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The online pharmacy which claims to *helping to improve your care* is, this is the first thing that I could read as soon as I have entered their front page. Below this message they have also recommended people to see *why they are America’s preferred healthcare market* and they include: 10,000 products meaning that they should have a wide variety of drugs, they claim that people can save 50% or even more while purchasing drugs with them and lastly they offer: consumers, doctors, schools, businesses and more. Interesting information is that the pharmacy has shared the name of CEO of iRemedy Healthcare which you can see on their *about us* page. Also there is information suggesting that they have been operating for nearly a decade now. I was also trying to search for information suggesting where is the headquarters of this online pharmacy located and there’s an exact address shared situation in Stuart, FL, USA. So far, the claims made by this pharmacy are pretty good as they promise that people are able to get high quality drugs here and in the same time they can save up to 50% or maybe more on their needed products. They claim that all of their products are shipped from Florida and they save you money. The website of this pharmacy is very good looking to my opinion with well arranged information on the site. They are recommending customers to sign up an account on the site and sign in to their accounts. They claim to have more than 3800 reviews online and they claim that by requesting a pro account on their site you would get the following benefits: special volume-based pricing; inventory management systems and lastly: personalized service. Plus to all of this, the pharmacy shared their *medical advisory board* with the names and their functions of their MDs. Selection of medications and Prices

As I earlier stated, as soon as I have entered their website I have noticed this online pharmacy claims to offer their customers more than 10,000 products and if that’s true then the selection of medications is huge. There are categories of products and each of them come with sub categories. The categories include: clinical, dental, gloves & apparel, personal care, podiatry and lastly: specialties. However, while checking their list of products I noticed they are offering a lot of things for doctors and a lot of OTC medications, nevertheless I couldn’t find a prescription drug on their website so I am not sure if this means that they are not have any prescription drugs. There’s not a FAQ page where I could confirm this. There is no Viagra, Cialis or Levitra on their website. Since there are no such products I am not going to be able to talk about what kind of prices they are offering on their website since I am not familiar with other types of products. I can only give an example and say: acetaminophen HSI Pain Reliever 500 mg 250 tablets would cost you 16 USD. Not sure how good of a price is that. Also, in case they do not sell prescription drugs then there’s nothing they could ask a prescription for. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information that I managed to find on their website, they are only delivery products to the Continental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and this means only people living in USA can use this pharmacy’s services. There’s also information suggesting that ships most products via USPS, but there are certain items that they may use UPS or FedEx so it seems people cannot choose their preferred delivery method. The flat shipping rate is 8 USD for items under 49 USD and is free for items above 49 USD. Delivery time is 1 to 10 business days. As much as it seems, as payment methods they only accept: Visa, Master Card and Discovery Credit Cards. Customer Support Service

It is super important to my opinion that an online pharmacy has a good customer support service but it cannot have a good one without offering enough methods to get in touch with them. I checked what are the methods to get in touch with and they include: live chat function on their website, however they were offline at the moment so I could only leave a message. There was contact form and email address on their website, there was a phone and a fax number and lastly: their exact address to write a mail. Coupon Codes

Right upon going to the checkout page there’s information that you can *order today and earn valuable iRemedy Loyalty points* with the help of which, I can assume, you would get discounts in your further orders. But I couldn’t find any more details about their offer. I also couldn’t find any coupon codes or any other forms of discounts. All I found is free shipping offered to people ordering more than 49 USD. Reviews

Earlier I mentioned this online pharmacy claiming to have a lot of customer reviews on independent websites and so I tried to check for them. Indeed, on there seem to be a lot of reviewers and it seems that most people are happy with the services they have got here. On BBB there’s a single review but it is negative with a person saying he gets scamming emails. On Facebook there are also some reviews with people saying the site is safe to purchase but then again, there are also a few people saying this is not a good online shop place. Lastly, I checked the information on and although the site seems to be rarely visited – it seems safe to use.


The fact that this online pharmacy is having a lot of good customer reviews online that’s amazing and it means that this is an secure online pharmacy. However, we cannot ignore the fact that it has negative customer reviews as well, that it doesn’t offer outside the USA and that it has no coupon codes. deserves 3 stars!

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