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An online pharmacy that seems super familiar to me but I have never visited before is i-drugspedia.com and this means that I have previously reviewed a pharmacy which was looking extremely similar to this site (can’t remember its name). Usually, this is not a very good sign and that’s because this means that the pharmacies has simply copied each other’s websites, but since we don’t know which has copied which I assume that it is worth paying attention to this pharmacy as it might turn out to be reliable and worth using. This pharmacy claims that the site is *your reliable supplier of generic medications* which I hope is true and later I will check if they offer only generic medications. On their website there’s an option to choose the country, language and currency which is super helpful for each customer as you can choose the country that you need and the currency and language would be selected accordingly for each customers’ satisfaction. There’s information on their site suggesting that they offer top quality products and services buying each customers trust and loyalty. There’s also information on the site suggesting that the site is secured by GeoTrust and also secured by McAfee. Also, according to the information on their website, they suggest to be one of the leading pharmacies on the Internet as they have 10 years in business. Their drugs are being of the top quality which are Indian FDA approved and internationally certified, so their products are safe to use. Unfortunately, I could not find information on their website suggesting where their headquarters is located and also, I could not find information on their site suggesting they have any accreditations. They just claim to offer safety, privacy as well as responsibility. So far, the pharmacy looks fairly good but there are other things to check as well.

i-drugspedia.com selection of medications and prices

On their website there is information with *categories list* and there seem to be a long list of categories with drugs for: analgesics, alcoholism, asthma, diuretics, cholesterol, HIV, Cancer, Hypertension and many other forms and types of drugs as well. Since there’s such a long list of categories of drugs I can assume that they have a lot of different drugs in their drugstores and that’s why I would say that the selection of medications is very wide. I have checked their erectile dysfunction drugs in order to see the prices. As I promised earlier, the pharmacy doesn’t have only generic medications because as much as I can see, you can also find brand names drugs either. Talking about the prices I am able to say that generic viagra 50 mg x 90 pills would cost 153 USD and that’s 1.70 USD per pill. Compared to other prices at other online pharmacies where you can buy same quantity, same drug and same dosage at less than 1 USD per pill, that’s a fairly high price. But that’s still a much better price compared to other online pharmacies. They claim that some products available at their website do require a valid prescription.

i-drugspedia.com shipping and payment methods

I was checking for more information about shipping details when I found out that the orders, claimable, are shipped to nearly all countries of the world for the exception of some countries in Asia, according to their information. There are 2 shipping options available: Express International Mail with a delivery time of 5 to 9 days and comes with a tracking with a fee of 30 USD (but only available to countries that have this option available) and standard international airmail with a rate of 10 USD but delivery timeframe of 10 to 21 days and no tracking online. There’s also information on their website suggesting that they are accepting payments via credit cards only.

i-drugspedia.com customer support service

I have accessed their contact page and I noticed their claim suggesting that they are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and also the fact that their customer support speaks English only. To talk with them you can use their email, their contact form online, or one of their 3 phone numbers listed on the site. Lastly, this pharmacy claims to offers live chat function as well which is very convenient, at least to my opinion.

Is i-drugspedia.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is i-drugspedia.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

i-drugspedia.com coupon codes

Before you go to the checkout page there is given the full list of bonuses that you might get from this online pharmacy. so according to this online pharmacy’s offers, the bonuses include: 5% discount for second order, 7% discount for third and further orders, 4, 10 or 20 100 mg free viagra pills when ordering more than 20, 60 or 100 ED pills (accordingly). One last thing they offer is free standard airmail service for all orders with a sum more than 150 USD. These seem to be good offers to my opinion.

i-drugspedia.com Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important to check before judging a pharmacy, but not all customer reviews are genuine hence we shouldn’t have trust in all reviews. Like for example, those reviews on independent websites are much easier to have trust in compared to those written on the pharmacy’s own website (testimonials). That’s because the testimonials on their own website have a very high chance of being fake and that’s why I only check those reviews I can find on independent sites. Problem is that I couldn’t find any. I therefore checked the information on scamadviser.com where I found out that it has a trust rate of just 50 % and that’s because: the site has been created just one year ago, it operated from high risk country: Russia and plus, a malware report has been detected for the site.


Recommending this online pharmacy is simply something I cannot do and that’s because it has no trust from scam warning engines and it has no customer reviews on independent websites which is quite a problem for me. The testimonials on their own website are not enough to have trust in the reliability of this site and therefore I rate it with 2 out of 5 stars.

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