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Kamagra-stores.net is an online pharmacy which is focused on selling, of course, Kamagra medications, but also other ED treating medications as well such as Tadalista, Penegra, Filagra and others. The online pharmacy seems to be well done, user friendly interface where everything seems to be clear and understandable. They are offering their customers to create an account and then to login to their accounts on this website. This online pharmacy also claims to have some social media pages like facebook, twitter and google+. I’ve tried to find out more information about this pharmacy but I couldn’t as on about page there is only information suggesting that this pharmacy aims to provide the best information and products to improve the quality of life people live and contribute to a healthier society. As soon as you enter this website you can see the medications are categorized by the way these medications are taken: classic pills, oral jelly, chewable, gel caps, sublingual, effervescent and herbal. This online pharmacy claims that they are not accepting orders through the phone because it will compromise your security and it is a scam. Too bad that this online pharmacy doesn’t share too much information about the pharmacy itself. Anyhow, I checked more about this pharmacy’s service.

Selection of medications and prices for them at Kamagra-stores.net

This online pharmacy doesn’t offer any other types of medications than those treating ED condition so if you’re searching other types you better search for another online pharmacy. However, if you search for ED medications then this online pharmacy is offering a lot of them including, of course, Kamagra, but there are many others and different types as I said it earlier. It seems that generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are *new* for this online pharmacy but they do sell such medications as well. As I said earlier, medications are categorized by the way they are taken. So although there are only ED medications, there are a lot of them. Prices go as following: generic Viagra 100 mg between 1.05 USD and 3.20 USD per pill depending on the quantity of pills ordered (180 – 10 pills). kamagra gold 100 is priced between 2.50 USD and 5 USD also depending on the quantity: 88 pills to 8 pills. Honestly talking these are by far not the best prices I’ve ever seen checking online pharmacies. This online pharmacy has a note: any order placed on this store requires a valid prescription.

Shipping and payment methods Kamagra-stores.net

This online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping except for some countries. The list of countries to which they do not accept orders you can see right on their main page, among some big countries there are: Canada, United Arab Emirates, Mexico and some European countries. Seemingly USA isn’t among them. They claim that orders above 150 USD have a free delivery. There isn’t information suggesting if they do have multiple shipping options or not and there is no information about shipping fees. There’s only information about delivery time which claims to be anywhere between 7 to 10 business days. As in regards to the payment methods there’s a big problem, at least in my opinion, that’s since they are only accepting VISA card and that’s it. No more cards or payment methods available.

Customer Support Service Kamagra-stores.net

You’re able to contact with their customer care department via phone number listed on the website or also via the contact form on the contact us page where you need to fill it up with your details and write your enquiry then wait for a response back in your email. Except for calling them and writing them via contact form there’s no other way getting in touch with them. I am just wondering if you would use their social media pages to write them, someone would respond? There’s no live chat function.

Is Kamagra-Stores.net a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Kamagra-Stores.net a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Kamagra-Stores.net Coupon codes

As I have mentioned it a bit earlier, people would get a free shipping if they are ordering more than 150 USD from this online pharmacy and I have also mentioned that purchasing more pills at once is going to make you have discounts because prices per pill drop the more pills you buy. Except for these 2 options that can make you save some money, there’s also *coupon code* which is available to apply upon checking out which means that this pharmacy does have coupon codes making you save some money and that’s all good.

Kamagra-stores.net Reviews

This online pharmacy does look to be authentic by checking only its website, however, very often this is not enough because like 90% of all scam online pharmacies does look to be authentic, for this reason I had to check customer reviews in order to see if this online pharmacy is indeed reliable/ authentic or not. I got really disappointed to see that kamagra-stores.net does not have any customer reviews on third party websites. There’s not a single customer review anywhere online except for their own Facebook page and while the customer review written on Facebook is much more reliable than those testimonials and reviews written on their own website (there are some testimonials, but I do not have trust in them, in my previous online pharmacy reviews I explained why) I still don’t have full trust in it. The review is written by a female saying that everything was fine and yet she rated it with 4 out of 5. A single customer reviews isn’t enough to believe its authenticity so I checked scamadviser.com which suggested that it has very few visitors, operates for one year and involves high risk countries: Russia and China.


This online pharmacy to my opinion isn’t trustworthy because it doesn’t have customer review, it operates for only a year and has very few visitors operating from high risk countries. Yet, it has good offers and one single customer review which is positive. This is not enough to recommend this pharmacy, but it is enough to make me rate it with 3 out of 5.

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