/ Maple Leaf Meds Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore that is offering *always great prices*, or that’s how their logo implies. This pharmacy seems to a Canadian pharmacy and that’s also by checking their logo and their accreditations, they are being top rated by, they claim to be CIPA accredited member and also accredited by IPABC and since CIPA is an organization that checks Canadian pharmacies, that’s how I got the conclusion that is Canadian. Well, I have checked to see if these claims are true and indeed, on this website has been rated with 5 stars and it is indeed a member of CIPA as I’ve checked it on That’s really good. Wanted to find out more about the pharmacy and I found that the prescriptions that are sold by this pharmacy are dispensed by York Pharmacy. I have failed to find out when they have started to operate as they haven’t mentioned this. The website seems to be well made and understandable. selection of drugs and prices for them

Unless many other online pharmacies, this one doesn’t have a method to search for medications by categories. They have a *search drug prices* page where you’re given a list of around 10 drugs and a search box. Since those 10 drugs are definitely not all drugs that you can find in their category, I used the search function to see if I can find my favorite ED medications. I have used the terms Levitra, Cialis and Viagra and I have found all 3 of them and I have both each of them in both generic form (with their active ingredient as a name) and in branded form. What are the drugs that you can find on this online pharmacy it is not known, but I assume that you can find lots of drugs because according to they have over 500 drugs in their drugstore, plus they have pets medications as well except for OTC meds and prescription meds. As for the prices: 60 tablets of vardenafil (generic Levitra) costs 56.90 USD, 88 tablets of tadalafil (generic Cialis), costs 67 USD and 88 tablets of sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) would cost you 92.30 USD. Frankly, these are indeed some good prices. Prices for brands are a bit higher but still quite good. This online pharmacy requires you to show a valid prescription to get such drugs or any other drugs that are not OTC.

Payment methods and shipping details on

In regards to the payment methods Maple Leaf Meds seem to accept lots of them (compared to other online pharmacies) as they have the following methods: personal checks, e-checks, international money orders as well as bank certified checks. Plus to that, they are accepting a single credit card: American Express. However, this online pharmacy doesn’t ship world wide, they are only shipping medications to Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico. If you’re not located in any of these 3 countries this online pharmacy is not for you. Although I failed to find out if they are offering other shipping methods other than USPS, I guess not because I wasn’t given another option. This shipping method costs 10 USD and they claim that it usually have a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks.

Customer Support on

As soon as you enter the website you can see the following: *call us toll free: 1 800 988 4016, fax us toll free 1-866-868-2303* so you can send fax and call them toll free. They also claim to speak Spanish to customers who need it. I’ve then went to their contact us page and there I found out one more way to get in touch with them: the email address. Although they have hours of operations, they claim that answering and fax services are working 24 hours. There’s also their exact address shared which is Surrey, BC, Canada. You can fill up a form as well, as usual. However there’s not live chat function.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

One offer this pharmacy has is that their prices, claimable, are anywhere between 30 to 70% less compared to the prices that you can find in your local pharmacy for the same medications. Judging by the prices that might be true. I also found out that if I am going to recommend this pharmacy to a friend of mine I am going to get free shipping on all my next orders further. What’s sad is that I have not been able to find any coupons. All that I might benefit from is their good prices and if I will recommend a friend I will save the extra 10 USD from shipping. Reviews

I have found a number of different customer reviews some of which said that they have had absolutely good experience with this pharmacy and that they have 100% trust in it. However, there are a lot of other people (and to my observations, there are more reviews of this type) who are not actually happy with the services of this pharmacy. Maria said that she had a terrible experience with an absolutely unacceptable service, lousy! She said she’ll never order from them. Deborah shared her entire experience with the pharmacy saying that in her opinion, the medications ordered were not actually those that she ordered but something else, so she will never order, of course. Another person named John on another independent website said that the price he paid for a medication was triple the original price and then the customer service were really rude. That’s not applausable at all.


As much as we can see, the fact that is indeed an accredited member of CIPA, IPABC and has top rate of doesn’t mean that it is absolutely safe to order here. thanks to the number of good customer reviews and thanks to these accreditations I think that here is a bit safer to order compared to other online pharmacies, nevertheless, I still won’t recommend due to the fact that as much as we can see, lots of people had unpleasant experiences. So far I rate it with 3 out of 5 and won’t change my rate until more positive would appear or negative reviews would disappear.

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