/ International Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons, as the name implies, is meant for customers all over the world regardless if you live in USA or somewhere else. The drug store claims that it has firstly started to operate since 1994 which means that it is one of the longest based pharmacy. They are imply that all of their drugs in the drugstore are approved by the FDA manufactured by top companies. They also claim that they are selling sealed containers of drugs directly from the manufacturers. They claim that this pharmacy is running from USA, but as said above, it delivers world wide. On their site you can find such information on bottom of their pages: *Copyright, 2006-2017. All rights reserved.* and by this I assume that they are having ‘online’ business since 2006 which means they have a 23 years in pharmacy business and 11 years in online pharmacy business.

International Pharmacy Drug selection

Very strange thing is that this site doesn’t give a list of drugs found in their drugstore. You just can’t tell which drugs are provided by this pharmacy due to the fact that they are simply not listed on their site. The reason, as explained by the pharmacy, is that orders are not straightforward as usual online pharmacies, however you must contact them for getting the pricing and availability for the request drugs. You must also send them a prescription (in case you need a prescription in the country you live for that medication) if you want the pharmacy to send you the medications. I’ve checked their ‘browse all products’ page and I’ve been given a big list of drugs. They are only categorized by name and then after brand and generic medication. Either all the drugs are available in their stores listed there is not known. Either they might have drugs that are NOT listed there in their stores, is also not known. Therefore, each customer should firstly ask international pharmacy to give them details about a certain drug.

International Pharmacy Drug pricing

No information. Absolutely nothing. Literally. As said earlier, you must talk with them about a drug that you’re interested in. They just don’t share any price. I’ve tried to find out drug prices for Viagra, but nothing was showed except for that I need to contact them in order to get info on prices and availability. To be honest, I found this to be very strange and I just don’t know a real reason behind this. what’s even more strange is that they don’t share the prices so you just can’t say whether is cheap or not, but in the same time you can select currency: Australian Dollar ($); Swiss Franc (Fr.); Euro (€); British Pound Sterling (£); Japanese Yen (¥); Polish Złoty (zł); United States Dollar ($). requires a prescription?

If you’re interested in a drug you must contact them and I assume that they would flat out ask for a prescription in case you ask for a prescription drug. They do require a prescription because as it was said, you must request the needed products alongside with a prescription. If you live in a country where a medication is only given by prescription in USA but in your country you shouldn’t have a prescription, I can assume they would send your medications without one, though I am not sure.

International Pharmacy Customer support

Sadly they do not have live function because this way I would have asked them many questions. I’m not a talkative person so I didn’t wanted to call them although everyone has this opportunity on the phone number: (+1 650 573-6200) or you can also contact them by e-mail listed on their site [email protected] Unfortunately, no other ways to reach them (unless you prefer fax): (650) 573-6400. They made it clear that they are talking only in English. The prescription, I guess, should be send by email or fax whenever you want to buy a medication that requires one.

International Pharmacy Shipping info

This online pharmacy is offering several options of shipping options, and here’s the information and shipping options that I found on their site: First Class Air Maill: $15.75 which is taking 7 to 10 days to be delivered, doesn’t require signature and tracking is available on usps site but is limited. U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail: $46.50 which is also taking 7 to 10 days. The only difference is that it has full tracking line and it does require a signature when arrives. There’s also U.S. Postal Service Express Mail International (EMI): $76.50 which takes a bit less 5 to 7 days in order to arrive. Also requires signature when arrives and also has tracking. International Priority Mail (via FedEx): $112.00 as they implied, in most cases it arrives in 2 to 3 days and they say that the package may take additional time for official customs clearance (not given a reason why, as all the rest didn’t require additional time at customs). Also has a tracking (on fedex site)and also requires a signature when it arrives (but fedex is not available in some countries). And there’s also Refrigerated Shipping: $215.00 for those medications that require the refrigeration.

International Pharmacy Payment options

Although you don’t know the prices on this site, you know how to pay: direct payment, check drawn on a bank, and online money transfer. Direct payment can be done into international pharmacy’s bank account in Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Poland, and Switzerland and plus to that the direct payment has a 3% discount as well.

Is International Pharmacy a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to International Pharmacy Is an unapproved Internet Pharmacy website:

International Pharmacy Discounts and coupons

International Pharmacy has no pricing lists. How you can expect an site with no prices to have discounts or special offers? It wasn’t a surprise at all (as it was expectable) that this site has nothing at all. no special offers, discounts or deals. Nothing. They do not run the coupon policy or anything. No medications given at a discount rate or anything. Seemingly this pharmacy has absolutely no marketing strategies as they don’t offer anything to their customers. Or maybe they think that hiding the prices is already a marketing strategy? Maybe when asking for a medication they would tell you whether is it at a discount rate or not… I am not sure.

International Pharmacy Reviews

Reviews, for me, are one of the most important part and that’s because customer reviews are the first and most important source with a real evidence whether is a pharmacy worth anything or not. the reason is that these are real people who write their real experiences who have ever tried this pharmacy in the past. When you already had some experience it is obviously much easier to judge. But since this pharmacy had absolutely no customer reviews anywhere on the internet that was a like a red light for me. usually I recommend not to purchase from a pharmacy that claims to be in the business for many years but doesn’t have any customer reviews because this means that either they lie they are in the business for many years (and who want to have business with liars?) either they are so bad that people just don’t want to purchase from that site. And this time nothing changes. I wouldn’t recommend buying here because of lack of customer reviews.


Since there’s no prices to check, since there are so high taxes on delivery, generally a site that is so unpopular and pretty dubious in my opinion, a complete lack of customer reviews and so on and so forth. I would say that this is all too strange and what’s too strange it might be risky. That’s why I say no, there are much better pharmacies and I personally haven’t got attracted by International Pharmacy com at all and I say that this is a risk purchasing here. So my rate is 1 out of 5 for such a dubious, mysterious and strange site.

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