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While searching for ED medication I have found another online pharmacy which does seem to have such kind of medications. The domain address is and this is a company which is connecting the customers with the most trusted sources of generic and brand medicine manufacturers in the world. They claim to use the most reliable drugs manufacturers therefore ensuring that the quality of all the medications they are offering are of the best quality strictly selected by their suppliers. All medications are tested for quality and they have quality control certificates. I wasn’t able to find out where is the office of this pharmacy located or how much time they are in the pharmaceutical business which I think it is an important thing to know when choosing a pharmacy. The website is supporting a multitude of languages which facilitates the understanding of all customers and also facilitates the understanding of how much exactly the prices for their drugs are because there is also a multitude of currencies either.

Mantrshopo Selection of Drugs

If you’re not sure what drug you need then you can search for drugs according to the categories list where all drugs are found under health condition categories. Like for example there are drugs for: diabetes, allergy, asthma, eye drop, blood pressure and many others categories as well. They seem to have drugs that can help with every health condition, of course, including erectile dysfunction. You can also find the drugs by the first letter of the drug. However if you do know exactly what’s the name of the drug that you’re searching for then you can enter the keyword in search box. Like for example I used the keyword Viagra and I have been given a big list of drugs: generic Viagra, Viagra super active, female Viagra, brand Viagra and many others. I’ve also done the same for Levitra and Cialis and the same goes for these 2. Either all the drugs in other categories comes in both branded and generic form I am not sure. But either I click on category of Asthma or anti depressants or any others – I am given a big list of drugs. This means that drug variety on this online pharmacy is pretty big. Prices for Drugs

People following my reviews do know that I am not familiar with other drugs than those treating erectile dysfunction, therefore I also am not familiar with their prices and that’s why I cannot comment about them. But I do know the prices for ED medications like Viagra which on this online pharmacy the price for generic Viagra pills (cheapest) is 0.62 USD and for a brand Viagra pill by Pfizer (cheapest) is 3.96 USD. For getting a pill of tadalafil on that would cost you 1.20 USD for generic form Cialis and 3.91 USD for a brand name of Cialis pill by Lilly company. A vardenafil pill at its cheapest price is 1.22 USD if you purchase Levitra generic. However same active ingredient vardenafil but brand Levitra by Bayer would cost you 4.07 USD per pill on this pharmacy. I would call these *moderate* prices as they are not the best, but they are not the worst. They are somewhere in the middle compared to all other online pharmacies I’ve seen so far. customer support team

The live chat function is available on this online pharmacy and that’s extremely good for someone like me because that’s my favorite way of talking with online pharmacy personnel. There’s the old fashioned way of submitting a form by email as well so you wait for a response in your email or for urgent questions you can call them by phone. For US customers there is a phone number and for European customers there is also a phone number (UK number). I haven’t contacted them simply because I didn’t had any questions to ask, but those who do have questions you’re able to contact them 24/7 or at least that’s what the information on their contact us page suggests. and prescriptions

We should notice that there is a big difference between recommending and requiring. So well, this online pharmacy recommends their customers to consult a doctor before ordering a medication and using it, however they do not require anything. This means that anything you can see on this online pharmacy is available to everyone simply by purchasing it.

Shipping options for

The information I found on their website suggests that they are shipping to most of the countries world wide, however to find out to which countries they do not ship to you need to contact their customer service. It is not known what are the shipping rates because as the information suggests it can vary depending on the country of destination as well as on the products you ordered. But usually that’s 10 USD, doesn’t have tracking and dead line for this shipping service is 30 days. In case the package gets lost in transit they either reship for free or refund your money. They have EMS shipping (30 USD, deadline of 14 business days and comes with tracking), registered, royal mail and others. Payment methods

In case you’re getting to the point where you want to purchase something from this online pharmacy then you should know that you have 2 payment options in case you live in USA and only a single payment option if you live anywhere else. Credit card as a payment method is available for all customers and only major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club. For USA customer the second option is E Checks.

Is Mantrshopo a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes or discounts offered by Mantrshopo

They are offering 10 % discounts for returning customers. Your first order would be fully paid, but all of your next orders are getting 10% discount. They offer free Viagra pills with every order that has erectile dysfunction pills. Any amount until 90 pills ordered of erectile dysfunction gives you 4 x 100 mg generic Viagra for free. 90 pills and until 120 of erectile dysfunction pills in your order and you get 10 x 100 mg generic Viagra for free as a bonus. However for orders that have more than 120 erectile dysfunction you are getting a free ED trial pack. Lastly they are offering free standard shipping for all orders with a sum above 200 USD. They do not seem to have any coupon codes though and that’s really sad. These are all the bonuses and special offers given by reviews

The online pharmacy looked promising up until the moment I searched for customer reviews about this online pharmacy where I found absolutely none. This is one of the most unpopular online pharmacy that I have ever seen and usually this means that the online pharmacy is new. Even if that’s not a new online pharmacy, when there are no customer reviews there is no proof of pharmacy’s credibility and I won’t be the person to risk with my money and my health just to try it out. I’ve checked what does scam analyzing websites say about this pharmacy and none of them had trust in it. The combination of absolute 0 customer reviews and no trust from scam analyzing websites that’s making me stay away from it. Especially when according to the domain age is only 150 days which means that it doesn’t have even half a year.


The prices are fair but they are not the best, the offers are fair too but then again – they are not the best. All the rest looks fine – customer support has live chat and 2 phone numbers. The payment options aren’t variant but that’s still fine. Drug selection is good either and they don’t require a prescription, however all of this means nothing when there is no customer review to prove that this is indeed a pharmacy worth spending your hard earned money. That’s why I rate it with 2 out of 5 meaning that the risk is high ordering here, so I am going to change my rate only if there would appear customer reviews on independent websites.

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