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Hy Vee is an American Supermarket company and an employee owned chain of more than 245 supermarkets that are located in different states of USA such as: Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota as well as Wisconsin. According to the information on Wikipedia, this company has been founded in 1930 in Beaconsfield but it is currently being headquartered in West Des Moines, IA. The official website of this supermarket company is hy-vee.com and for those people wondering why I would write a pharmacy review when I am talking about a supermarket company – the reason is because this supermarket company is also having the pharmacy department so it might be a good idea to find as much information as it is possible about their pharmacies in order to rule out whether it is worth purchasing drugs here or not. By entering their official website you can see that you can sign up an account and log in to it. While you’re online you can see the shop (bakery, flowers, catering etc.) deals (ads, coupons), recipes and ideas and lastly you can see the health and pharmacy and that’s, obviously, what I have checked myself. This company is obviously having social media pages like Twitter, Facebook and others where people can follow them, but they also have mobile applications where people could easily navigate and access the needed things through their smartphones on both iOS and Android. While you’re on their pharmacy department on the website, you can see they have some pharmacy services such as: quit smoking, immunizations, specialized pharmacy services, medication therapy management and you can also find here pet medications either. Also, online, you can: manage online, prescription history and repeat refills. Other options online include: finding a store, contacting Hy Vee and others.

Selection of medications with prices along with shipping and payment methods Hy-Vee Pharmacy

The reason I’ve put all these points together is because I have very little to say about each of them in particular due to lack of information on their website about them. Like for example, their drugs cannot be found on the website with a list of medications and a price list for them. You can order OTC meds or other grocery things online, but for ordering prescription medications you’ve got to send your prescription and they would send the medication accordingly. Nevertheless, I can assume the following: the selection of drugs should be very high with nearly all medications being found here. But the prices should be pretty much the same as with any other local pharmacies – really high. In terms of shipping and payment methods I also cannot say anything than just my assumptions – they are not shipping outside the USA (and not sure if they ship to all US states) and they must accept cash if you go to one of their stores yourself or credit cards both online or if going to their stores yourself. Not sure if there are any other shipping or payment methods.

Customer Support Service Hy-Vee Pharmacy

Since this is such a big American company with so many stores all across the US territory, I have big doubts that they could hide somehow from the customers in case any of them would have questions. So the fact that you can get in touch with them, I guess, should be out of question. You can do it by calling them, by using their online live chat function, by using the contact form, email address, writing them on social media platforms or even going to one of their stores in case that’s necessary. You could use mailing address as well. Make sure you call them on the phone number according to your needs as there are different numbers for different needs. What’s more important is if the customer support is actually helpful.

Is Hy-Vee Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Hy-Vee Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Hy-Vee Pharmacy Coupon Codes

As I said, there does seem to be coupon codes, but as most other American supermarket companies these coupon codes are only offered for grocery/ food products and not for prescription drugs. In terms of prescription drugs offers (or any other offer in regards to the pharmacy) there is nothing that I can mention here, unfortunately.

Hy-vee Pharmacy reviews

Except for finding a lot of employee reviews about this supermarket companies on such sites as indeed and glassdoor, I did have managed, as it was expected, to find a lot of customer reviews as well different reviewing websites such as yelp and others. Since I’m not planning to work for this company, at least anytime soon, I am not interested in employee reviews but I am really interested in customer reviews. On those websites there are mixed customer reviews, there are some people who said that this pharmacy is the best, but in the same time there are reviewers who said that everyone should stay far away from it. Although it seemed that the reviews were mostly positive than negative, my mind has greatly changed when I have found 180 customer reviews on pissedconsumer.com about this company with 0 issues resolved. Although this is such a big company in the US which is surely legal and is not looking to scam people around it seems that they still manage to do so. There are a lot of people claiming that Hy Vee has a poor customer service, their manager on duty is worthless, many people claiming to have lost money and receiving expired medications or other different complaints. Most people seemed to have complained on prices and poor customer service.


Hy Vee is an American supermarket company which has pharmacy department, it is all legal and it is a company big enough to exclude the fact that they are scammers. Nevertheless, they still seem to make people lose money and despite the fact that there are good customer reviews, the high prices for medications, negative customer reviews and poor customer service makes me rate Hy Vee with 2 out of 5 as losing money when purchasing medications is unacceptable!

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