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iPharmacyList.com is the online pharmacy which I will review now and will try to make a conclusion whether or not it is worth spending your hard earned money here for getting medications. iPharmacyList.com claims to be trusted internet pharmacies network, or that’s what’s written on their logo information. As soon as I have entered here I have noticed that people here are able to create an account and *member sign in* here. This might be something mandatory to do before ordering, that’s something we’re going to check out later but anyway, they claim that by registering this can help you to: save time; save money and also get secure service and so they do recommend you to sign up here. They also guarantee to have the lowest prices for medications. Unfortunately I was not able to find out information where this online pharmacy is located or for how long it has been in the business. Nevertheless, according to the information on their copyright information there’s 2013 which I can assume the pharmacy is from 2013. This online pharmacy claims that they are able to help you to: save up to 50% off on brand name and generics no prescription drugs, order meds safely from legal pharmacies, compare and find cheap prices on FDA approved meds, read reviews by users, take the risk out of shipping for meds and lastly: lowest prices guaranteed. These are all good claims by I hope that they are all true either.

iPharmacyList.com selection of medications and prices for those medications

Except for the fact that you can find a drug by using the search function available on their website in case you know the name of the drug that you are searching, you can also see that there’s a categories list. There are *drugs and prices * so you could check for the drugs of your needs. Since there are drugs for: allergy/ asthma, bones, cancer, headaches, weight loss, muscle relaxers and many others I can assume that they are having quite a lot of drugs there. Although I have an impression that I’ve seen pharmacies with wider selection of drugs, I still think that the selection of drugs here is quite good and wide. I have then searched for ED medications where I found a lot of them (including Cialis, Levitra and Viagra) and so, for checking the price, I have then searched for Viagra to given example of prices. So I can say that generic Viagra 50 mg would be priced 3.49 USD per pill in case you purchase 100 pills. This is the lowest price for generic Viagra 50 mg but it can get even higher up to like 10 USD. To be honest, that’s one incredibly high price for these pills! This online pharmacy mentioned that there are some medications that do require a valid prescription before ordering them. So, you cannot get prescription drugs without a prescription.

iPharmacyList.com shipping and payment details

For ordering here you need to register and have an account here. That is why I had to search for answers on FAQ page. Unfortunately, there is no information about shipping details, except for the fact that there are chances people would get their parcel in one – two days, but there are others who will get their medications in 2 – 3 weeks. There is no more information about this like what’s the shipping fee, do they offer online tracking, to which countries they are selling etc. and that’s at least something because there is absolutely no information about the payment methods so unfortunately I cannot say much about these things.

iPharmacyList.com Customer Support Service

Those people who are having questions are able to go on the contact page and check for the ways available to get in touch with this online pharmacy, but to my opinion those people would be disappointed. That’s because you can talk with them either by using the email address listed on the website or by using the contact form on their website (both of which are basically the same) as you will need to wait in order to get a response back in your email. They claim you will be responded within 24 hours.

Is iPharmacyList.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is iPharmacyList.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

iPharmacyList.com Coupon Codes

I’m always mentioning the fact that the main reason why people are searching for online pharmacies is because the prices there are much lower compared to the prices for same medications in local drugstores. Nevertheless, as I said earlier, the prices there are NOT cheaper compared to local pharmacies and plus to that, they do not even have any offers – there are no coupon codes, no offers, no discounts, free shipping or anything in this matter. With such high prices and no coupons or discounts being offered, this online pharmacy should re think their marketing strategy, for sure.

iPharmacyList.com Reviews

There are testimonials on their website but I recommend everyone else not to get manipulated by those reviews as they are most likely scam. What I do recommend is to search for customer reviews on independent websites and by searching them, I have found a few sites which are having a some customer reviews, but sadly is that those reviews are negative, with people saying that this is a fraudulent online pharmacy, a scam that’s searching only to scam people. I have then went on scamadviser.com where I found out that the site is low trust rated, it may be from Germany, it is rarely visited, it seems to be hosted on a compromised server, it is related to a high risk sites, a malware report has been detected plus it is considered rogue by legitscript.com


I see absolutely no reasons why people would try to purchase medications here. Except for the fact that the medications are so high that there’s no reason to purchase here instead of shopping at your local pharmacy, there is no discounts or coupon codes. Even if the prices would be cheaper and they would have discounts and coupon codes I will still not recommend shopping here since the customer reviews along with the scam warning websites all suggests this is a scam online pharmacy. I strongly recommend to stay away from iPharmacyList.com and rate it with 1 out of 5.

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