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i-drugstore.net is the online pharmacy that I have found and today I will write a review about. As soon as I have entered this online pharmacy I have noticed that the pre established website’s language was French and pre established website’s currency was Euro. Well, with the help of the their extremely helpful option to change the site’s language and currency I have changed it to English and currency to US Dollar. As I’m often mentioning, this options are extremely helpful for foreign customers and right now, that’s a good example of it because I can now write this review thanks to such options. Either is this a French pharmacy I am going to determine later. The website is well done, it is user friendly and everything seems to be easily accessible on the website which is very good. By analyzing the website a little bit, I have noticed there are few reasons why this pharmacy claims to be among the best pharmacies and those reasons are: no doctor’s visit (not sure if this means they do not require a prescription), they are only selling FDA approved drugs, they claim that it is save and easy to purchase, they guarantee the customer satisfaction and lastly, they claim to have low prices for medications. If this is true, that’s all very good. I was not able to find information where the pharmacy is located and also no information about for how long they have been online. I have only found the copyright information (2015) so not very sure if that’s the year they have started to operate. According to about us page, this is a *leading online pharmacy*, but that’s what we’re going to check later.

i-drugstore.net selection of medications and prices

There is no information on the website mentioning the number of drugs found in their drugstores, that’s why I can’t say anything with certitude, however, according to the list of categories of medications that you can find on their website, I can say that selection of medications here is pretty wide. There are medications that are capable of treating and curing the following conditions: men’s health, eye care, cancer, HIV, arthritis, stop smoking, alcoholism, weight loss and many others as well. With this being said, the selection of medications here, assumingly, is very wide, as much as I can see. But what’s more important for me is the prices for medications and that’s why I checked ED medications’ prices (as those are prices for medications that I’m familiar with). And therefore I can say that the prices here are somewhere *moderate* compared other online pharmacies where I’ve seen prices much better and much worse either. Simply to give example: 90 pills of 50 mg generic Viagra would cost you 1.39 USD per pill. Since there’s not a single mention about prescription and since this pharmacy claimed *no doctor visit need* I can assume this pharmacy does not require a valid prescription.

I-drugstore.net Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims to ship internationally, but either this means that they are shipping world wide or not I am not sure, at least I can assume they ship to most countries in the world. I have also managed to find information suggesting that this online pharmacy is offering 2 shipping options (as most other pharmacies out there) which includes: airmail (registered) and EMS (express mail service). the EMS will take a maximum of 14 days to delivery while airmail delivery takes 14 to 21 days to deliver. The pharmacy claims that all orders shipped with airmail are getting a free shipping but EMS delivery has a fee of 30 USD. For both shipping options online tracking is available. According to the information that I have managed to find on their website, the pharmacy is accepting visa, master card, American express, bitcoin and ACH, Bank transfer.

I-Drugstore.net Customer Support Service

People who want to get in touch with this online pharmacy seem to have 3 different methods available to do this, either by live chat function (which is very good but it was offline at the moment), either by giving them a phone call or lastly, by using the contact form available on their website.

Is i-drugstore.net a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is i-drugstore.net a scam or legit online pharmacy?

i-drugstore.net Coupon codes

Few different methods to save you some money while purchasing medications here are available and they include: free pills for every order, free airmail delivery for orders that are more than 80 USD, purchasing in bulk here would give you discounts, paying with bitcoin and bank transfer gives you a discount of 25% off as well and lastly, they do offer coupon codes, however I couldn’t find a coupon being offered to everyone on their website which most likely means that people are offered the coupon codes after their first order.

i-drugstore.net Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews online on independent websites and unfortunately, I couldn’t find any at all. There are testimonials on their website but to my opinion, they are all fake. That’s because there are written testimonials and testimonials from people who said *thanks* on camera. The problem is that those people who recorded it have clearly addressed those thanks to other sites as the pharmacy’s owner haven’t even bothered to remove the domain address to the pharmacy that the testimonials were addressed to. Fake testimonials and no reviews on independent websites, that’s definitely not a good combination at all. Scamadviser.com doesn’t have trust in this pharmacy either. High risk country and rogue internet pharmacy classified by legitscript.com. these are all reasons that lead me thinking this is a scam online pharmacy.


As I just said, there’s a high probability that this pharmacy is a scam pharmacy – fake testimonials, no customer reviews and no trust from scam warning websites. There are no reasons for me to have trust in this pharmacy and there are reasons making me think they are scammers. That’s why I think that i-drugstore.net deserves a rate of 2 out of 5 simply because nobody actually confirmed they are scammers.

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