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Since I’m searching for online pharmacies that can supply me with the best quality and lowest in price drugs I’ve came along International Drug Mart and so I’m now going to review this online pharmacy and see what it does it represent. From the information that I found on their site, it is an, obviously, online pharmacy that ships medications internationally as well as domestically and the website claims that they are being trusted for quality and for the savings since 2003 meaning that this is a pharmacy with 14 years of activity and experience. This pharmacy claims to have best quality medications at discounted prices, both OTC medications and prescription medications. It is said that the medications are made of the highest quality standards and that they are being FDA approved. Personally for me, those companies and medications that are approved by FDA means that they are indeed good medications because FDA maintains a good quality of medications. The information I found on the site claims that they are having medications of all needs and that they are shipping and making happy customers (more than 1,382,110 satisfied customers) from more than 189 countries. The company claims to process more than 45,000 orders per month with their headquarters located in Nicosia, Cyprus while the website seem to be hosted from United Kingdom and although the company is situation in a country and hosted from another country, the most of its traffic is coming from the third country: India!

International Drug Mart drug selection

A quick research through the site and I started to think that there are no medications that this online pharmacy doesn’t have. Or at very least, they are having a very big variety of pharmaceutical products that are belonging to various therapeutic types and, claimable, they are maintaining the USFDA quality standards as well. you can search the medications by indicating what you are searching for: *Over the counter medications*, *herbal and natural *and also *Pharmacy* which I can assume that these are prescription medications. on their site you can find even surgical products, you can find products for child care, different types of herbals and natural, women products and not to mention the standard medications such as pain relievers, skin care, vitamins and many others. I’ve mostly checked for the ED products such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The pharmacy had all 3 of them in both generic and brand name. In short, drug selection seem to be very big.

International Drug Mart Prices for drugs

There are ED mini trial packs offer which are making you save 43.98 USD and that’s nice but for the prices themselves they seem to be nice as well but they definitely could be much better. like for example, you are able to get tadalafil (brand name Cialis) for as low as 2.5 to 3.5 USD per pill which is a good price, but I’ve seen lower prices. That’s a good price in my opinion but not the best. I’ve checked the prices for Viagra generic and although the prices were a little bit higher than I have expected (lowest price was for sildenafil citrate 40 tables of 50 mg – same price as 40 tablets of 25 mg equal to 101 USD) the prices were so – so. I mean, you have to pay more than 2 USD per one tablet of generic Viagra, while on other sites it costs less than 0.5 USD  per pill, but you have to buy 360 pills at once on those other sites. On you can’t get 360 but 40 pills at most.

International Drug Mart Customer service

To be honest, customer service/ support of is flawless, unlike their prices. In fact, I think that they have one of the best customer service that I have ever seen on any other online pharmacy. The reason is that they are having a 24/7 liver support help for everyone who needs help. I’ve contacted them and I got a response very promptly and the answers were professional. I’ve also seen that they are having an amazing service such as contacting one of their pharmacists for free. Not many online pharmacies has this feature but that’s amazing as you can talk about your problems with the pharmacist and he can guide you with your needs. I’ve contacted the pharmacist as well as I wanted to see what he would say about my need of ED pills, their dosages and etc. and to be honest, I indeed got the impression that I’ve discussed with a professional. You can also call them by toll free numbers, you can contact them by email, writing an mail to their address and even send a fax or filling a request on their site. All of these functions make it extremely easy to get in touch with them.

Does International Drug Mart require a prescription?

Yes this online pharmacy needs you to send either via email or by fax a valid prescription from your doctor for those medications that require one in order for the pharmacy to send you the ordered medications. if you don’t have any prescriptions the pharmacy won’t send you anything else than those medications found in OTC and Herbal and naturals categories.

International Drug Mart Payment options

International Drug Mart is accepting the following payment options; VISA- Debit, Credit, Gift Cards and they are also having an affiliation with the banks found in France, Iceland, Finland as well as China. Too bad that there are no payment options such as Bitcoin and they don’t even accept Master Card for an unknown reason.

International Drug Mart Shipping options

The shipping fee is 9.99 USD and that’s a good shipping fee if you ask me with a shipping duration that claims to be anywhere between 14 to 21 days. I couldn’t find on their website another shipping option which means that they don’t have EMS (express) shipping, or at least I couldn’t find one. They have free shipping policy all over the world for all orders that are more than 110 USD.

Is International Drug Mart a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to International Drug Mart is a rogue pharmacy:

International Drug Mart Specials offers and coupons

On this point international drug mart truly seem to want to keep their old customers and make new ones. They are having different and various discounts for different types of medications and on the order itself. As I said earlier, they are offering a free shipping world wide to everyone who orders more than 110 USD per order. also there are cholesterol medications, ED medications and others that are having discount prices. They are having a once-offer which is 10 USD Credit coupons. Clicking on a banner would supply your account with 10 USD. They are also having *refer a friend* policy which means that they are going to give you $ 25 USD off on your next order when you refer a friend. The money, of course, can’t be cash out, but they can be used on next order. and lately, besides all those discounts and special offers they also do have the coupon codes policy. By entering promocode upon checkout you can have a nice saving between 10 $ to 10 %.

International Drug Mart Reviews

Of course, you can’t judge a site without actually ordering something from that pharmacy and that’s why I can’t say too much without reading what other people who actually had experience with the site say about it. the customer reviews where various with some people saying that this is the best online pharmacy that they have used and others complaining. Most of the reviews were positive and that’s a big plus for the pharmacy, but those negative feedback still has an impact on a potential customer.


The quality products that you can find on this site and the good feedback from mot customers means that this is a legit online pharmacy. The special offers and discounts also makes me want to say that this is an good online pharmacy too. So, overall, I do say that this is a good online drugstore, however the quite high prices, lack of payment options, lack of EMS shipping and some negative feedback makes me think that this is a 4 out of 5 online pharmacy which is very good as those are only minor issues.

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