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KwikMed is selling different laboratory kits and also including drug testing kits, however this site it is mainly concentrated on male health and more detailed on erectile dysfunction and impotence problems. They are actually only selling few medications 1 hair loss drug , 3 erectile dysfunction drugs a  contraceptive drug and a quit smoking drug. This online pharmacy claims to have a license from the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. They claim to have professional experts and doctors. All the information given by the customers is claimed to be all kept in secret and is all confidential. They claim to be on the market since 2003 which means they are on the market, presumably, for 14 years. They claim to be US based pharmacy and everyone is able to Verify their License online.

KwikMed drug selection?

This online pharmacy is mostly concentrated on ED drugs, but as said earlier, they do have a few other drugs. Generally drug selection isn’t big and they claim not to have generics in their store. Everything they sell, as promised, is all brand: Lilly, Pfizer, Bayer, GSK, Watson etc. They have brand Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and Propecia in their store so they claim that if you need these brands this online pharmacy is the best choice.

KwikMed payment options?

Unlike other online pharmacies, this one has a very limited payment options as they are accepting only Master Card and Visa credit card. Nothing else. No Bitcoin, no ECHECK, no wire transfer, nothing at all, except those 2 card options.

KwikMed Customer Service

They have toll free number (877) 594-5633 and Live chat which is only available in certain hours. unknowingly why, if you prefer the SMS option you need to contact them via other phone number SMS: (480) 418-8957. I’ve tried to contact them via Live chat and I found them to be pretty fast responsive and they answered all the questions I had.

KwikMed Shipping Details

Mainly they are shipping only in USA, but I’m not really sure if I got it right, but they can also ship to Australia and Japan. Unfortunately, if you live anywhere outside USA, Australia and Japan you wouldn’t be able to order from them. They have 3 shipping options: USPS Express mail which would cost you $28.00, FedEx Next Day which would cost you $30.00 and also FedEx Express Saver which would cost you $25.00. The shipping time is 1-2 days, instant delivery (overnight I guess), and 3 working days consecutively.

Drug prices on KwikMed

They are having really expensive prices for their medications, that’s because, for example, for one pill of 100 mg of Viagra they are charging you nearly $ 90.00 and to be honest that’s really really big price. Haven’t checked other prices for other medications (except for a quick glance at Stendra 200mg which is 100.00 dollars) and I haven’t ordered anything myself because of those big prices. They are claiming that these prices are because they are selling exclusively only brands and no generics and as we all know, brands are always more expensive than generics. However I’m sure that you can find brands elsewhere for cheaper prices.

Does KwikMed require a prescription?

Because they claim that they are licensed by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, they also claim that they are licensed to give online prescriptions to their customers. They say that they can offer expert medical advice from their doctors with a 100% confidentiality and then they can give you an prescription for the genuine manufactured Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Chantix, Propecia and ella contraceptive. They claim that generics are illegal and that’s why they’re all safe and legal with video consultations with professional doctors and therefore they give you prescriptions in case you don’t have one.

What special offers do they have?

I wasn’t able to find any special offers on their site. Seemingly there’s no discounts at all. or at least I couldn’t find any. The only thing I could find is that they are having discount coupons. If you know the coupon code you can enter it there and you’re presuming going to be given a discount. How big of I discount I don’t know. And yeah, I either can’t understand it but they don’t seem to charge you the shipping costs. I guess that’s because of their extremely big prices, or they do charge you them but I just don’t see it. anyhow, the price for 3 tablets of Viagra 100 mg is 274.00 USD and FedEx Next day is 30 USD and in the end the TOTAL is still 274.00 USD. However, 274.00 USD, even with shipping included, for just 3 pills, is way too much!

Is KwikMed a scam or legit?

Most people say that it is not a scam. I can’t say from experience because as I said, I never ordered anything from them because of the prices, but people who did said that they did got their medications. however I read reviews of people saying that they received fake medications although the online pharmacy claims to have only genuine drugs in their store.

KwikMed Reviews

Too many people wrote that they have got fake products claiming that their meds simply does not work. Lots of those people said that they waited for months in order to get their packages and in the end it was fake. There was even a person who said that his doctor got a call from this online pharmacy, even though they claim that they are 100% confidential. It is hard to determine if they are scammers or not, since many people wrote that they got fakes, while many others said that they are happy with the products they purchased from this site.

So the conclusion about KwikMed

I wouldn’t recommend shopping here. prices are too high and too many negative reviews complaining on: no confidentiality, on their customer service, on delivery times, quality of medications and so on and so forth. there’s just too much negativity floating around this online pharmacy although they claim to be absolutely legit, with professional doctors and brand drugs. My rate is 2 out of 5.

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