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An extremely popular pharmacy is Lloyds Pharmacy and the reason why I say that it is so popular is that by doing a bit of research in google about this pharmacy there are thousands of sites, thousands of customer reviews and this is a pharmacy that has even got on Daily Mail and The Guardian News and son and so forth. This pharmacy really does seem to be a very reliable pharmacy that it is based and it is offering all its services only within the United Kingdom meaning that if you want to get medications online and you live anywhere else than United Kingdom then lloydspharmacy.com isn’t actually a good choice for you. This online pharmacy even has a Wikipedia page where I have found a lot of information and like for example that it has been founded in 1974 and it operates until nowadays, meaning that this pharmacy is reliable for sure, but nevertheless, there are people who think otherwise and that’s something we’re going to talk later. Lloyds Pharmacy, being a British company, has more than 1,500 pharmacies and approximately 17,000 people working there with around 150 million of prescription items dispended yearly. You can find the history of this pharmacy as well as a lot of other information. Their website seems to be easy to understand and use and I guess there’s no need to mention it has a good speed. Since the pharmacy is only within United Kingdom and it works only with United Kingdom customers – the only language is English and the only currency on the site is British Pounds (GBP).

Lloyds Pharmacy Selection of drugs and prices for them

Besides the fact that this pharmacy is dispensing medications, they are also having online doctor service on the website which means that you can apply for getting a prescription from their online doctors. They claim that their UK registered doctors and pharmacists have already helped to treat over 1,300,00 patients in the UK. As for their selection of medications it doesn’t seem that they lack anything as they have drugs for: skin care, asthma inhalers, migraine treatment, allergy, flu, diabetes, high cholesterol, men’s health (including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, hair loss treatment, sexual health and more). And generally there are a lot of other categories of medications. It does seems to me that nearly all medications that you can (legally) buy from an pharmacy in UK, Lloyds Pharmacy should have it, or at least an alternative for it. They have both generic names and branded names but they still seem to work mostly with the brands. That’s because Cialis and Viagra have both brands and generics, however Levitra doesn’t have the generic. The prices are pretty high, to be honest, compared to other online pharmacies that I have seen. Maybe those are acceptable prices for UK pharmacies or maybe even lower, but compared to other online pharmacies those are high prices. Brand Viagra from 3.44 GBP with generic Viagra (sildenafil) from 2.81 GBP. Levitra from 6.00 GBP and brand Cialis from 9.50 GBP and generic Cialis from 7.13 GBP. To be honest, even if I would live in UK, I would still try to get my medications from somewhere else. You cannot get the medications without a valid prescription but you can start an online consultation when ordering which offers you the possibility to get a valid prescription right from this pharmacy online.

LloydsPharmacy.com payment and shipping methods

This is an online pharmacy which accepts 3 types of payments: credit cards, debit cards or through internet banking. It is obvious that by living in UK, you have the possibility to go and get the medications at their stores paying in cash. As for the shipping methods there are also 3 methods because you can get the medications after 3 to 5 days after placing the order (the longest time to wait), the next day (moderate) and the exact same day of your order (if you order until a certain hour). Getting it the same day means that you pay and go and get it at the local Lloyd’s pharmacy. For getting it the next day you would need to pay 5 extra GBP but if you would wait 3 to 5 days then you’re going to get a free delivery. Again, delivery isn’t done outside UK. You’re able to get a refund by returning the product within the first 14 days of getting it.

Customer Support Team on Lloyd’s Pharmacy

Getting in touch with such a popular pharmacy shouldn’t be too hard. They have, claimable, 1,500 pharmacies and over 17,000 people working for this company. Plus they have online doctor consultations. I doubt that it should take you too much until you are going to talk with some of their staff. The methods to do so are: by calling them by the phone number (make sure you call them in the business days and hours), by email and by post. There’s no live chat function unfortunately. So if you want to get in touch with them and want to get instant answers then either call them or go to their pharmacies as there’s no live chat function. Whatever the case, I have big doubts you would wait too much until you get your responses. However, either they have a customer support team of a good quality that’s another question. Hopefully they are not ignorant and do care about their customer’s issues.

Is LloydsPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

LloydsPharmacy Coupon Codes

This pharmacy seem to offer their customers free shipping if they are ready to wait anywhere between 3 to 5 days. They also claim that they online consultation is for free so the people should only spend money for medications. A pleasant surprise was the fact that they do offer coupon codes for their customers. People are able to get discounts on special products or on all services. The coupon codes discounts are anywhere between 5 % and 10 %. There are also discounts offering up to 50 % off discounts for services.

LloydsPharmacy.com Reviews

The most important part in an online pharmacy review is customer reviews because those are people who had experience with the pharmacy and therefore those are the people who can judge the pharmacy. Customer reviews are mixed and I found a lot of them on a lot of external websites. Of course this is a legitimate website that will surely not scam you around. It is extremely hard to believe online pharmacies, and nevertheless, this online pharmacy isn’t a fake pharmacy. But from its mixed reviews you can understand that being absolutely reliable doesn’t mean being absolutely perfect pharmacy. Many people were very happy with its services, thanking Lloyds Pharmacy for everything it does. Many people said that they are happy that they used this pharmacy, many of them said that they have friendly staff etc. However I paid attention to the other side as well with people like Jules who said that she has got medications out of date (5 months!) and said that this could be life threatening. What I have noticed is that there are A LOT of reviewers who said that they have a poor service. Another person said that they are painfully slow and indifferent service and many other people saying they are having slow service/ poor service and poor staff. Seemingly a lot of people are unhappy with their unprofessional and poor service. And it is impossible not to pay attention to this.


LLoydspharmacy.com is an absolutely 100% reliable pharmacy that doesn’t scam people, however they still seem not to care too much about their customers. In addition to that the prices for medications are really high compared to other online pharmacies. They might have good prices compared to other pharmacies in UK (I am not sure), but I’m now giving it a value compared to all pharmacies! Nevertheless, most of the customer reviews are positive and that’s something that I shouldn’t ignore. On trust pilot it has a high score, scamadvisor suggests that the website has been created in 19 years ago and many other good things about this pharmacy. So I rate it with 4 out of 5 because of the prices and because of the multitude of unhappy people with their customer support and unprofessional service/ staff.

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