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KvSupply.com is the online pharmacy that I have found while doing my pharmacy research and I am going to write a review about this pharmacy trying to find out as much as possible about it and determining whether purchasing here is worth it or not. By analyzing its front page for a few minutes I came to conclusion that this pharmacy is a veterinary pharmacy which is specialized in selling only medications for dogs, cats and equine and with this being said, I doubt that we would find any human medications here. the website of this pharmacy seems to be very well done, it is user friendly and that’s good as it gives a sense of reliability. The customers of this online pharmacy are able to register here and to login to their accounts. According to the information I found on their website, there are 9,100 of people who like this pharmacy on facebook. But they claim that you can stay connected to them via facebook, twitter and pinterest as well. The pharmacy claims to ship medications to USA only and they claim to be serving customers since 1979. They also claim to be a vet VIPPS accredited pharmacy, as well as they claim to be an accredited business by BBB and customer certified pharmacy by Bizrate as well. I went on the official websites to check if that’s true and it does seems to be so and while this is very good, this doesn’t automatically means that the pharmacy is worth using. Strange is that on BBB there is information that this pharmacy is named TABcom, LLC instead of KvSupply and that they are in business for 15 years and not since 1979 while on bizrate.com the website accredited is dog.com and again not KvSupply.com. that’s all strange to my opinion.

KvSupply.com Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is a veterinary pharmacy and therefore it doesn’t have any human medications in their drugstores. All their medications are categorized for dogs, cats and equine and each category of medications have their sub categories of (for example in medications for dogs): dog food, toys, dental, grooming, flea and tick, training and behavior, prescriptions, supplements etc. with this being said I can assume that the selection of medications for these animals is very wide with a lot of different products (not only medications, including the medications either). As much as it seems, ordering prescription drugs for your pets require a valid prescription. Not able to comment on the prices for these medications but at least I’m able to give an example. Therefore I can say that the random product called Ventoryl Capsules for Dogs would cost you 37 USD for 30 capsules of 10 mg, 47 USD for 30 mg, 61 USD for 60 mg and 98 USD for 120 mg, all 30 capsules. Again, I am not able to comment on the price as I am not an vet expert

Kvsupply.com Shipping and payment methods

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy seems to offer shipping only in USA (they claim to ship to all 50 states but delivery option restrictions by location apply). The shipping fee is 3 USD for orders over 69 USD up to 20 pounds. There are multiple shipping options with delivery timeframes from 1 to 10 business days depending on the shipping option you choose. Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii would cost 30 USD. For more information about shipping you would need to check their FAQ page. As it greatly depends on where you order, what’s your order sum as well as the shipping option you choose. As in terms of payment methods they accept credit cards (American express, Discover, Master Card, Visa), Paypal, Amazon Payments as well as PayPal credit.

KvSupply.com Customer Support Service

I was searching for methods available to get in touch with this online pharmacy and I found out that people can either call them at the phone numbers listed on their website to talk with them, people can use the social media pages as well to talk with them, there is contact form available on the website and lastly, the pharmacy shared their exact address meaning that you can write them a mail or maybe even paying them a visit at the headquarters.

Is KvSupply.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is KvSupply.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

KvSupply.com Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a great method to save some money and it is amazing when the pharmacy offers them. I was searching for them on this online pharmacy and I couldn’t find any, unfortunately. What I did found is that this online pharmacy is having some certain medications that are having special prices where you can save up to 10% or others where you can save up to 25 %. Except for this, there are some orders that are having a free shipping being offered to customers. I would really appreciate if the pharmacy could add some coupon codes as well or if they would have discounts.

KvSupply.com Reviews

By searching online for customer reviews about this pharmacy I came to the conclusion that this pharmacy is very popular among customers and that’s good because popular pharmacy gives a sense of reliability to my opinion. I have checked those customer reviews when I got disappointed where I found a lot of negative reviews. Plus to that, I did have found Kv Supply’s profile on BBB and it seems this is not an accredited business meaning that it was a lie! On trustpilot.com it has a rate of 4 out of 5 according to 3000+ reviews, but on resellerratings.com it has a rate of 1 out of 10 according to 6000+ reviews. There are good reviews as much as we can see, but there are much more negatives with people complaining on a lot of things with some people saying that they even got scammed and ripped off money.


KvSupply.com is an online pharmacy specializing in selling pet medications which enjoys a good popularity online among customers. Nevertheless, it seems that majority people who ordered here are disappointed meaning that you have a higher chance than 50% that anyone ordering here would be disappointed either. The pharmacy, as much as it seems, is not a scam, but ordering here is still not advisable to my opinion, therefore I rate it with 3 out of 5.

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