| Market Of Trustworthy Reviews & Coupons is the name of the online pharmacy that I will be reviewing now and as much as I could conclude from their domain address name, they are claiming to be trustworthy, and I really hope that this is true. As soon as I entered the front page of this online pharmacy I’ve seen their claim of being *reliable medsupplier* and again, I have big hopes that this is true and this is an online pharmacy in which we can have trust. Also, as soon as I have entered this online pharmacy I could conclude that the design of this online pharmacy is really well done, it is user friendly which is important and it also has good features of choosing the preferred language that you need or also by choosing the currency of the website that you need. These 2 functions are really helpful to foreign customers and I know it as I have visited online pharmacies where English and USD were not default options so I had to change them manually. Anyhow, I tried to find out more information so I did have found out that this pharmacy has been online for the last 11 years, however I couldn’t find out where they are being located. They claim to sell exclusively only FDA approved medications. The fact that they sell only such drugs is, obviously, very good, exactly as it is the fact that they have been online for such a long time, of course, if both these claims are true.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

According to the *categories list* where the medications are being categorized by health condition it seems that they are having a wide selection of medications. There are drugs treating some conditions as: asthma, diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, stop smoking, antifungals, obesity and many other drugs. I am not sure what’s the number of drugs found here, but I can assume that it is a big number and seemingly, with drugs for lots of different conditions. After I checked the selection of drugs which seems to be wide, I have then checked the prices where I checked the *ED* medications. Seeing a wide selection of drugs in erectile dysfunction drugs as well I have checked he price for Levitra generic just to give an example of price so there I found that Levitra generic 20 mg 90 pills would cost 2.50 USD per pill and that would be 225 USD for all pills. To be honest, that’s by far not the best price I’ve seen at online pharmacies but somewhere *moderate*. pharmacy requires their customers to show a valid prescription before ordering prescription medications at this online pharmacy. shipping options and payment options

They are offering world wide shipping to everyone in all countries so regardless where the customers are living, they are able to order here. There are 2 shipping options, as nearly all the rest of other online pharmacies: standard airmail service and trackable service. Standard shipping costs 10 USD, has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 3 weeks and doesn’t have online tracking. The trackable service costs 30 USD, it has a delivery timeframe of 5 to 9 business days and does have online tracking. For those who want to pay here for getting medications it is important to know that they can pay only via VISA, Master Card, JCB as credit cards or via Bitcoin. No other options are available here. Customer Support

Except for having 3 phone numbers which you can call and get in touch with this online pharmacy and except for having contact form that you need to fill up and then you would get in touch with them via email (as most other online pharmacies), you’re also able to get in touch with them via my personal preferred method to talk with customer support: live chat support. I’ve asked a few questions through this method and my questions were answered professionally.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

The discount codes are given to returning customers to second order is going to get a 5% off order while third and further orders are getting a discount of 7 %. Except for this, the online pharmacy is offering free bonus Viagra pills and the more ED pills you’re ordering, the more free pills you’re being offered. One last thing that I am able to mention here is the standard airmail service which is offered for free to everyone who is ordering more than 150 USD worth of medications at this pharmacy. In my opinion these methods of saving you some money is quite good and that’s, to my opinion, at least something. Reviews

The testimonials on their own website are not worth anything to me due to the high probability of those testimonials being fake, written (most likely copied from somewhere else) just to manipulate with people into making them believe that this is a functional online pharmacy that it is worth using as it is functional and many people are happy with their services. The customer reviews on independent websites are much more trustworthy but unfortunately, I was not able to find a single customer review about and this is a big problem as this makes me wonder if they ever have any customers at all and when there’s an online pharmacy with no customers then there’s simply something wrong about the pharmacy. Checking what can recommend I saw the pharmacy has been opened a year ago, it is operating from a high risk country: Bulgaria and plus to that, the email which this online pharmacy uses is a free one. Although these are not such big problems, the big problem poses the fact that this online pharmacy lies – they claim to be online for 11 years while they are in business for less than 2 years.


Since I am dealing with an online pharmacy which lies about anything at all I can conclude that they might be lying about everything else. With this being said it is extremely hard to have trust in this pharmacy (all along with no customer reviews) and that’s why it seems that, in the end, is not so trustworthy as they claim so I will rate it with 2 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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