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/Work/02_MEDS/005_rxcoupons.org/images/Is-kamagra-now-co-scam-legit-online-pharmacy.pngKamagra-now.co is an online pharmacy which we can easily conclude, from its domain address name that it is an online pharmacy selling Kamagra and other medications of this type. For those who don’t know, Kamagra it is a medication treating erectile dysfunction condition which is similar to Viagra, therefore this pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling such medications. I have analyzed the main page of this pharmacy and by checking their logo I can conclude that this pharmacy is UK based, or at least that’s their claim by reading this on their logo: 100% UK based company. According to the information that I could find, kamagra now claims to be one of the most affordable and reliable online pharmacies in the UK. They claim to be specialized in selling Kamagra Tablets as well as Kamagra Jelly online, Cockfosters 100 mg, Maximum Powerful 2800 mg (their favorite as they say), Hard Ten day 4500 mg and Black Ant (dual action). There’s an exact address given by the pharmacy showing the address of their headquarters which is located in London. Also I could find information suggesting that Kamagra Now UK is trading for over 10 years now meaning that this is an old pharmacy and I mention this because it is much easier to have trust in an old online pharmacy rather than a new one. The site of this pharmacy seems to be really well made, it has a user friendly interface and this is all very good. The website features good things like banners suggesting they are having great deals and special offers. The website also features very good thing for me personally and I guess for other people as well: currency change. While the website was originally sharing the prices in GBP (obviously, since this is an UK pharmacy) I changed it to USD to make it easier to understand.

Selection of medications and prices for them at Kamagra-now.co

As I have already mentioned (from the information on their own website), this pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling erectile dysfunction medications and by analyzing a little bit more the whole category of medications they offer, they do not have any other medications than those treating sexual related problems. There are meds like kamagra (of course), sextreme, Cialis, female Viagra and others. However there are no generic or brand Viagra or Levitra. Only female Viagra. In terms of ED medications there are a lot of them so selection of medications is big only for ED treating meds, but there are no other types of meds. In terms of prices I am just going to give you an example: Cialis Lilyfil 10 mg per tablet, 10 tablets would be 23.22 USD. That’s by far not the best price that I have ever seen on online pharmacies, to be honest. Due to the fact that there’s not a single word mentioned about a prescription anywhere on their website I can assume that this online pharmacy does not require their customers to show a valid prescription.

Shipping and payment methods Kamagra-Now.co

This online pharmacy claims that they are offering international shipping, however they do not offer to some big countries such as: USA, CANADA, Australia and The New Zealand. Seemingly they do accept orders to all other countries. There are 2 shipping options, however the second option is only available for UK customers (royal mail Saturday special delivery for 10 GBP). The UK customers are going to get their medications in 1 to 2 days usually, the European Union Countries the delivery times take 3 to 5 working days. Their packages require an adult signature upon delivery. Maximum delivery times is 8 days for EU countries and 5 for UK customers. Shipping fees depend on different things like country were ordered, order sum etc. in terms of payment methods, kamagra now accepts only credit card and only the major credit cards like VISA and Master Card, unfortunately there are no other methods available.

Customer Support Service Kamagra-now.co

It is very important for an online pharmacy to have good customer support as I think that lots of customers might have lots of questions. For those who need to talk with this online pharmacy’s customer support you’re able to do it by their phone number, by the mail address, email listed, you’re also able to use the live chat function (but unfortunately, at the moment I was reviewing this pharmacy they were offline) and they claim to have social media pages like facebook, twitter etc. and you can send message there too. Since they were offline I never contacted them but there seems to be lots of methods to talk with them.

Is Kamagra-now.co a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Kamagra-now.co a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Kamagra Now Coupon Codes

Each product seems to have their own discount rates, or at least that’s what I could find on their website. They seem to offer discounts like 18%, 36%, 50% and so on and so forth. And except these discounts they claim to offer free shipping to orders over 25 GBP. There are also some special packs which claimable makes you save some money. Other than these I couldn’t find anything else which would make you save some money.

Kamagra-now.co reviews

Although there are some testimonials on their own website, I tend to think that those testimonials are fake, written to manipulate with people, and for this reason I was only searching for customer reviews on third party websites and I did found some only on trust pilot website. There are 18 reviews about kamagra-now.co and an average rate out of those 18 reviews that’s 4 out of 5. Most people seem to be happy with this company’s services and yet, there are people who are unhappy. Most alarming was a review written by a person who said that had several small orders with this pharmacy with no problems but when had a bigger order – no products and no money with no response from them.


This online pharmacy seems to be working, or at least that’s what they try to make us all think and that’s because people order medications and they indeed come to their doors. For this reason this pharmacy has got a number of positive reviews. However there’s the chance that this online pharmacy is scam which sends you medications until you place a large order and then steals your money. Plus to that, the prices here aren’t actually the best with few special offers. Because of these reasons I rate it with 3 out of 5!

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