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Lifestyle Drugstore is not selling medications themselves. This site is an intermediary company which is working as an agent between the customers and between many pharmaceutical companies that are manufacturing the medications sold to customers. It is being operate by Lifestyle Drugstore pharmacy and from the information found it has been founded in year 2009 so I find it very strange that they claim to have more than 10 years of experience while I’m writing this in 2017 which would make them with only 8 years of experience. This makes me think that they are a little bit dishonest but I still moved on into searching more about this pharmacy. It claims that they are adhering all of the laws and regulations set by FDA which means that all their products are approved by FDA. From a quick research you can see that this pharmacy claims to have only happy customers since they are having a very good quality of their drugs, they are supposedly very fast in shipping and with good shipping and medication prices.

Lifestyle Drugstore’s selection

This online pharmacy is having a lot of medications ready to be shipped for their customers as soon as they place their orders. They are having drugs which are helpful for a lot of health problems like for example Anxiety, Antibiotics, Antivirals, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cholesterol and Blood pressure, both men’s and women’s health, Erectile Dysfunction, Diabetes, Allergy and this seems to be pretty much all the health issues that the medications found in their store can help with. A quick glance at all their products implies that they have the most medications which can help with Erectile Dysfunction: Brand Cialis, Viagra as well as Levitra and a lot of types of their generics.  There are also other medications for ED. In total they claim to have more than 150 brand and generic medications in their store.

Lifestyle Drugstore drug’s prices

Searching through their drugs and offers I would say that they have ‘normal’ prices in average. Like for example Sildenafil (generic Viagra) costs 201 dollars for 180 pills. Which is a low price. but this is also their best offer, the first offer that I have found on their site. But for other medications that I found on their drug list – they charge a little bit more dollars for same medications that I have found on other online pharmacies. This means that the prices here could be attractive but it depends on what specifically you’re searching for, that’s why, before ordering here I would do a bit of research online.

What about the Lifestyle Drugstore shipping?

I have tried to purchase 2 Sildenafil packages from them which made a total of 421 dollars on check out. as much as they explained here’s what we’ve got in the end: Subtotal: $402.00; Shipping : $12.90; Shipping Insurance : $7.00; TOTAL: $421.90. as you can see the shipping costs 19.90 dollars in total. There is no other delivery method/ option that this, Airmail Service. Also, they are shipping in only few countries, shipping is done only in: UK, USA, Australia, France, Italy, Ireland and Spain. Seemingly you cannot order in order countries than these so in case you live somewhere else than the countries I listed above, you can move on searching for another online pharmacy.

What are the payment methods with Lifestyle Drugstore?

Well, as much as I have seen they are accepting American Express, Bitcoin (they even offer 15% discount if you choose to purchase with Bitcoins, which is not a surprise taking in consideration how Bitcoin prices are going up), ECheck (for US customers only) and Visa Card. Surprisingly you cannot pay with Master Card which if you own only a Master Card then this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to be good for you either.

If having some questions, what about Lifestyle Drugstore Customer Service?

I had some questions and I wanted to talk with their customer service which was a friendly man who answered all my questions professionally. Their customer service seems to be really good. They claim to have online support agents 24/7 and indeed, as soon as I wrote (waited like 10 minutes) them – I got a response. They also have Free numbers – 1 888 927 72 44 for US customers and 0 800 088 52 50 for UK customers. They also have Australian number 1 800 62 65 14 but they don’t claim it to be for free so I guess you have to pay for it. But as I said, I decided to live chat with them and everything went smoothly.

Is Lifestyle Drugstore a Scam or actual a good online pharmacy?

No it is not a scam. I have received my order and I indeed got charged 422 dollars and nothing more. I have tried the Sildenafil and it was actual Sildenafil therefore – I got my packages with actual medications. It is not a scam. I also read reviews of other people about this online pharmacy.

So, if talking about other people Lifestyle Drugstore reviews:

I indeed found good information about it. people rated this site anywhere with a total score of 3.1 rate out of 5 based on a few hundred reviews. Most of the reviews I have found were good, many people writing good things about it saying that they got their packages and they had no problems. But there were other reviews implying negative experiences people had with this online pharmacy. One of the reviewer implied that he/ she had 2 suspicious payments attempted on his/her account and so the bank has blocked both those payments and his/her card got blocked. Never said if ever ordered again from them. But in general lines people seemed to be happy with this online drug store.

Is Lifestyle Drugstore a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to / Lifestyle Drugstore is a rogue pharmacy:

Lifestyle Drugstore Special promotions and offers:

It was mentioned earlier that they are giving a discount of 15% off for payments in bitcoin. They are also giving free shipping for generic Viagra 180 tablets or more. Plus they are also having coupons codes available to be used.

The final verdict:

It seems to be a pretty good online drug store which do know to please their customers, however there still were some ‘BUT’ and that’s why I completely agree with the rate of ‘all people’s reviews’ about this online site which is 3/5.

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