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I was searching for erectile dysfunction medications more lately and I did have found an online pharmacy that seems to be mostly focused in selling such kind of medications like Viagra and others like it: sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, kamagra and others and the website that I am talking about it is and online pharmacy which claims to be in USA and claims to have the best prices for medications. As soon as you enter the website you can see that it sells Viagra since the image of a Viagra tablet is right next to their logo and plus to that, on their front page there is a big list of ED medications. The website supports 3 different languages and 3 different currencies. I’ve tried to find out more about the pharmacy and by clicking on about us page I have found out that they are having 9 years in business and that they are one of the leading pharmacies on the Internet. They claim that all of the medications sold are approved by Indian FDA and generally everything that they are doing on this website is 100% legal. I have tried to find out where they are exactly located, however I have failed to do so. Here’s a list of reasons why they claim their online pharmacy is the best: top quality medications, bargain prices, secure ordering, worldwide shipping, 24/7/365 customer support and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Selection of medications and prices for them on

I’ve went further searching for what kind of medications do they sell on this online pharmacy and I have found out that they do sell quite a good amount of different medications. They are having lots of different medications and by analyzing their categories list I would say that they have medications for nearly everything. There are meds for: diabetes, respiratory tract, birth control, antibiotics, erectile dysfunction, skin care, eye care and many others and for this reason I would say that selection of medications is big. Plus to that, they are claiming that the prices for those medications are *bargain* and that’s what I tried to find out. I’ve checked the prices for generic Viagra and according to the website’s prices the cheapest price for it per pill is 0.85 USD per pill. Checking the prices for brands then Cialis would make it as low as 5.28 USD per pill if you buy 60 pills. However it can be as high as 17.32 USD per pill if you buy as low as 8 pills only. To be honest these aren’t actually bargain prices but they are still quite good. The pharmacy claims that some medications (I assume including the ones I’ve mentioned here) require their customers to show a prescription for ordering them.

Shipping and payment methods on

The pharmacy, as mentioned earlier, is offering shipping to nearly all countries of the world with the exception for some Asian countries only. The medications are being sent from India – the country were most of those medications are being manufactured. There are 2 shipping options available: courier service with tracking option that is available but it costs 30 USD and has a delivery time of 5 to 9 days. The second option is standard international airmail but it does not feature a tracking option online and it costs 10 USD, but has a delivery time of 10 to 21 business days. Brand medications cannot be sent via standard international airmail. The pharmacy is only accepting credit cards and only some credit cards like visa, master card, American express and JCB.

Customer Support on

While searching for methods to get in touch with the pharmacy I have seen there are 3 different phone number listed on their website one of which is US toll free, therefore, if you need help you can get it by calling them. Unfortunately there is no email listed but instead there is live chat function which they claim it to be available 24/7 so you might get in touch with their consultant online.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

I’ve been searching for coupon codes on their website and for coupon codes on on other sites and I couldn’t find any so this online pharmacy doesn’t offer coupon codes, exactly as it doesn’t offer any discount codes anywhere. Instead of coupon codes they do offer some bonuses and discounts depending on the number of your order. Returning customers get discounts 2nd order – 5 % discount, third 6 %, fourth 7 % with your fifth order and further having 8% discount on all your orders. The second bonus is free pills if ordering in bulk, you’re getting 4 viagra soft or 2 cialis soft pills if buying 60 pills of ed medications (generics) or propecia. No free shipping is offered regardless of your order.

Customer Reviews about

The fact that it has testimonials on the site is something that I don’t actually pay attention to due to the fact that I think they could be easily faked and written simply to manipulate with people just to make them believe in their authenticity. However searching for customer reviews on independent websites I couldn’t find a single customer review. Searching for information about this website on I got information suggesting that the site is likely to be operating form a high risk country: Israel, its domain age is 3 years (while the pharmacy claimed to be 9 years in business) and it has 0% trust with saying that it is a rogue internet pharmacy. The online pharmacy also doesn’t seem to have absolutely any accreditations or anything that would make us believe in its authenticity, so it is extremely hard to have trust in this pharmacy.


We don’t actually have reasons to believe that this is an authentic pharmacy because it has no trust from scam warning websites, it has no accreditations and it has no customer reviews. However we do have reasons not to believe its authenticity because it lied about its years in business, it runs from a high risk involving country and other things like: high number of suspicious websites on this server and some other things. The live chat, discounts, big selection of drugs and good prices for them are the only reasons why this website still gets 2 out of 5.

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