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While I was thinking about reliable pharmacies where people could get their medications at good prices I have realized that I’ve already wrote pharmacy reviews about big pharmaceutical companies like CVS, Walgreens but I never wrote a review about Kroger pharmacy which is an extremely big company in America. To say more about this company, according to Wikipedia, The Kroger Company or simply Kroger, it is an American retailing company that has been founded back in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and according to the information I could find, in the United States’ it is the largest supermarket chain by revenue it is the second largest general retailer and it is considered to be the 23rd largest company in the United States. Kroger company is operating 37 food processing or manufacturing facilities, 1360 supermarket fuel centers and 2,122 pharmacies all over the US territory. Since this company has so many pharmaceutical locations, writing a review about Kroger Pharmacy is a must. So as we can see, we’re currently talking about an extremely big company which, with no doubts, unlike many other online pharmacies that I’m talking about here, definitely cannot be a scam or fake pharmacy that only looks to rip you off money. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that dealing with an 100% legit pharmacy doesn’t mean that it is perfect since there are many other things that comes at play too like: customers satisfaction, prices for the medications and so on and so forth. Anyway, I would try to say some more about the pharmacy’s website. Going to you can see that they are offering their cutomers to create an account and login. I am not very sure if this gives you any privileges. Plus to that, I’ve also seen they are offering *search box* with question: *What are you looking for today?* and when I’ve wrote down *Viagra* I wasn’t found anything. It seems that you can only see those medications by going to their stores (or I think that maybe also by showing a prescription and they could send them to you after logging in). While on you can see there are *departments* from which you can choose: grocery, produce, meat & seafood, adult beverage, baby, pet care, cleaning & household essentials, beauty & personal care, deli, bakery, floral, home & electronics, natural & organics, Kroger Credit cards, Rewards, Fuel, Pharmacy, Little clinic, Money Services and lastly No Contract Wireless. It is obvious that I’ve chosen Pharmacy. The Kroger Pharmacy website is offering you the following: Affordable Care Act, My prescriptions, Add a prescription, easy fill, find a pharmacy, medicare information, rx wellness services, employer services, prescription pet meds, vaccinations/ flu, diabetes needs, specialty pharmacy, insurance plans and lastly: inside rx. It is obvious that this big company can be found in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and others. For those people who need help in other languages they can call at a phone number.

Selection of medications and prices for them on Kroger Pharmacy

I guess the fact that selection of medications is extremely big I shouldn’t mention. Such a big company having so many pharmacies shouldn’t lack anything, and I guess for this reason they haven’t even listed what medications they have. I assume they have both generics and brands and all sorts of medications. Plus to that, such a big company cannot sell medications other than those approved by FDA. The problem here is the price for medications. The reason people search for online pharmacies are the prices for medications on such pharmacies like Kroger. Researching online for prices I found that a 100mg Viagra pill costs 56 USD. Because of such prices people search for online pharmacies. The pharmacy, obviously, requires their customers to show valid prescriptions for getting such medications.

Customer Care Department Kroger Pharmacy

23rd largest company in United States can’t hide from their customers and finding a way getting in touch with their customer care department is extremely easy: by phone numbers, going to them directly, social media platforms and so on and so forth.

Shipping and payment methods on Kroger Pharmacy

I couldn’t find any information in regards to payment and shipping options but what I am going to say is all only my logical deduction: payments can be done in credit and debit cards online or by going to one of their pharmacy and also can pay cash once you’re there. In regards to shipping all I can assume is that they are only offering shipping within US territory.

Is Kroger Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Kroger Pharmacy Coupon Codes

While analyzing the front page of this company they have *digital coupons* page where you can see numerous coupons. However I cannot see coupons for pharmaceutical products and I am not sure if this means that there are none. I can’t find anything else that makes you save some money.

Customer Reviews about Kroger Pharmacy

What really matters are the customer reviews since these people had actual experience with Kroger Pharmacy and their words are very important for me. That’s why I searched for Kroger pharmacy reviews online and I found, as it was expected, a lot of customer reviews on a lot of different sites like consumeraffairs, yelp and even on tripadvisor with also a lot of reviews from their employees. But I paid attention to customer reviews which according to them the company still has a lot to work on because many of them were really unhappy with their services and they complained on either big prices or rude staff. There were happy people as well with them being happy by everything this company has to offer. On consumeraffairs and facebook it has a rate of 4 out of 5, but on website it has 28 negative reviews out of total of 31 reviews and on yelp it has a rate of 2 out of 5. I can see there are happy people, but there are just way too many unhappy people with their services.


As I have said in the beginning of my review, the fact that this pharmacy is 100% legit it doesn’t mean that it is perfect and that’s because of 2 reasons: big prices for medications which make people go searching for online pharmacies and second is big number of negative customer reviews. For these 2 reasons I think that it deserves 3 out of 5 rate since everything else looked fine.

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