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Inhouse pharmacy it is an online drug store that has claimed that they are one of the longest standing online pharmacies that is still working nowadays because they claim they’re ‘pleasing’ their customers for at least 18 years as they said. From the information they provided I found their claims saying that each medication that they have in their store it is manufactured by different reputable manufacturing companies each of them being approved by the FDA. Therefore it should be believed that each of their medication sold is approved by the FDA either. On their site you can find all sorts of uncontrolled medications that are belonging to different categories of people with different needs. I managed to find out their motto which says that they are a big platform which gives high quality medications at really cheap prices while having good quality.

Inhouse Pharmacy drug selection

As is being said by this pharmacy, they are selling mediations that can help with such conditions as: men’s health, depression, pain management, heart health, neurologist disorders, sleep disorders, weight loss as well as a lot of other health issues. As mentioned, say to have all types of uncontrolled drugs that are belonging to various categories of people with different needs, be they women or men having a big variety of needs. I couldn’t actually find an exact number of medications and drugs that you can find in their store but it is claimed to be very big.

What about the Inhouse Pharmacy prescription require?

Even though they are having such a big variety of medications (or at least as it is believed to be) this pharmacy does not need their customers to send any type of prescriptions before trying to order them online. I personally never tried to purchase anything from them, but there’s a friend of mine who did and said that they haven’t asked for a prescription which means that any medications that you find on their site online, it is available for you to purchase without any prescriptions or anything in this matter.

OK, Inhouse Pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription, then what are the prices?

Really high! I have checked the price they are selling ED medications online (for the last 2 years I’ve been searching for ED drugs and I know pretty much every price for pretty much every ED drug, at least the most famous ones) and so, when I have checked the price for my favorite ED drug called Kamagra I’ve seen it is being sold at the price of 27.54 US Dollars per one unit and I tell you that this is a really high price compared to other pharmacies online.

What if I still want to purchase from Inhouse Pharmacy, what are payment methods?

As I have said, I never purchased from this site so I can’t say anything from experience, but on their site you can see that they are having a variety of accepted payment methods such as credit cards (the ones I’ve seen are Visa Card as well as Master Card), e – checks, you can also pay through bitcoins etc. my friend has paid with the help of bitcoins and I’m not sure if only US people can buy through bitcoins and e checks or they provided this facility to whomever.

So what if I actually do my payment, what is the shipping quality/ service?

This pharmacy is not having any types of charge for shipping cost which means that they are providing a free delivery service to absolutely all of their customers and it doesn’t matter from which country the customer is making their order. To be honest, this is a claim that is hard to believe. I mean, I can’t believe that they won’t charge you something for the shipping if you’re ordering from Eastern Europe 10 pills of an ED drug. What I’m trying to say is that they might have a free shipping for you by ordering only 10 pills of something if you’re located somewhere near one of their store (in US), but if you’re somewhere far I assume you need to have a much bigger order in order for them to exclude the shipping costs. The shipping it is made via Standard International Airmail and it needs somewhere between 14 to 21 days as they claim. my friend got his pills in like 18 days or so and his shipping was free. But he ordered 100 pills and he lives in US. My assumption is that the time duration can really vary depending on the area you live. They’re also having EMS service but this one is payable.

The Inhouse Pharmacy reviews

I’ve checked the reviews online (whoever wants is able to check them) and most of them suppose that this is a good store, even though there were some negative reviews either. Most reviews are short saying that their shipping is fast, or that they are happy, or that they had no problems with medications ordered. However there are claims that this is a ‘dishonest’ pharmacy, whatever that means.

Inhouse Pharmacy special offers or coupon?

None. I don’t like such online stores in which they do not favor their customers, especially long time customers. The only ‘offer’ or ‘coupon’ that I found (because I haven’t actually understood what’s that) is that they are offering 10% off for those who pay through bitcoin (the reason why my friend paid through bitcoin)  but that’s still in their favor because we all know how bitcoin price raises lately. No wonder they want to get as much bitcoins as possible.

Is a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to / Inhouse Pharmacy is a rogue pharmacy

So I don’t get – is Inhouse Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Based on the experience of my friend and on some reviews that I found online written by unknown people – this is a legit online pharmacy which will most likely send your medications. I am not sure how they are dealing with law, especially taking in consideration they don’t require prescriptions and I’m not able to find a proof of its authenticity that I can share with you here, however I just know that they do send the parcels in case you ordered something.

With all of that said earlier, is it worth to purchase from Inhouse Pharmacy?

So, although it is not a scam, I would still say no. some people are looking positively at it, other people are against it. but I am taking in consideration that they don’t have any offers, coupons, they have really expensive medications and I’m pretty sure that they are lying about absolutely free shipping world wide regardless of how much you’re ordering. This is why, I wouldn’t order from this site (those are my friend’s words too) and I would rate it maximum 2 out of 5 (2 because my friend got his order).

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