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Searching for medications online was the way how I found about this site named Kiwi Drug and the reason why I decided to write a review about it. This is an international online pharmacy which has a little bit of popularity today on the internet. The site owner claims that it is on the market since 2006 but honestly that’s something I can hardly believe. They are claiming to have professional team from customer care and they also said to have qualified doctors and pharmacists which can guide and help their customers. They claim that their headquarters runs from Canada, however they are having a chain of online drug stores and they are operating from New Zealand, USA, India, Australia, United Kingdom and of course, Canada. They are known for having a large variety of drugs for various health problems. They claim to have the best drugs that are manufactured from by the top pharmacies all over the world.

Drug selection on Kiwi Drug

sexual health, weight loss, diabetes, acne, hormonal and testosterone, pains, antibiotics, birth control and many others are the health issues that their drugs claimable can help you with. There truly seem to be a big variety of drugs but as I’m only interested in ED drugs I went straight searching for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. As soon as I’ve found them and when I see the vast variety of drugs they have in store – that was enough.

Kiwi Drug Prices for those drugs

They had fair prices. There were some items which had lower prices than I expected but there were other things that had bigger prices than I expect. As for giving you a reference here’s what I found: 4 tablets of Pfizer Viagra 25 mg costs you 52 dollars. For 15 tablets generics 100 mg you would have to pay 59.99 dollars. But for Pfizer Viagra 100 mg you need to pay 74 dollars and for 4 generics 25 mg you need to pay 21 dollars. That’s really a very big price for generics if you ask me.

Kiwi Drug Payment methods:

The information on site about payment methods lacks and live chat also lacks. That is why I wasn’t able to find what the payment options available are.

Kiwi Drug Shipping

The shipping costs 14 USD and they claim to ship world wide. This is regular shipping and I assume they don’t give you a tracking number. Information about how fast this shipping is lacks. They offer you an EMS shipping which would add 15 USD more to the shipping which would be 29 USD shipping. Usually EMS has tracking. Again, how fast EMS shipping would be – information lacks. They offer free shipping for orders that are above 100 USD.

Kiwi Drug Promo Code, offers and discounts

As I just said, they are offering free shipping for orders above 100 USD. Another claim is that you’re going to get 10 % off discount (I guess one time offer) on your next order if you like them on Facebook. And lately I saw that they are having discounts. They claim that you can have up to 20% off on ALL products if you’re going to use the promo code of OCT 17 in their shopping cart upon placing the order. it does seems to me they are offering quite enough discounts and offers.

Is Kiwi Drug a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to Kiwi Drug is a rogue pharmacy:

Do Kiwi Drug require a prescription?

For the prescription medications they do require a prescription, they don’t require for OTC which is obvious. I guess they are also requiring prescriptions depending on the country that you’re living in, however I’m not sure. What I am sure about is that if you’re living in USA and you want to order for instance Viagra, you would need to show them a prescription, I guess by email or maybe by fax.

Kiwi Drug Customer Support

Unfortunately they do not have live chat and that’s something I don’t like. You can email them on [email protected] or submit a form. You can also reach them by phone International Toll-free Customer Care: 1 (888) 380-3779; International Toll-free Fax: 1 (877) 493-3771; New Zealand customers only contact phone (09) 298 5615. These are pretty much all the ways that you can reach them.

Kiwi Drug Reviews had really really bad reviews. Usually I see 50/ 50 which means 50 % positive reviews and 50% negative reviews. This site had like 20% positive reviews only. It is hard to have trust in a site with only 20% positive reviews online. Most people wrote that they had headaches with it and lots have even called it ‘scam’. Having such a low ‘trustworthiness’ talks about a lot.

What’s the conclusion then?

The site seemed to be ‘fine’ with few minuses and I was just about to say that it is a 4 because the prices, although a bit high, were fine, although didn’t had live chat – they seem to be reachable, seemed to have a lot of drugs and a lot of special offers and coupons etc. so that seemed fine. But since it is so hard to have trust in a site with such a low rate of trust and reputation I say that this online pharmacy deserves 2! Purchasing something here inquires a risk!

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