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Ingles Supermarket company has been founded in 1963 in Asheville, North Carolina, U.S. it has a total number of locations of 193 and it is currently headquartered in Black Mountain, North Carolina, U.S. Although this is a supermarket company but I am only reviewing pharmacies – Ingles company still deserves a place here due to the fact that they also have pharmacy department so I think that it would be a good idea to write a review about it determining whether it is worth it or not. According to the information on Wikipedia, this is a company which as an extremely big number of employees and they multi billions worth company. There’s information about the CEO of this company and other key people. Such a big company it is obvious to have social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. People wishing might follow them on their social media pages. I have accessed their official website of where, as expected, I found a very well made website with a very user friendly interface. On their website you can access different things such as: store locator, coupon policies, customer service and others. But there’s the *pharmacy* and that’s what I am mostly interested in and that’s what I have accessed. While on their pharmacy department on the website I could find there are few options online which you can put at good use. Like for example they recommend to take their survey, you can also see the notice of privacy practices, check drug information, in store vaccinations, find a pharmacy near you, refilling prescriptions, getting shingle shots and others. I have then clicked on *refilling prescription* to see how this all goes but I have then got the following message: the prescription refill tool it is currently being enhanced and it is going to be back with great new online features. In the meantime you need to contact their local Ingles Pharmacy for refilling the prescription. So it seems that currently this option doesn’t work.

Selection of medications and prices/ shipping options and payment options Ingles Markets

As all other US big companies that I have reviewed so far, there is no information about these points. I mean, on their website you cannot see a list of medications with a list of prices for them and with this being said, you cannot see what is the drug’s availability and drug’s prices unless you go to one of their stores yourself or talk with their customer support department. But the only things I can assume here is that the selection of medications should be really wide, but the problem is that the prices should be quite the same as in your local pharmacy – very big, the reason why people resort to online pharmacies. As in terms of shipping options or payment options it is also hard to say anything since they haven’t mentioned any. I can only assume that the shipping is only within US and one payment option, I assume, is credit card.

Customer Support Service

If you wish to talk with their customer support then you can do it by their mailing address or by their different phone and fax numbers. Make sure that you dial the right phone number as there are different numbers for different needs. In addition to all of this, they are also having the contact form available on the website. I can assume that going to one of their store in person would get your questions answered either. Maybe if you write them on social media would get you an answer as well. Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Most big US companies are having coupon codes but none of them are offering those coupons for pharmacy products, for prescription drugs or something like this as all those coupons are only for grocery/ food products. With this being said I am not sure if this online pharmacy has any offers at all as I couldn’t find coupon codes for prescription drugs, no free shipping, free samples or anything in this matter. It might be a good idea to ask this the customer support service first. Customer Reviews

It is very important to know what people are thinking about this company and more specifically about their pharmacy section and for this reason I started searching for reviews online expecting to find a lot of them and I was right as I did found a good number of customer reviews on different websites. I have also found employee reviews but I am not really interested in them. The customer reviews were the ones I put my focus on but unfortunately, there’s nothing good I found… that’s because on consumeraffairs it has an average rate of 2 out of 5 stars with most people complaining on their services, on (Better Business Bureau – and by the way it is not accredited by BBB) it has 7 reviews and all of them are only complaints and this company also got its way to pissedconsumer where there are 236 total reviews and 0 issues resolved. Needless to mention that on this website there’s everyone who only complaints about their services/ prices or whatever else went wrong. Generally, people complained on different things including the prices at this pharmacy, the rude customer support service or ignorant pharmacists. The delays to get the prescription medications which people really needed and the biggest problem to my opinion it is the fact that there are people complaining that they have lost money by going to Ingles Markets. All in all it seems that their pharmacy department still has a lot of problems to rule out.


Ingles markets is an very big US supermarkets company which has lots of customers, lots of employees and stores. But it seems that there are a lot of people complaining on a lot of things with the peoples’ average rate being 2 out of 5. Since most people rated this company like that I doubt that I have some rights of changing it and that’s why I think that this is the right rate the company deserves!

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