail by their address or to call them by the phone number and there’s also a fax. An online doctor service and pharmacy shouldn’t be hard at all to get in touch with IMO. There are no working hours listed, either that means that they work 24/7 I am not sure.

MedExpress shipping options

This is an online doctor service and pharmacy that is based in UK, London, therefore all of the prescriptions and medications can be sent only within UK. However it does seems that they are also having a delivery service international which means that they are also having an express delivery for EU zone countries. Western Europe has a delivery of 3 working days and Eastern Europe 5 working days. the price for Express delivery International is 9.95 British pounds. As for UK delivery they have a total number of 5 shipping options. The prices ranges between 2.90 to 19.95 British pounds depending on the service you choose with the delivery time depending on, again, the service that you choose between same day and anywhere up to 3 to 4 days. Unfortunately, there’s no return policy. As soon as the medications have the pharmacy – there’s no way to return them for any reasons.

MedExpress payment options

This pharmacy accepts only credit cards and only major credit cards such as Visa, Master card and American express. There is no other ways to pay for their services except for these 3 major credit cards, unfortunately.

MedExpress coupon codes

As sad as it sounds but MedExpress doesn’t want to give you any discounts or coupon codes. There is no way to save your money and all the prices that you see on the website are actual prices that you WILL pay as there is absolutely no way to save money. There are no discounts regardless of how big of an order you have. There are no bonuses and most sad is that they do not have the coupon codes policy. I was disappointed to see that they don’t have any promotions (at least free delivery). It does seems that the pharmacy thinks that they deserve until the last penny of the prices that you see.

MedExpress Reviews

Right on their website you can see that they claim to be one of the very best online doctor services and pharmacy because of the reviews thy have on their own website, on trust pilot, as well as feefo. They are offering you to read the reviews on these independent websites and so I did. It is obviously, as was expected, to see a big number of positive reviews (otherwise they wouldn’t recommend to read those reviews). Many people were happy because of the delivery seemed to be fast and other people said that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. But there are other unhappy customers saying that they are not happy with the services. Like for example they haven’t got the prescription they needed or the delivery was delayed. There are other people who complained on some other things as well, but still, it is very easily seen the most of the reviews were positive and most people were happy.

What’s the conclusion then? surely seem to be a legit online doctor service and pharmacy, however there are still some major problems that you can have with this pharmacy. As other people reviews that I read- their customer support team wasn’t really helpful at all. Another problem is the delivery times which you have to pay pretty big prices regardless of what you order and people still got very delayed delivers. Plus some people complained even on the quality of medications. Another major problem is that they are only focused on a small amount of health conditions meaning that if you have something else other than those – you need to go to a doctor. And lastly, the lack of promotions, discounts and coupon codes isn’t a good thing at all. So all in all I would say that this pharmacy is 3 out of 5.

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