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I was doing my research for a pharmacy and there I found which looked really promising so I tried to find out more information about it. As soon as I have entered this website here’s what information I saw: full service mail delivery pharmacy; easy, 24/7, secure online ordering from anywhere; free standard shipping. I guess there are the reasons why this pharmacy claims to be delivering *the best*. After all of this, the pharmacy encourages their customers to register for Humana Pharmacy. So as you can understand, you can create an account and login here. It seems that this is an online pharmacy which is offering delivery, however it also has retails too as you can see on their website *pharmacy locations* where you can search for them and, I can assume, you can go directly to them to get the meds that you need if you live somewhere nearby. Analyzing the information I could see there, they seem to have lots of pharmacies in different cities like Miami, Los Angeles, Lantana, Delray Beach and many others. I have also found that the website supports Spanish language for those who need it. According to the information that I found on Wikipedia, Humana Pharmacy has been founded in 1997 and the parent organization of Humana Pharmacy is Humana which is an American health insurance company that is based in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a billions dollars company. This company and their pharmacy, of course, have social media pages where you can follow them if you’re interested. According to the information that I could find, Humana Pharmacy is accredited by both VIPPS and URAC as well as NABP which means that this pharmacy follow all the regulations as needed and they are able to sell medications through the US territory. This pharmacy is accepting insurances too. The pharmacy is offering an application for both iOS and Android mobile phones meaning that you can access its services right via your smartphone.

Selection of medications and prices on Humana Pharmacy

There’s no need to comment on selection of medications since this a very big pharmaceutical company in US, which, therefore means that they are carrying all sorts of medications that are approved by FDA/ DEA be they generics or brands medications. This is very important to mention that Humana Pharmacy surely provides only FDA approved medications. However, due to the fact that there are no medications listed on their website I couldn’t find what the prices are and that’s why tried to see if google could help me with this and I haven’t been given any information. But my assumption is that the prices are by far not the best, especially compared to online pharmacies prices.

Shipping and payment methods on Humana Pharmacy

What it is obvious here is that you can go to one of their stores yourself if you live somewhere near and get the medications that you need. While there you can pay Cash or credit card, or at least that’s what I assume. Online you can pay with credit cards or at least that’s what I assume either. Not sure if there are other payment methods. As I said earlier, the website is offering free standard offering which I can assume other things: they should have EMS shipping as well, but it is not free of charge. And lastly, this pharmacy should offer shipping only within the US territory.

Customer Care department Humana Pharmacy

The website has *contact us* page which you can access and find out ways on getting in touch with their customer care department. If you’re living somewhere near one of their pharmacy/ location then it is obvious you can talk with them by going directly to them, however other people need to find for alternatives which are: calling them by the phone number you can see listed on the website (and there are multiple phone numbers depending on what actually you need), you can contact them via mail address by sending a letter at their PO Box in Cincinnati, Ohio and one last method is via social media pages like Facebook or Twitter.

Is Humana Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Humana Pharmacy Coupon Codes

The only thing that I have seen which makes you save money is the fact that Humana pharmacy is offering free standard shipping. I haven’t seen them claiming to offer discounts and that’s even if you are going to purchase medications in bulk. I haven’t found any coupon codes on their website or on other external websites. From as much as it seems, the free shipping is the only thing this pharmacy has to offer (maybe here I should mention the fact that they are accepting insurances).

Customer reviews about Humana Pharmacy

Except for the fact that Humana Pharmacy has reviews from their employees on sites like and to tell us how it is like to work for Humana Pharmacy, there are also customer reviews either and those customer reviews are found on a lot of multiple sites, however most of them are found on 3 sites like, and Now the biggest problem is that each of these sites has anywhere between 20 to 300 customer reviews and yet, on each of these sites the consumers’ average rate for Humana Pharmacy is 1 out of 5 meaning that there are nearly only pissed off/ unhappy/ disappointed consumers with Humana Pharmacy. Like for example a person said that Humana overcharged her mother’s co pays and she is still fighting with Humana to return back her $ 2000 saying that she got robbed by Humana. A person wrote a review 3 days ago saying that she’s mad that he didn’t read the reviews before used Humana Pharmacy services which means that she totally agrees with the fact that Humana Pharmacy deserves 1 out of 5. A lot of other people were really mad with Humana Pharmacy services. I did have managed to find a few positive customer reviews, but compared to negative customer reviews those are VERY FEW positive reviews.


The customer’s satisfaction is something that each pharmacy claims (or most of them) to be their priority and yet, Humana Pharmacy failed to please so so many people, in fact, according to customer reviews it failed to make happy most of their customers. There is no doubt that the pharmacy is legit and that it sells only good FDA approved medications as well as it is the fact that selection of medications should be extremely high there.  Nevertheless, I still find people saying that they are, in a way or another, robbed by Humana Pharmacy, and for all these reasons I think Humana Pharmacy deserves 2 out of 5!

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