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Reliable and affordable medications is what I am searching for when I am always talking about online pharmacy and by searching for these things that’s what I found: an online pharmacy which claims to have reliable and affordable medications (or at least that’s according to their logo) with the domain address of jandrugs.com. According to the information that I have found on their front page, this online pharmacy has 3 accreditations: CIPA (certified Canadian international pharmacy) member, 5 stars rated by pharmacychecker.com and it is also a MIPA (Manitoba International Pharmacists Association) member. In order to see if this is all true or not I thought that it would be enough to check out if at least only one is indeed true and I went on CIPA website to check it out and indeed, according to cipa.com, jandrugs.com it is an active CIPA member and that’s very good. Continue doing my research about the pharmacy and I have found out that this pharmacy is located in Calgary, AB; with an exact address listed on the website. As for the website itself, you can create an account and login. It is user friendly, all understandable and in my opinion it is very easy to use and navigate through it and that’s something very important when it comes to an online pharmacy.

Selection of medications and prices for them on JanDrugs.com

There is department called *products and services* which you need to choose from: pet medications, vitamins and supplements as well as generic drugs. This was strange for me because this meant they do not have brand medications and I checked that by writing Viagra in their search box and I did have found Viagra brand manufactured by Pfizer however I haven’t found generic form of Viagra. 4 tablets 50 mg costs 71 USD while 88 tablets costs 1228 USD. I checked for Cialis and Levitra. Levitra as Viagra had only brand version while Cialis had both brand and generic form. 20 mg tablets of generic Cialis costs: 4 tablets 72 USD with 88 tablets costs 1389 USD. Compared to prices on local pharmacies these are good prices, but compared to prices on other online pharmacies these are some unbelievable high prices. The pharmacy does require a valid prescription for getting their medications.

Payment and shipping options on JanDrugs.com

There are 6 different payment options that jan drugs is accepting and they are: Direct withdrawal from a checking account; Personal Check/Money Order; American Express; Visa/ Master Card, Check Finance Plan and lastly Wire Transfer. I really love when there are multiple payment method. As in regards to the shipping options, the pharmacy is accepting orders from any countries all around the world however that’s all the information that I could find in regards to the shipping methods/ details. There’s no information about shipping delivery times, fees or methods.

Customer Support on Jandrugs.com

For getting in touch with their customer care department you can use phone number (toll free number) or international phone number. There are also fax numbers either. You can also use the email option to get in touch with them and lastly the mail option is available too. Although they work 24/7, there are currently holidays open/ closed hours. There also seems to be online live chat function either, however they were offline.

Is Jan Drugs a scam or legit online pharmacy?

JanDrugs.com Coupon Codes

You can’t go to checkout page without creating an account and logging in to their website, however upon checking you they ask you if you have a coupon code which you can apply and get a discount. You can find those coupon codes on third party websites and that’s going to make you save some money. Except for coupon codes they do not seem to offer anything else like free shipping or anything. They just claim that would send a free reshipment in case the customers won’t get their products within 28 days.

JanDrugs.com Customer Reviews

There are customer reviews (testimonials) on the website and it is not a surprise at all seeing that each and all of those customer reviews are positive. Since they are on the pharmacy’s own website they could be easily faked/ written by the pharmacy owner or even if there appeared a negative review it could be easily removed by the administrators. Very often the testimonials on the pharmacy’s own website are fake and unreliable and for this reason I don’t believe them. I do believe in what scam warning websites would tell me and I also do believe in what customer reviews on independent websites would tell me and that’s what I have checked. Unfortunately, I according to legit script this is a rogue internet pharmacy website and scamadviser.com says that this website should be used with care with 57% trust rate. Although the domain age is 15 years which is very good, the website is still rarely visited. The bad things according to scamadviser.com is that email addresses are free and that a malware report has been detected from this website too. I have then checked the reviews. I found some on mywot website, on easy counter and some others. Although there were some negative reviews, I think that most of the reviews were positive. And that’s very good. people said that they have been ordering their needed medications from jandrugs.com for the last 3 – 5 years and they have good experiences with many others saying that this is an excellent website. However there are other people either who said that they haven’t had such a good experience with the website. Nevertheless it is still noticeable that most reviews are positive.


Unfortunately I failed to find a perfect online pharmacy today and although this online pharmacy seems to be good in terms that many people are happy with its services, I still won’t recommend it because the high prices are something which makes me go searching for online pharmacies further. Due to the fact that the prices are so high and due to the fact that there are little discounts/ promotions with some few people not being happy at all with the services and with the experience that they have got by using jandrugs.com, I think that it deserves a rate of 4 on a scale from 1 to 5. I personally won’t be using it simply because the prices push me away too much.

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