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Kings Specialty Pharmacy is the pharmacy that’s going to get reviewed with the domain address, an online pharmacy which claims to be an URAC accredited pharmacy. That’s the seal I could see as soon as I have entered this online pharmacy. I have also noticed their well done website, being user friendly and having good options and features which is facilitating the navigation through their site. The pharmacy claims to have over 70 years of experience and claims that everyone can be assured that they are highly professional in meeting each person’s healthcare needs. Kings Pharmacy claims to offer three different locations that can be found in the New York City area but on their website there are 4 different locations so seemingly this pharmacy has 4 different locations. According to the information on their website, the specialty pharmacy services includes cardiovascular, hemophilia, oncology, compounding, hepatitis C, Rheumatology, Crohn’s disease, HIV/ AIDS, Transplant, Fertility and lastly, IVIG Therapy. Also according to the information there, the pharmacy claims to strive to provide the lowest possible prices on medications for their New York City, Brooklyn and national patients. They claim that due to their longtime relationships with medication providers are making it possible for them to offer high quality medications at a much lower cost than newer pharmacies or larger retailers. So far so good as everything sounds great, but checking further whether is this all true or not is definitely worth it. Selection of medications and Prices for medications

As much as I could find, by clicking on either of the specialty pharmacy services such as hemophilia, hepatitis C or whichever other, you’re going to be given a list of *medications used for XXX*. With this being said, I can assume that this pharmacy is only selling drugs for the conditions that were enumerated earlier, either they are offering other types of medications that are not mentioned there, I am not sure. Another problem here is the fact that I am not able to comment on prices and that’s because by choosing whichever medication you’re going to get redirected to official site of that medication. With this being said, there’s no price list on the website for any medication so this is something that I cannot comment on, either those are prices that are indeed lower than most health products retailers or not (or either are they as good as at online pharmacies) it is unknown. This pharmacy won’t send/sell any types of prescription medications without their patients to show a valid prescription first. Shipping options and Payment option

This online pharmacy will not send medications outside the US territory and they are not licensed to ship medications to all states. There’s a list of states to which they can send medications to, if your state is not in that list you cannot purchase medications here. People can choose standard delivery or FedEx next day shipments as well. Unfortunately, I was not able to find what it is the shipping fee for either option. Unfortunately, I was not able to find what payment options are available at this pharmacy. I can only assume that they should accept credit cards but I am not sure. Paying cash it is obviously possible if you go to one of their stores in person. Customer Support Service

If you want to ask what are the payment methods available at this online pharmacy or what’s their drug’s availability or what are the prices for a certain medication or any other question in regards to this pharmacy then you can do it at their email or by using the contact form online at their contact page. You could obviously ask all these questions if you would go to one of their pharmacies in person or the last method: each of their pharmacy is having a phone and a fax number available as well. Unfortunately, there is no live chat function on their website but there are still some good options available to get in touch with this pharmacy.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This pharmacy is claiming that they are offering free pick up and delivery anywhere in the New York City area and even including the emergency delivery service when needed immediately. Except for this, they seem to claim a *financial assistance* and patients can get the following assistance programs for: hepatitis C and Fertility. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything else being offered except for these. There does not seem to be any discounts available (seemingly they think their prices are already low enough), no coupon codes, no free pills or something like this. Just free shipping in New York city area and the financial assistance programs. Reviews

It is extremely important to check this pharmacy’s reviews in order to check their reliability. Also, by checking what other people are going to say about this pharmacy is greatly going to help us understand if doing business with this pharmacy is going to be a good idea or not. Searching for customer reviews ended up in finding employee reviews which I haven’t really paid attention to. I did paid attention to the customer reviews which I have found on facebook, yelp and yahoo. The problem is that the customer reviews are mixed people saying: *don’t waste your time going here* and *the customer service here is close to none* to reviews as *Kings to the rescue* and *I travel past 5 other local pharmacies to get my prescriptions filled at Kings*. All in all, the average rate from all these people is 3 out of 5. Since this is a pharmacy that disappointed so many people I doubt that I could call it *perfect*.


Although this does seem to be a perfectly legal pharmacy which are not scamming people, they still failed to make a lot of people happy and that’s a big problem. Since it is not *perfect* I think there are other better places. In the end, I can rate with 3 out of 5.

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