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The number one internet anabolic provider is ibuysteroids.com, or at least that’s what the pharmacy suggests as this is the first thing that I noticed when I have accessed their website. However, before continuing with my pharmacy review I have to warn people that getting anabolic steroids without firstly talking with a licensed physician is dangerous so I would suggest everyone taking such products to review their activity. Anyway, for those still interested, I am going to write a review about this pharmacy. The site of this pharmacy seems to be fairly made with information that is well displayed on the site. According to the information on the site, they are requiring no prescription, they are shipping world wide and they are accepting credit cards. The fact that this online pharmacy is not requiring a prescription means that this pharmacy is having an illegal activity which is no wonder since selling anabolic steroids online is illegal and especially without a prescription. Although this doesn’t mean that the pharmacy is not reliable, I suggest to be very wary if you decide to use this pharmacy and send your hard earn money. iBuySteroids.com claims to be the industry leader in anabolics and muscle building products and now, their reputation and many years in business (they claim to have more than 10 years of experience) has given them the nr. 1 spot in the anabolic market, as they claim. The pharmacy claims to offer security, privacy and international shipping. It is no wonder that I could not find information suggesting where this online pharmacy headquarters is located. You can find different information about the products they are selling including articles about many things such as: legal steroids, purchase steroids, information about each steroid etc. plus you can even find information about the training on the site.

iBuySteroids.com Selection of medications and prices

I was searching for what kind of products they are offering on this website and it seems that indeed, the pharmacy does not carry any other types of products than the anabolic steroid products. The selection of medications generally, to my opinion, is fairly small, but if taking in consideration that they sell only anabolic steroids then I would say that they seem to have a lot of them. People looking for anabolic steroids, most likely, would find whatever they were looking for here. But you cannot buy anything else here. This online pharmacy, as claimed earlier, is not requiring a valid prescription to buy medications here so everyone can do it (but they claim that you must be 18 or older). In terms of prices – I am not able to comment on them saying either are those good prices or not since I am not an expert myself, however I am just able to give an example and if there are people having ideas about steroid prices they could determine what kind of prices are here. And so, a random product called Parabolan 75 would cost you 94 USD per bottle (they claim it used to be 120 USD).

iBuySteroids.com Shipping and Payment methods

there’s information on their website suggesting that they are shipping worldwide to ALL countries as I have earlier mentioned. However, problem is that I couldn’t find any other information on their website, and there’s no shipping options to choose from on their website. With this being said, I am not sure if the pharmacy offers more shipping options, what are the delivery timeframes and what are the shipping fees. With this being said, we cannot determine more details about shipping unless talking with customer support service. As in terms of payment methods I have found out that this pharmacy is only accepting VISA and Echeck and there does not seem to be any other payment methods accepted by this online pharmacy. More payment methods, to my opinion, are always better and to my opinion it would be better to add a few more.

iBuySteroids.com Customer Support Service

it was no wonder for me to see that this online pharmacy does not offer any phone number, fax number or anything in this matter. They are not offering live chat function or a mailing address. The only way to get in touch with them is contact form on their site. The problem is that for sending them your message you would need to pass human verification (reCAPTCHA) which is not working and with this being said, there doesn’t seem to be absolutely no way to get in touch with the pharmacy.

iBuySteroids.com Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are always a great way to save money while purchasing something from an online pharmacy, but the problem is that this pharmacy doesn’t seem to offer any coupon codes at all. Instead of coupon codes, this pharmacy claims that their products are being sold out at discounted prices and they say how much you save by purchasing their products. Plus to that there seem to be products which, if you buy 2 bottles, you get the third one for free and therefore you get an even bigger savings according to the pharmacy.

iBuySteroids.com Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important to check before actually trying to purchase something from an online pharmacy and you would be really happy reading the reviews about this pharmacy and that’s because they all suggest the pharmacy is a scam. There are not very much reviews online, but each of them suggest the same – they are scam pharmacy because they are not selling what they are intended but only some supplements for some extremely high prices. Since every single reviewer (although I couldn’t find a lot of them) said that this pharmacy is scam, I have big doubts they are wrong.


In the end, this online pharmacy seems to be impossible to get in touch with, they are having customer reviews online on independent websites (as I don’t have trust in their testimonials) suggesting they are scammers and these points are quite enough for me to realize that this pharmacy is indeed, most likely, a scam pharmacy. Therefore I will rate it with 1 star out of 5.

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