/ Mail My Prescriptions Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims, according to their logo, to be *America’s First Wholesale Pharmacy* and if that’s the first one, it should be around for a very long time and those online pharmacies that are around for a long time are easier to have trust in. The online pharmacy is, obviously, located in America, however I have failed to find out for how long time they have been around exactly. The online pharmacy claims to religiously follow all DEA regulations and they also claim that all of the products found in their drugstore are all FDA approved and plus to that, claims to follow the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well. They are having different centers in different states/ regions of USA, however their main center is located in Boca Raton, Florida and they claim that the pharmacy is only hiring licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians! Obviously all of this sounds really promising and I really hope that this is all true but until then, as usual, I would check more about what this online pharmacy has to offer.

Selection of medications and prices on

Since I’ve mentioned a little bit earlier that this online pharmacy religiously follows all the DEA regulations, it is obvious that they require all their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering those medications that require one. But except for prescription there doesn’t seem to be any other type of medications as this online pharmacy seems to offer exclusively only prescription drugs and according to the information I could find on their website, they have 1487 medications (all prescription drugs only). You can find the drugs that you need by search box or by using the first letter. Clicking on *all* you are shown a page with all their 1487 medications categorized by the name. So it seems there are a lot of drugs and they have both brand and generic drugs. I continued on searching for ED medications and I searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Unfortunately, they do not have the generics for those medications and generally it seems there are no ED generic medications. As for the prices… they are extremely high, I guess these are the highest prices I’ve ever seen to be honest, even if they are only brands. Viagra 50 mg: 61.54 USD per pill, Cialis 20 mg: 60.78 USD per pill and Levitra 20 mg: 49.06 USD per pill. Prices are extremely high to my opinion!!!

Shipping and payment options on

You cannot go to checkout page without creating an account and logging in that’s why I couldn’t see what they are offering right form the checkout page. Instead I used their frequently asked questions page. There I found that their standard shipping costs 7 USD per order and they guarantee 5 business days delivery however they are not responsible for carrier delays. They are not offering any other shipping method and they are only shipping within USA. On FAQ page there’s no information about the payment methods, however I have found on bottom of their page that they are accepting the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover. However whether or not they accept any other payment methods I am not very sure.

Customer Support on

You can contact this online pharmacy accessing their contact us page where you are offered to fill the contact form and then wait for a response in your email. However if you do not want to wait then you’re free to call them by their phone number. They also have listed the pharmacy’s fax, which I can assume it is for sending the prescription. Also they have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media pages where you can write them there. Unfortunately they do not have live support. According to Facebook, if you write this pharmacy a message via Facebook, the pharmacy *typically replies instantly*.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I’ve been expecting to see at least something that would make you save money after I saw those extremely big prices for medications and yet, I failed to find anything at all. In fact, I have found through their FAQ page where they made it clear: *we do not offer discounts*. They also do not offer free pills, they do not offer free delivery regardless of your order and I’ve tried to search for coupon codes which I also failed to find any! There are big prices and nothing to make you save anything. Reviews

Unlike their prices and deals, the online pharmacy is extremely good at customer reviews on foreign websites. They do offer customers to read testimonials on their own websites but I refused to do so and I only checked those written on other websites, however they were also positive. There is a number of different foreign websites with a number of different customers reviews and yet all of them were positive! I found a negative customer review but later the person came back and said that his situation was sorted out and he would delete the negative review. That’s extremely good. I checked the scam warning engines and also good: only offered 7% trust and said that might not be a good idea to purchase anything from here. But said that this is a certified online pharmacy and also has a high trust rate and says that this site looks safe to use. Good customer reviews in combination of high trust from scam warning engines is extremely good.


Well, checking more about the online pharmacy on the internet, checking what scam warning websites say about it and checking what the customer reviews says about it, if I would have to bet, I would say the online pharmacy is indeed legitimate and it is not a scam/ fake as they indeed send the medications, never scammed and the medications are of a good quality. The only problem is that the prices are really high and there are no discounts or coupon codes, no deals, nothing. This is the reason I can’t recommend purchasing your products here unless you have so much money that *financial problems* doesn’t apply for you. That’s why I can’t say this pharmacy is perfect and I rate it with 3 out of 5, if the prices get lower – the rate definitely would go higher!

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