| Mail Order Pharmacy Australia Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that I am going to review trying to determine if it’s worth purchasing medications from them or not. As much as it seems, this is an Australian online pharmacy and that’s because, usually, sites ending with .au are Australian, I will try to determine this later. I accessed their main page and there was information *Australian no. 1* which means that the pharmacy is indeed operating from Australia and they claim to be the best Australian pharmacy. I have seen a very user friendly interfaced website, to my opinion, with information that was very well arranged all of which makes it much easier to navigate through the site and find the information needed. Since this is an Australian website, I can assume that all the prices on the site would be in AUD and it is important to know so not to mistake the currency with USD. Those people who decide to order from this pharmacy are also able to create an account on the site and log in to their accounts. I have seen there’s an exact address on their site of the pharmacy and I saw the pharmacy claims to have social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others. Plus to that, there’s information that the site is secured meaning that you can safely buy here. There’s information suggesting that the site has been operating for the last 2 years now and they also claim to be independent and a QCPP accredited pharmacy and therefore they guarantee the quality of medications. They also claim to offer some extremely good prices which we would try to determine later. Their services include: delivery guaranteed; customer service (trained staff that will answer all your questions) and lastly, they offer easy returns in case you are not being satisfied with your order – send it back within 30 days. So far, all of this looks quite good. Selection of medications and prices

Searching for information at this online pharmacy can be done through their search function, through their first letter of medications function or by categories of medications. According to the categories, they are offering meds for: weight loss, men’s and women’s health, oral and dental health even medications for pets. They offer medical devices as well and their prescription drugs are in a different category. Each category has sub category. Since the prescription drugs are differently categorized I can assume that they do not ship prescription drugs without having a valid prescription. In the end, I can assume that the selection of medications on this online pharmacy is really wide, however when I used the keyword *Viagra* they said there’s no such drugs in their pharmacy so I’m not sure if they offer all types and forms of drugs. In order to give example of prices I have taken a random product I found in prescription drugs named Voltaren Rapid 25 mg x 30 tabs which costs 15 AUD. Either is that a good price for this medication I am not very sure as I’m not familiar with the drug. Shipping and payment methods

On the checkout page, there’s the option to choose the country, however the only country available on that list is, obviously, Australia. With this being said, as much as it seems, this online pharmacy is not offering shipping anywhere outside the Australia. The information I managed to find on their site suggests the same. They claim that for orders under 140 AUD in value they charge 7.50 AUD for delivery. A signature is required and all orders that weigh 30 kg or more may have additional fees. NHS prescription orders are free of charge for delivery. All orders have tracking but only those registered are ensured. I couldn’t find information suggesting there are multiple shipping options. They are only accepting credit cards via VISA and Master Card or via Bank Transfer. No other payment methods are available. Customer Support Service

There are several ways available to get in touch with this online pharmacy and some of them include: by calling at the phone number listed on the site, by writing on their fax number, by writing a mail at their address, by using the contact form available on the site or by using the email which you can see on the site. Sadly, there is no live chat function on their website available. Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are a great way to save some money when purchasing drugs and so I’ve done my research searching for them. There is a special page on their website named *promotions* and it is obvious that if the pharmacy would offer anything I would find them on that page. Unfortunately, the message *no posts in this category* was displayed when I accessed it. So the only thing worth mentioning here is that they are offering free shipping to NHS prescriptions and to orders under 3 kg and with a value more than 140 AUD which is by far not enough. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews online and I found a single review on and 18 different reviews on To be honest, for whatever the reason, I was expecting to get much more reviews but seemingly I was expecting too much. Nevertheless, those I got were enough. The reviewer on seems to be happy with the order he got but the review was written in 2016. On productreview there are reviews from 2012 and until 2017. Problem is that few of those who posted were happy with the pharmacy’s services, all others were super unhappy. Lots of those who reviewed said they never got anything and they get no responses by the pharmacy after a month of ordering. They recommend not to use the site. also suggests that risk may be involved.


The customer reviews with the information on recommends that the site pharmacy to be legitimate, nevertheless most people who ordered here seemed to be unhappy as they simply lost their money. If they ever got their money back or the product they ordered we would never find out, but to avoid such situations I suggest to avoid My rating is 2 stars!

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